Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

The world's hero Son is going back home!

Farah Notash       Women's Power     2014-06-02

Although the world seems to be quiet, and not reacting against this sudden
announcement of Snowden's desire to go back home,
but behind this silence, no one is happy about this strange announcement.
The home for such a great Hero, is the whole world. The friends of such a pure revolutionary young man are all the people of the world.
What is the problem behind this self scarifying wish?
Does he blame himself as the cause of the strained relationship between the two states of USA and Russia?

Never, one cannot believe that. The entire world admires Mr. Putin, and the great nation of Russia for accepting such a high-level world hero. And the relationship of the two countries from the beginning of socialism in October1917 due to the contradicting nature of the two Ideologies has been more than cold. If it was not because of Fascism, to overcome the development of socialism in the world, imperialists would have united to dislocate the newly born socialism.

The non- stop conspiracies by them, on top of all USA imperialism, has always taken place. The collapse of USSR was due to the long term USA conspiracy with co-operation of some internal traitors. The recent agitations are the continuation of the great foolish evil plan, and anti human wishes of USA imperialism. Surely when a hero like Snowden, enters to the absolute imperialist's territory, the regimes' servants are not expected to welcome him with flowers at the airport, carry him on their shoulders, and take him to his family or his friends!

He is going to go through the same process and trial as Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, and end up among criminals for the rest of his life, that is if they do not kill him.

And off course the killing has two sides. Killing the body. Killing the personality, deforming the personality, due to heavy tortures.

For which of those is Edward Snowden, preparing himself? Going back in not being brave but, is attempting a suicide.

Naturally being separated from his own environment, everyone would feel lost. It would be helpful to remember, every year there are endless people leaving all they had behind and becoming refugees, as there is no democracy or  freedom of speech. And that is one of the reasons why struggles go on.

The US Imperialism has no mercy for humanity, and we all know its games. The other whistle blowers are in prisons for many years. And when the US regime starts his comedy play and talks of human rights, it is a rude play.

Because it wants to say to the people of the world, you are not intelligent enough, see how easily I can fool you!?While I run a land without democracy, criticize other land for having dictator-ships.

The future can only be predicted by observing the past. Do we believe miracles?! No goodness would leak out of a garbage can! Only death can cure this corrupt anti human USA regime.

The EU morally owes special attention to the economical situation, passport, security and anything needed by this glorious Hero.

This is now a true political refugee for the united nation. He must be welcomed to any land he wishes. With absolute support of the whole world, as his revelation helped everyone in the world.  The states cannot just ignore their duty in front of the greatest revelation of the history. And the UN should not neglect its duty.

These are the young people who are building the world of tomorrow. The beautiful tomorrow, emphasizing borderless principles, anti racism, and the sunniest humanity.
This Generation should be supported by all the states. They are owners, builders, and creators of tomorrow. Here are great waves of the young generation coming up. Coming up to change the world.

The world is waiting for Edward Snowden to set up a world net, net institute, to help train the youth of the world.

Edward Snowden belongs to this beautiful Net age Generation.

We must not let dinosaurs of the dead ages disappoint him. We cannot accept that such monsters are still around.

He is the sunny man of tomorrow, he shouldn't surrender.

He is the people's son and the people have deep respect for him and for his supporters.

The revolutionary forces are never expected to give up or to trust the anti humanist USA regime.

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