Accusation against Erdoghan

Accusation against Erdoghan

To the attention of:

International court of Justice of the UN

International criminal court of The Hague

EU President, Members of the EU Parliament, German and Russian Governments

The People of the World,


Farah Notash         World Anti-imperialist front   Women’s Power

Vienna 19- 07-2016


In these sensitive moments when this Accusation is in preparation, 6000 people, members of the Turkish army have been arrested.

They are kept under the most inhuman and dreadful conditions, while the so called Turkish president “Erdoghan” wants to bring back the death penalty. Besides 9000 police officers have been dismisseded, 24000 teachers have been discharged, 1500 university directors as well as 2700 judges have lost their jobs since 15th July.

These gigantic purges are not improvised, and cannot be spontaneously done. They have Surly been planned and thought out for a long time. This is a planned coup by Erdoghan, in order to purge the armed forces and take all the power, to fulfil his wishes of becoming the 2nd Sultan Suleiman. The coup is a logical step on his way towards absolute power.

The EU’s reaction to this dreadful crime is almost totally passive: “Any country that uses death penalty cannot be a member of the EU”.

After the recent Brexit and rumours that the people in different EU countries want to exit EU, this “threat“ does not involve any true punishment and even implies the slight hope that if the death penalty is not used, Erdoghan would be taken as a member of the  EU. When someone has shown his mental health and humanity of the level of zero, then requests and threats are not real steps. To rescue the lives of the 6000 people from death needs a much more proactive and determined step.

The gloomy social asphyxia is going to be combined with constantly bleeding prisons, as in Iran. The evidence for this claim is the 5 years of Erdoghan’s criminal activity against the innocent Syrian nation, with his total support of Islamist terrorists.

The question is... are we humans? If so... how can we wait until the disaster happens?

The planned Coup by Erdoghan, has of course been attractive for many members of army, because of the Ata Turk secular tradition in the army. Who wants to live under the rule of a multi-complexed paranoid man, whose index finger is always rudely up against his people? Surely they did not know the Coup is the Erdoghan’s trap to catch them. They had the great ambition of the rescuing the Turkish nation from a paranoid man’s domination. But now they are going to be executed as traitors. Being a traitor against mad multi crimes of a mass murderer is a true honour.

Let us all stand up for a single human family on the earth. The US and UK creation of all these Islamists, has been designed to suppress all the educated people and intellectuals of the Muslim nations, by the undereducated, fooled and cheated part of the countries. This is the disgrace of our time. THE BRAINDARIN FROM IRAN IS CLEAR EVIDENCE.

Let us open our ears to the cry of 6,000,000 Syrian children who are waiting for revenge against Erdoghan. How come when a man kills only one person, he has to stay in prison for life, but when someone is responsible for mass murdering, he simply gets away with it?

This sick overambitious man needs to be arrested urgently and punished for what he has done. His mental condition needs to be taken seriously. All the Islamist movements and governments need to be abolished in respect of humanity. If democracy is good, then let’s have it for all the nations. Political Islam is the language of the Sword. Democracy under Islamism is a lie. Let us stop the humiliation of humanity in the net age. The Creation of cultural distance between the nations is a creation of conflict and poisons every one. Religions are only respected as private matters. And when they are brought out in politics, they have just one aim, to cheat the people and to misuse them. Let us all stand for religion-free politics.

The phony apology to Russia, normalizing relation with Israel and expressing the wish of a normal relation with Syria, was the introduction to this planned Coup. It was to minimize all the tensions to focus on the planned Coup. The last Istanbul explosion after the apology was to pretend ISIS is an enemy and deny the five years supporting them. This ugly charlatan thinks if he has fooled the uneducated Turkish Peasants, can fool the people of the world too. This ugly charlatan is determined to take the Turkish nation to the depth of the gloomy grave of history’s cemetery, just like Iran’s regime. That is why the Turkish army members showed interest in supporting this fake Coup.

Arrest of Erdoghan

Freedom of the 6000 people from prisons

Reinstatement of people dismissed by Ardoghan

(as losing their jobs is a kind of death sentence )     Women’s Power 

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