Terror attacks in the USA

Terror attacks in the USA

and the aims behind them

Farah Notash             Worlds Anti-imperialist front         Women’s   Power

Vienna   17. 06.2016

Although the recent terror attacks in the USA are organized in the name of Islamists, terror attacks in the USA have an old history. The chain of terror assassination of the Kennedy brothers (US presidents), Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, are the most famous parts of the CIA activities under the command of the US Zionist Establishment, the head of the Snake, the snake of US Imperialism.

Although the Media reports make a chaotic news environment fallowing  every attack, and finding the truth seems like walking in the fog, for the people who know the nature of  imperialism, and never forget history, finding the way is easy, even with closed eyes, never mind the fog. As a matter of fact, terror is the absolute and inseparable part of Imperialism’s character. And as long as imperialism exists, it will go on, under different names. The Establishment and development of all the terrorist organisations in the world, as well as all the varieties of Islamism are the active part of imperialist’s specialisation. Although US Imperialists often talk about democracy and hide their Ugly faces behind false human rights, terrorism is a tool of their absolute dictatorship.   

All the terror attacks in the USA, for which ISIS has claimed responsibility, have a common and major aim, and all other aims come next.

The first aim of the Islamists terror attacks in the USA, is to cheat and deceive the world’s public, to deny the role of the US in establishing and

organising them, training them in US military bases and arming them.

Their purpose is to pretend to be an enemy of ISIS, which is their own creation. The attacks are carried out by young uneducated Muslims who are brain washed by agents of the imperialists.

And the other aims differ all the time. Following the great evacuation of Israel in recent years by the German Jews who lived there, Charlie Hebdo’s terror attack in France, with the excuse of a caricature of the Muslim Prophet, was arranged by the imperialists and then the Jewish shop attack.  The basic aim of those imperialists was to in move French Jews to Israel. Netanyahu, against Hollandes’ will, participated in the great

 “ Je suis Charlie “  demonstration in Paris against Terrorism, and for the emotional part of the play , four of the bodies from the shop were taken to Israel for burial. Due to their successful terror attack and play, a tremendous number of French Jews moved from France to Israel.

Or many years ago, the bomb explosion in the Jewish district in Iraq, blamed on Muslims, with the aim of moving towards Israel, the Jews who did not want to leave Iraq, caused all the Iraqi Jews to move to Israel.

The second aim of terror attack in the Homosexual Club in Orlando is to take revenge against (Cassius Clay) Mohammad Ali’s Islam. Mohammad Ali, not only had been fighting in the ring as a Victorious Boxer, but also had been fighting against the imperialists with his statements in the ring after every victory. He was anti racist; he was anti war and had taken Islam as his religion, the Islam which the US Zionist Establishment hated. As in their new colony “Palestine “they were killing enough Muslims and did not want any further Muslims to grow in the USA. For the same reasons Trump ( from Zionist US Congress) doesn’t want them either. Ali was a prickle in their eyes. He shouted as laud as possible after each match, I am Black, I am beautiful, I am great.  And my name is ALI. (Ali is an Islamic name). I am not fighting against Vietcong (Communist Vietnamese); THEY never called me a Nigger.

He was black and beautiful, but his self-confidence was even more beautiful. A Black human standing in front of the racist imperialists and crying “I am black and I am beautiful.”

The slogan of the black movements of 1960-70 ies “Black is beautiful” is coming from there. They were scared to assassinate him like Martin Luther King ( one of the leaders of the Black Movement),  but  got  so much on his nerves, that he got Parkinson’s disease. They are the real cause of his Parkinson’s disease.

Ali with his death once again drew the world’s attention towards his political slogans and wiped out anti Muslims hatred. The terror attack  in Orlando’s Homosexual Club, was designed to disgrace the Ali’s Islam. In Islam “Lavat “ (homosexuality) is forbidden. As if the other religions were any better! This attack was to humiliate Muslims and strike them, to get peoples vote. The rise in Trump’s popularity, after the Homosexual club terror attack, is the evidence. 

Since 1976, when the US Zionist Establishment  created  Al-Qaida, and in 1992 the Taliban, and since 2011 has activated its ISIS in the Middle East, through the barbarianism of  the Islamist, they have been causing  hatred against Muslims. That was the part of world’s preparation to plunder the Muslims mines.

Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, was an American young Muslim, regardless of whether he was a homosexual or not, he was brain washed by US agents  to be an Islamist. That means he was a puppet of US Establishment.

          The racist Zionist US Establishment believes the followers of Islam are inferior, they should be under control through their ISIS, but their natural resources are superior. Therefore they kill the Muslims in the Middle–East using the Islamists and take over their oil fields.

It was difficult to believe the attacks to the twin towers were planned by the USA too. But now 28000 pages of reports describing Saudis activities are ready to be published!  The Saudis are the servants of the US Establishment. Since 2001 with the excuse of the towers, the USA and some members of NATO are helping themselves to the free Uranium in Afghanistan’s mines. And since then, there has been no peace to lend normal lives, no school for children. The evidence: uneducated Afghan refugees in Europe.

The Members of NATO in the anti terror coalition have been rushing to Syria to have their own share as well !The people who are against the refugees’ admissions, should see the other side, the plunder of the mines of the refugees lands by the US and their partners .

The US Imperialist are determined to carry on with the in planned foreign policy, which is to crash the nations in the Middle East and Africa in order to take over their natural resources in the names of its Islamist armies in the proxy wars.

The millions of refugees moving from the Middle-East and Africa towards the EU, due to the USA’s foreign policy, whom have caused tremendous problems for EU, make the shameless US regime look for some masks to hide behind,  in order to be able to continue to his create this total mess. Therefore now and then, terror attack by its Islamist armies have to take place in different states. These Victims are the necessary domestic costs

for the US imperialists’ horror foreign policy in the world.


Down with thousand faced US terrorist



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