Democracy in Europe

Democracy in Europe

National Disaster in Iran and ... Erdoghan


Farah Notash                     Worlds anti-imperialist front     Women’s power

Vienna 2016.08.29

Political and social activities arise and come to life through the two separate and independent personalities of the political and social activists:

 The private personality, which has been obtained through genes and the class environments of „family and society”;

The political personality, which is given by the chosen ideology and is expected to be applied in political activities.

The intimacy and compatibility of the two personalities, leads to development and exalting of the chosen ideology. 

A lack of compatibility in the two mentioned personalities causes conflicts in the political activities of the activist.

Erdoghan’s personality as a crooked totalitarian is known to everyone who follows his activities. This totalitarianism not only is the pillar of his personality, but also is the central part of his Ideology.

The totalitarianism of Irans’ mullahs in September 1988 caused the gigantic massacre of thousands of political prisoners in Irans’ prisons.

This massacre was carried on the direct orders of Khomeini and approved by 20 Mullahs from all branches, including reformists’ leaders. The prisoners were mostly very young; whose crimes consisted only in reading a simple political brochure.  Now 28 years after the National Disaster, Iran’s Minster of Justice (one of the members of the committee ordering the massacres) impudently says: we are proud that we have applied Gods commandments. Since the massacres, they have continually robbed the national budget  and never ended executions of political prisoners till today.

 Now this is Erdoghan’s sweet dream in gathering all the opposition members in Turkeys’ prisons.  Erdoghan says: bringing back the death sentence is the wish of the majority of Turkish people.

 Of course, the majority who have been brainwashed by his Muslim Brotherhood missionaries band in the mosques.

The imperialists are very happy to find individuals who are able to suppress people’s cry in their throat. Obama has sent the message several times to the leader of Iran’s murderers and thieves’ regime: we don’t intend to change Iran’s Regime! “They have also always been happy to have an evil servant such as Erdoghan”. These servants, as their lord, wish to govern the world. Erdoghan has recruited the ISIS infantry through the EU mosques, and to make publicity for the ideology, misuses women by all kinds of hijabs and to have further blind obedient soldiers, misuses their wombs as machines for       Sexual procreation.

The women, who can be killed by father and brother and later by their husband under the commandments of Islam (derived from Judaism), are disabled and incapable of revolt for their rights as human being. (As the majority of women in the majority of the countries.) The women to save their lives accept being slaves, and pull over their heads the mischievous flag of UK -USA as the hijab. The new funny Islamic swimming suit is a copy of the frogman’s suit. Of course the women who wear a burka or niqab can complete the frogman’s suit with a mask too!

A bother to other women. Surely if men see some men swimming fully clothed,

the disharmony would give them unpleasant feelings too. This is the indirect thorn of UK- USA Muslim Brotherhood, which attacks European woman.

Iran’s regime which whips, imprisons and even kills workers protesting  for their months of delayed salary, has and is  paying women in Turkey,  Bosnia, etc ... to wear Islamic hijab in the society and make publicity for Islam. So... the hijab is not a simple choice of clothes, but a symbol and a flag of a huge horrible reactionary political wave started by imperialists in the world. And the women are enslaved to carry it on their heads and are the soldiers of that ideology. The blind obedience to the Ayatollah mafia is the rule in all the religious branches of Islam. They vote for the crooks as they are ordered to. The fear of discharge from the jobs is another factor to vote. (Mullah Regime of Iran has invented special page for election stamps attached to the birth certificate)

This is the majority Erdoghan is pointing at!

 The passive reaction of EU countries under the name of Democracy, allowed to expansion of mosques, (the territory of Saudis and Erdoghan). And permitting to spread all kinds of symbols such as, all these funny hijabs (derived from Zoroastrianism to Judaism to Christianity to Islam) and brainwashing of simple uneducated Muslim youth in Imperialist traps, was combined with a real war against the Syrian nation.  Democracy! The massacres, poverty, homelessness and their lands’ destruction, that resulted in a calamity of which the refugees were a part.

Iran’s regime is busy paying people in different parts of the world for their religious convertion to Shia. Endless Europe mosques haven’t been and are not active without the precise Plans of UK-USA imperialism. And the women with accepting their hijab are misused as the factor for destroying working class rights in the world.

The permission for further spreading definitely will bring more disaster for Europe. Has this question ever been raised anywhere? Why did the young man who attacked nearly 200 women, and is in prison for it in Austria, never attacked women with Islamic hijab? It was said that he was mentally sick, well, then he should have attacked every woman regardless of their clothes. But he was under the influence of the mosques in advertising for hijab. They propagate attack to Unhijabed women as god’s blessing. That is why in Iran’s prisons to prevent the oppositions’ virgins from going to heaven; they are raped before execution!

The attacks to women in Europe are part of the war against unbelievers.

Expecting any turning-around in Erdoghan’s political activity due to his new

relationship with Putin is just simple mindedness.

Persians say: nothing would leak from a clay jar, except what is in it.

In the sick mind of Erdoghan there is only the Moslem Brotherhood, radical nationalism, endless greed, self-centredness and power hunger. This can  only be cured by working in mines .

On 20th August there was the demonstration of PKK against Erdoghan and ISIS in Vienna. The Erdoghan and ISIS’s revenge happened the same evening in a Kurdish wedding in south Turkey, Gazi –Entab, with 80 dead and near to 100 wounded. And the Turkish armies’ tanks went to Syria with the excuse of punishing ISIS, but their aim as always was to oppress the Kurds.

Obama wants the ISIS seeds, which he has spread all over, to pack and go. But the CIA and the Pentagon, who take orders from higher Zionist US establishment, would not give their consent! For they are quite happy with death , destruction and war in the Arabic lands!

 Now are we expecting a miracle from this offspring of an imam (Erdoghan)!?

It is just like expecting democracy, anti- imperialism and the preference of the poor to the rich from the Mullahs regime of Iran, which was an absolute mistake. Expecting a turn away from a High member of Moslem Brotherhood

is not more than a illusion.

In Europe, more than 2 million women were victims of the domination of the church. Those who ignored the result of people’s struggle to free the people from the claws of the church and showed a passive attitude against the expansion of the mosques , the UK,  USA Imperialists centres for advancing Islamism - in the name of the Democracy, they have to wait for the dominance of Islamists in Europe too.

The Religious governments in the history everywhere have been enemies of women. And today we are witnessing a new funny game imposed on women every day.

Does Democracy mean indifference when watching people getting drowned? Does Democracy mean the acceptance of the new slavery of Neoliberals?

Erdoghan, without free visas, had already made EU his own territory through the mosques, with free visas and membership in EU he will succeed a lot more. The game does not stop here. Transforming unbelievers to believers is the rule of Islam

Down with hypocritical imperialism and their


Women’s Power

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