To the armed forces of Iran, the US and UK

To the armed forces of Iran, the US and UK

Farah Notash         women's Power         28 May 2014

The year 2014 concurrent with the Islamic calendar year of 1393 in Iran, is the year of great changes in the world.

The year, Imperialists are determined, for their own survival, and rescue from the constant economical crisis to make serious changes in the world‘s Power balance.

The Ukraine transformations in 2014, after the Arabic Spring in 2011, which in fact was a USA Spring, riding on waves of privations of people, in Arabic countries. Now not only is the terrifying peak of USA Imperialism's action for tightening the encircling Russia, but also is a step towards nuclear war and the end of human life on the earth. The severity of the problem has reached to a point that USA's former foreign minister, the famous Zionist Henry Kissinger has turned

The spotlight attention towards imagining the end war.

Behind the crisis in Ukraine are:
1-Halford Mackinder's Heartland theory

The 20th century's UK Imperialism theoretician.

2-Zbigniev Brzezinski's Second Chance

USA Imperialism‘s contemporary Theoretician

Imperialism means war, and when Imperialism stops fighting, it means it has died. Today USA imperialism is in charge of programming majority of wars in the world.

Therefore struggling against imperialism and on top of all USA Imperialism is the central goal of fighters for humanity.

The litmus test for the judgment of any regime‘s claims of being anti imperialist is their honesty towards their countries' working class.

If they serve them and take the pressure of their shoulders, they are true anti imperialists; otherwise the regime is a big liar, attached to a fraction of imperialists.

Mullahs in Iran's regime who are responsible for drowning Iran's working class in full poverty, outwardly play an anti imperialist roll, but inwardly have had total connection to British imperialism for centuries.

To fool the masses, to have free soldiers, to plunder the nations' budgets, which mask can be more helpful than the British invented mask, Islamism? And fundamentalism and a green belt around the globe, as described by the French theoretician for Imperialism,
Henry Corbin.

All these and the catastrophe in Ukraine, have the same source, *capturing whole the world for its resources*, appointing servants, and constant blackmailing as in Iran.
In today's political literature, the word” colony “is often used.

The relation between British imperialism and the House of Iran's leadership has a very good form and order, and the lord has no desire to change it! So the assignment of the future leader needs a play for the outside world and British imperialist's freemasons are quite skilful in writing the script.
Naturally the imposed devil would be Mojtaba. (Khamanehie's son)

But how we see you, all the armed forces in the world, are the children of middle income strata or the working class.

As everyone has a duty to fulfill his obligations towards his family and his country, but also duties towards his own class.

It is possible, that the economic status of the armed forces by promotions has risen. But what about their childhood .adolescence and youth. The people of their districts, relatives, and the school they attended .Would they turn their back towards all of them?

Although the armed forces are counted as the war machines of the ruling class and in the world the militarism is obsolete, but it has been
seen in the history, that men with high personalities have stood for the benefit of their own people, and have raised the humanist flag, and have turned the ruling steering wheel, towards the working class's benefit. So it can be imagined in the future as well.

Our Iran is honored to have shining stars, heroes without a match, in the world's history, among the armed forces of Iran.

This is an explanation of the reality, that among the armed forces there are many, who are supporters of working class rights.

Although Gaddafi later was soaked in all sorts of corruptions due to endless wealth, selfishness and co operation with imperialism,but at the beginning he was beloved by the people of the world. The comfort he brought to the Libyan people, they will never forget.

And the reason for the victory of General Al Sissy against the USA Islamist servants, not only was to support the Egyptian nation, but also the unity of armed forces against American Islamists ,lost no chance for the USA's conspiracy for disuniting .

The armed forces of Iran should know, the power of mullahs depends on the weapons in their hands, and mullahs leaning on them, for 35 years have oppressed the people of Iran. Now is the time of their awakening and the time of defending people.

This also applies to the armed forces of the US and UK.

And about us... Women's Power is the world's anti imperialist force. And is against the deceiving and the misusing of humans, specially the working class, by imperialists and their Islamist servants.

Let us all make the year 2014, the year of our victory against the USA and UK imperialism and their Islamist servants.
Nalein... Aba... Amameh (the funny clothes of mullahs...)

Erased and extinct... with the pressure of the index finger

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