Desperate effort to honour Erdogan after the faked coup

Desperate effort to honour Erdogan after the faked coup

Farah Notash                World Anti-imperialist front        Women’s Power

Vienna 2016-07-30

After the revelation that the Turkish coup was a faked and Erdoghan’s following disgrace, his victory came together with hatred in all the countries.  In a speech addressing EU countries he said: it seems you are unhappy that the coup was defeated.

 This is why the professional liars of the pen, with the aim of the softening the environment for the benefit of the coup maker and to honour him , likened and compared the faked coup to the 1953 US coup in Iran. With this analogy and comparison, they started their wicked role in turning the realities upside-down.

To prepare this new play, some right-wing Turkish Journalists attributed the coup to the retired US General “John Campbell”. That he, in his several hidden journeys to Turkey, handed out several billions of Dollars among the Turkish army officers who had a role in the coup.

But then General Joseph Donford, the chief of the US Armed Forces headquarter, after having a talk with General Campbell, announced the accusation was completely baseless.

And Patrick Syberic, the spokesperson for  of the US ministry of defence, who had a talk with General Campbell , said to VOA, General Campbell hasn’t had a single journey to Turkey since he retired. Also he added, he is a supporter of the US Government’s position on Turkey. Turkey has a common border with Iran, Iraq and Syria and is one of the main allies of the USA in struggle against ISIS. Therefore there are more than 3000 US

forces at the Incirlik air base in Turkey.

Besides, the recent accusation published in the Turkish right wing news paper, as well as representatives of the Turkish government, pointing to Fethullah Gülan, the Turkish government opposition resident in the USA, names him as the person responsible for the unsuccessful coup.  But Mr Gülan also denied any involvement in the coup.

The play of searching for the criminal, is continuously going on, while torturing and sexually assaulting the Turkish officers (as in Iran’s prison) is  still in the news. The lists of the imprisoned, and dismissed are getting longer. The numbers of the army members in the black list has reached 9000, and other lists are also increasing.

We now face the certainty that, after Iran, another nation, Turkey, is being taken hostage.

The 23rd July, 9 days after the coup the number of people arrested and dismissed is over 60 000. The statement of the Turkish pri-minister is worth hearing:  “This is still just the tip of the iceberg”

With the co- operation and consultation of the remaining of the Morsi’s government “the horrid Muslim Brotherhood”, who escaped from Egypt, this calamity will soon show us the rest of the iceberg too.

And with the resumption of the death sentence, dictator- ship of the Muslim Brotherhood of Turkey, the ugliest bourgeoisie depending on the US imperialism, will stand up in full height, showing its yellow, stinking teeth. 

And all these transformations work towards the US strategic aim of islamisation of the region to tie up Muslim nations.

One of the Persian sites in Europe informed that Erdogan with the agreement of Iran’s Regime had fled to Iran (Tabriz). After he was turned down by other countries. And after bringing his family to safety, has returned to Istanbul while two Persian jets were escorting him. And all this happened after he was informed by Russian authorities of Turkish army officers’ conversations about the coup in process.

In the middle of all those, the “ humble servants” attitude of Iran’s Mullah regime is questionable, in supporting Erdogan,  accepting his entrance to Iran, advising him to ask the people, in mobile massage from Iran, to go out in to the streets, just as its guidance to the Morsi’s Fans in Egypt ,

which ended in the death of 1400 people  who refused to leave the streets.

To give him military escort, shows how Mullah Regime bows in front of the foreign enemies. In the same way, they bow in front of the Saudi regime, for permission to go on the hajj (the yearly pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca).

Is it a problem to break with Saudi Arabia? No it is the height of felicity! What is the use for the people of Iran of having relations with a government producing Salafi criminals, who is destroying the world?

But of course, what could the merit of a regime with the stamp of dishonour stamp of the nuclear agreement on its forehead could be. The need of Iran’s regime for the Hajj is used as a prize, and this is not a mystery to anyone. After criminal action against Iran’s opposition, these criminals, such as the army of thugs but are dressed in private clothes, are sent to the hajj. Exporting revolution is only possible by giving service to the people of Iran, and not paying others to change their religion to Shia.

Isn’t this the same Erdogan, who has been sending all sorts of Islamists to Syria for the past 5 years to fight against the Persian youth sent by the Mullah regime? And many of whom have been killed?

Isn’t it the same Erdogan, who is costing Iran the Billions belonging to all the Persian whipped workers, but spent in Syria because of his conspiracy?

So why didn’t they arrest him instead of helping him? Why didn’t they arrange an international court to accuse him?

No ... not every guest is beloved by god.( Persian saying:”the guest is beloved by god”) when you open the door to the murderer of your child, you never lead him to the head of the table! Supporting a criminal such as Erdogan can only be done by hypocrites who fear tomorrow. They take each other’s hand to have a shelter for their dark future.

Iran’s regime is responsible for the defeat and humiliation of Iran’s nation in the fields of politics, sport, art, etc...In and outside of Iran.

But the respectable government of Russia, bearing all the high expenses

and efforts in struggling against all Islamist terrorists sent by Erdogan to Syria, has stayed beside the people of Syria. The help to Erdogan wasn’t a desirable step. Erdogan is ruining the world, he only needs to be arrested and charged by an international court of law.

The Russian government, for the struggles against Islamist terrorists, was respected and honoured by the people of the world. Now if the information of the Persian site is valid, it should accept strong criticism for its help given to the enemy of the people. Even though this phony coup was designed and planned by Erdogan for many years ago.

To compare of the coup against the Anti-colonialist government of Dr Mohammad Mosadegh with the 15th July faked coup against reactionary pro colonialist Erdogan, is a terrible insult to the historical political identification of the people of Iran. For the people supporting Mosadegh were conscious people, against USA and UK colonialism in 1953.

Defending that movement of Iran is a serious duty of all those who are freedom fighters of the world against the imperialists oppression.

Supporting the ruthless enemy of people

Is not an honour... but a disgrace

Women’s Power

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