The Struggle of the 99% in Europe

The Struggle of the 99% in Europe

against TTIP and CETA

Farah Notash                  Worlds Anti-imperialist front         Women’s Power

Vienna 22.09.2016


          The US imperialism is writhing in the cesspool of its split leadership and washes in blood its disgrace of bombing Syrian army instead of ISIS, by activating its inner ISIS with the explosion of the bomb in Manhattan and the knife stabbings in Minnesota.  

However the European people have knocked down the US servants from the political scene.  The turnaround votes of the German people’s resent election are the evidence.

          The two-faced and split US imperialism, after breaking the sovereign rights of Syria, enters Syria and negotiates for a cease fire, but then attacks  the UN’s humanitarian caravan of food and medical aids with a drone.( as the Pentagon and CIA do not take orders from Obama’s state and are under command of the Zionists Establishment.

However in Europe the struggle of the 99% against the TTIP and CETA announces the blocking these enslaving agreements.

Three decade ago the imperialists, the banks and concerns announced their new doctrine of Neo – liberalism and, with the slogan of Globalisation started their activity. The factories were moved to the south, the most dreadful exploitation was moved to the south, wars and nuclear waste  were moved to the south, and any kind of misery that could ever be imagined were moved to the south .

In the years 2012-13, to increase and develop their profits, as well as

further their aims, they came up with two slavering agreements confronting the European working class and different strata of the EU societies. And this is the beginning of the  SOFT WAR,  to enter and dominate the EU.  

The wars in the Middle East and Africa were designed by the USA, under direct and indirect supervision of the USA. They were continually ruining the courtiers. With 65 million refugees in the world, this has caused the EU and other countries tremendous problems. And yet, not only is USA  out of the reach of the refugees but also in dividing the refugees among the countries, the RICH and HUGE USA , only accepts the smallest number,

10 000 in last year!

14% of those 65 million are for the rich countries, the rest has been taken by Ethiopia, Iran, Jordan, Pakistan, Turkey, Lebanon and Uganda.

 The gigantic tragedy of pushing the people of the world in to poverty and misery is the mission of US Neo-liberalism.

While US imperialism and its other partners in the world, dictate to their servants  to apply the most savage dictatorship to the nations , many of those who reach the end of the rope, leave behind whatever they have, and run away. 7000 drowned in the Mediterranean see last year is just a brief part of this disastrous escape.

From the years 2012-13, the two trade agreement, of TTIP and CETA, between the EU and the Neo liberalism of the USA and Canada have been proposed. These agreements are in sever sharp competition to the association between Russia and China (shanghai 5- SC O), and is to prevent any further agreement between Russia and Europe. These agreements only the benefit the 1%. Now the protests of the 99% are getting harder as the time of signing the agreements is getting nearer.

The most important aspect of Neo- liberalism is the capture of the world’s resources and imposing their own servants to the nations to continue the plundering. Therefore wars and proxy wars are the necessary tools for realisation of their wish.

The next important aspect of Neo-liberalism is privatization. To own everything all over the world.

Privatization of Education, National Health Service and water, are of the items they wish to own in the EU.  That means drawing a big cross on the result of the struggle of many generations for social justice in Europe. The level of social justice in the EU has not been achieved easily. The privatization of public services for the benefit of the 1%, is just to destroy social justice in the EU.

Food and environment.  The standard for food, agricultural and stockbreeding is very high and serious in EU. That means the Usage of hormones and genetically modification (GM) is severely restricted, as its use may causes, cancer, heart diseases, infertility, increase in homosexuality and excess growth. Imposing these products on the people of EU for the benefit of the 1%, means ignoring years of EU-scientific research in a large range of scientific fields, and making the people prone to all sorts of diseases. All this is done only for the profit of US companies such as Monsanto, who are genetic engineering to increase their junk production by 3or 4 times.

On the other side, importing the junk artificial products of huge concerns,

crushes the work and livelihood of the EU small farmers.

Democracy in the EU, due to long term struggle of the people, has reached a a reasonably high level, where people choose their governments. When a government goes to sign these Neo-Liberal agreements of the banks and concerns, it means it is accepting to be lowered from the position of its own people representative to the level of the banks police to oppress its own people. To squeeze gigantic profits out of them for the banks. As a result, democracy will convert to dictatorship. The governments will be the servants of the banks and the concerns.

The US society is tied up in a closed circle of dictatorship of the Zionist banks and Concerns. As the dictator ship applied to the people of Iran through the mullahs‘Guard Council. The US regime is a backward dictatorship whose character comes from a disgusting racist mentality, which makes it unable to understand the delicate points of life as humanity. A totally empty head with a large stomach, which is not able to understand what Democracy means and wishes to apply that to the EU.  The entire world should stand for the EU.

Spying is the fundamental part of USA’s existence. They open a new shop on the internet every day to spy on the individuals. All the conversations and correspondence s are recorded. Every where it enters, it arrogantly wants to be the boss. TTIP and CETA are SOFT WAR. The US Neo- Liberals are coming to dominate Europe.

In trade they are after a shortcut. Duty free -No tax, Monopolizing the market and they are all armed!  Lets us say no!

Their banking system is hard and complicated. It will cause lots of problem for EU banks. They are trying to conquer the job market. With all these refugees EU will be short of jobs. Why to offer anything to the misery makers?

In the demonstration of the 99% in Vienna against TTIP and CETA, the struggle through art was completely interpreter of the peoples’ thoughts and feelings.  

At 17th September Vienna Demonstration, A large group musicians, were playing different percussion instruments harmoniously creating most revolutionary rhythms, All the way through, nonstop, giving the most energetic, fighting happy spirit. Perfect new slogans, with a poetical base.

A very large wooden horse, on wheels. Pulled by some strong people wearing plain white masks. To describe tricks on the way.

Victory for the struggle of EU 99% against

Neo- liberalism

Euxenite from NATO


TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)

CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement)

SCO(shanghai cooperative Organization)

Women’s Power

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