Refugees: the Australian model

Refugees: the Australian model

Harsh, inhuman, colonialist behaviour


Farah Notash       World anti-imperialist front      Women’s Power

Vienna 8.6.2016

Although the Australian government claims to be independent from the United Kingdom since 1.1.1901, with a glance at Australian flag one can immediately see the British Imperialists footstep on it!  And although it has a new anthem, it prefers to play the “God save the Queen” anthem too!

And although it is a federal parliamentary state, it is also a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth the Second as the monarch!!

The world will never forget the savage abduction by these colonialists of 10,000 helpless orphans, who were sent by British imperialists to Australia following the Second World War. They were abused by these British colonialists’ commanders in Australia for years and years. Their tears and cries still running, although some are still living as old men and old women.

The world has not forgotten the savage, harsh and inhuman attitude of the colonialists towards the native people of Australia and the Irish rebels who were exiled to Australia by the British imperialists.

In recent years, the world has been witnessing the most inhuman behaviour of the colonialists’ leftovers in Australia, towards the refugees. Many of the refugees have been allowed to drown in the waters of Australia or kept for unlimited periods in remote islands by the colonialists’ remnants. Or they have been threatened to be sent back to the country where they were in danger.

The slogan directed at the refugees and exhibited in Canberra and Sydney “never dream of making home here”, is the most disgusting and inhuman attitude one can ever see, with stinking selfishness typical of the imperialists’ behaviour. These policies reflect the belief that the people are the queen’s property!

Australia, the 5th continent, with 7, 600,000 km² and a population of 24,000,000, is one of the most under-populated country of the world, with 3,3 inhabitants per square km!

It is obvious that” nowhere is like home”.  But then, why are people running away in millions from their homes? Isn’t this the most natural behaviour of humans facing danger? Dangers such as floods and active volcanoes, or US proxy wars. Decisions to start such wars are made at the Bilderberg meetings and are then passed on as secret instructions to the heads of states.

The mass movement of millions of people from Africa and the Middle East is not a simple form of immigration, but a silent protest against these US-dictated policies.

The people who now peacefully leave behind all their belonging and are prepared to drown in the sea could develop into a most aggressive movement.

This is the first mass relocation of population after the Second World War. The USA is imposing the Third World War. The USA is the pain which causes the poverty and misery in the world.

This gray moving tsunami could change to a burning fluid.

Australia can never be a model. Its government, which is a member of the G20 and all other imperialists’ organizations, totally lacks humanity.

If they do not wish to have refugees, they should stop interfering with other countries’ policies. If they do not want refugees, they should stop attacking and invading other lands.

The total surrounding of Russia by the USA from the territories of former members of the Soviet Union, such as Ukraine, or of other neighbouring countries, such as Finland and Turkey, is not a peaceful event.

Humanity cannot tolerate all this any longer. Where should humans go as refugees? To other planets?

Fighting against US policy is fighting for human rights on the Earth.

Down with the USA

Down with Australia

Women’s Power


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