The midnight coup

The midnight coup

an excuse to purge the army

Farah Notash           World Anti-imperialist front   Women’s Power

Vienna 2016-07-17

When the US Imperialists and co are constantly establishing different Islamist groups in different countries,

When the US Imperialists and Co have been and are planning to chase after Muslim youth, to enslave them and misuse them for their own benefits,

When the US Imperialists and Co after brain washing the youth in the Mosques, train them as killers,

When the US Imperialists and Co send them to kill the people in different lands and destroy their homes and their belongings,

Islamism has becomes a lever for imperialism to misuse in imposing  its own goals to the Moslem Nations, through its puppets under  Islamist masks, as all the religious political leaders.

On the other side, all the Religious Governments through history have shown similar attitudes to the present Islamists: Misusing religions in fooling the masses, crushing their human dignity, absolutely enslaving them, killing them, and attributing all of these things to God.

Erdoghan: The Coup was the God’s blessing to cleanse the army!

And the majority of the masses, throughout the history, regardless of any particular religion, by obeying the political religious orders have chosen what has really been the worst for them.

In this era, when people talk about “democracy” in a secular country, it  is opposite  of the “democracy” in the countries which are governed by religious

rulers. The majority of the people in the religious ruled countries,

are metamorphosed under the many sided severe effects of the religious opium injected through all the Media. So in these countries, democracy means absolute

dictatorship of abomination, the religious ruling class... with ever bleeding prisons.The cheated people vote in obedience to religious orders, issued through the Mosques.The Turkish people who vote for Erdoghan, through the mosques which are under his control.

No, Mr Obama, the election in Turkey was never a democratic election, but an ordered religious election.

Democracy, the unreachable dream, is always ruthlessly crushed under the religious dictatorship. This conflict never allows the democracy to breathe. That is why the imperialists want the Middle East and Africa to be drowned in the hallucination of religion and be dominated by their Islamists.  That allows them to plunder the natural resources easier and leave the nations in poverty and misery for centuries: Poverty of culture, destruction of their monuments to wipe their history.  Go back on zero level; is the imposed Neo liberal poison.

At the end of the first year of Morsi’s presidentship, in a great demonstration against President Morsi, from Moslem Brotherhood, the Egyptian Nation  gave the permission to the Egyptians army to interfere.  The Egyptian army strongly stood for the people’s rights. The Arbea Square  in Cairo, when the Morsi’s fans did not want to leave the streets after 2 months, was the focal point of this clash.

Then the respectable people of the Egypt voted for Al-ISi.That means they preferred military rule to the Islamist rule.

Turkey‘s government is a similar branch of a Islamism to the Muslim

Brotherhood, while the army fallows in the secular tradition of Ata Turk.

But the midnight Coup of 15th July, like the last terror explosion in Istanbul, was

an arranged coup to fulfil the wishes of Erdoghan, who needs to manipulate the power: To purge the army, which is already done with 6000 of army officers and judges arrested; And the second wish to ask for extradition of Fatulah

Gulan from the USA as the alleged planner of the Coup.

F-Gulan the other Turkish Islamist leader, resident in Pennsylvania, the other US Islamist kept for later use.

Poor army soldiers and officers who were deceived bitten and killed.


The most active character in the ruining of Syria,

the paranoid overambitious thief of the Tigris river,

the early death bringer for millions of inhabitants in the area of  Mesoptamia and Iran, which has caused a constant fog of the micro rounds (particles), resulting in all kinds of sicknesses. These particles are rising from the dry and thirsty lands which were irrigated by the Tigris water. He stole the water of the river Tigris to make a gigantic lake behind Illi su Dam in south east Turkey. The Dam is expected to break any time by causing a flood which is expected to sweep millions of lives away.

T he one and only, who has been blessed by God and profited the most from the Coup,

 the one who has planned democratic elections by cheating the people via Mosques ,

the designer of the  mid-night coup of 15th July, calling for death penalty,

the one who has a golden throne, is just after a golden Crown for the Erdoghan Dynasty!

Down with all the religious governments

Down with Imperialism

Women’s Power

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