Death of Shimon Peres

Death of Shimon Peres


Farah Notash              World Anti-imperial list front             women’s Power

Vienna 3.10.2016

If the majority of the prisoners in the US Prisons are African-Americans, (some of them recognized innocent after 40 years in prison), that has only one meaning: lack of equal justice due to racism.

If any changes were recorded in the statistics after the long period of slavery, then we could expect that during the rule of president “x” there may have been more equal social justice and less racism.  However the levels have been steady, regardless of whether the democrat or republican puppets were in power.

The racist US establishments, not only does not stop its police from shooting African-American youth in the streets of different states every day, but also

have supported the Police. In an interview one of the killer policemen brazenly expresses he would repeat it in future. 

The exact same policy is applied by the Israeli regime towards Palestinians.

The disgusting evidence is, the map of Palestine’s converting in to the map of Israel over the last century.

The disgusting pieces of evidence are, the towns being established and growing over the farms and houses of the people of Palestine,




 Shimon Peres was a member of the leading team of the dreadful occupying regime of Israel, who have been applying Genocide, Massacre, plundering, discrimination and the most inhuman type of occupation. The underground prisons of this regime is over filled with Palestinians who never see the light of day, and are misused in experiments of the torturing tools and weapons produced in the factories of Israel. 

Shimon Peres has had an active part in causing all sorts of misery for the people of Palestine, as all the other leading members. He established his Peace Centre on one of these plundered occupied Palestinian properties. This is the type of peace he supported.

He was 12 when he emigrated from Poland to Palestine. (Alongside the rise of fascism, Poland in the 1930 ies became the centre of Nazi Zionist movements, such as Irgum, which in 1977 founded the Liqud party In Israel. Menahem Begin who was the most active founding member, the mass murderer of Sabra and Shatilla, for which received Nobel peace prize in 1978!)

Shimon Peres was brought up as an active Zionist. He became in different periods ally of Hagana, Ben Gurian, Rabins and the Liqud Party.

He has had many important positions in the occupier leading team, the mass murderer Zionist regime of Israel. All the vast growth of the towns on the west bank around Nablus was his Idea.  In 1996 southern Lebanon was bombed under his command, against the Lebanese resistance to Israeli occupation, which had started in 1982. Israel’s nuclear weapons program was his idea. For all this he received Nobel Peace Prize!

The Nobel Peace Prize committee many years ago was totally captured by

the Zionists, as most of the Media. They freely reward and honour their killers to buy respect for them. Therefore, this prize has lost its value since

and receiving it is not an honour anymore. The bloody basis of the state of Israel and its ideology cannot be hidden behind all the rewards of the world.

When they give a Nobel Peace Prize to the others, who are not Zionists,

that means they are buying them to follow their own wishes. Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize at the beginning of his presidentship. And all the world witnessed how he carried out their plans, spreading the ISIS seeds on Africa and the Middle- East. To understand the concept of peace from their view, it is enough to look at the ruins called Syria; the Nobel Peace Prize was given to Obama to ruin the Middle-East and Africa.  

What did the US colonialists do in the USA with the original residents? They killed them, they occupied their land, and they discriminated against them till today. That is their plan for PALESTINE. If Shimon Peres was against the war with Iran, it was not because he was for peace. As all, have seen the kind of peace he followed in Palestine. It was because he could estimate the damages to Israel, regardless of damages to Iran.

The Zionist regime is carrying a sick mentality of racism, and as one of the states of the US imperialists, has tremendous greed for the world resources.

The richest people in the USA are the Zionists, and the poorest African-Americans. The same is in Occupied Palestine. The poorest are the Palestinians. And the greedy colonialists the richest.

The US regime, who is the producer and supporter of ISIS, is giving an ultimatum to Russia, to stop bombing its Islamist terrorists.

Should the world expect the end of life on earth?

The word “Peace” is a meaningless word when the war maker imperialists use it: a sharp caution to the imperialist Zionist peace supporters. 

The world will never forget the Holocaust.

And the world will never forget and forgive Nazi-Zionists enormous crime of Palestine’s occupation.

The German Government has proposed a precondition to resume relations with the mullah regime of Iran.

“To formally recognize the Zionist regime of Israel”.

This is a two- faced deal business.

First: It is an expression of obedience towards the US leading Zionist establishment.

Second: The German regime is looking for a partner to share crimes.

If the German regime has formally recognized the Zionist regime of Israel in compensation for its second world war’s crimes, and now is looking for a free BACK to put the compensation weight on it, but that is not the back of Iran’s people. Under no circumstances can Germany or any other state dictate formal recognition of such a murderer regime to any other state and ask other nations to close their eyes on such a huge crime and ignore humanity.

This is a red line that humanity must never cross .Never.

Besides, no nation needs disrespected relation with any state,

no Nation approves nor forgets Holocaust, and

no Nation approves the huge crimes of the Nazi- Zionist regime of Israel on Palestinians.

Although 75 regimes had the opportunity to express their servantship to the

US Zionist imperialists in the mourning rituals of Shimon Peres, and even

some appeared with Jewish kippah on their heads but the false nation is a

false nation. One cannot stick different nationalities together to make a nation even with all the glues of the world.

With deep understanding, the Jews entirely betrayed and deceived by the Zionists, who have been brought to Palestine through Hayas organization and have never had the money to go back to their home,  like many of the other Jews  who went back as soon as understood the facts, should be helped to return back to their home lands. They have been misused and their children have been enslaved as killers in Israeli Army. These extremely oppressed Jews are the first victims who have become the tools of the Zionists wicked wishes. They had to swallow the sorrows of betrayal with no chance to express it anywhere, or leave. Some of them could send their children far away from Israeli hell.  This is the true evidence of these victims rancour. 

Shimon Peres lived for 93 years. But countless Palestinian children “were condemned to die with their skulls fracture”. As the Israeli soldiers were ordered to knock them on head with gunstock, to prevent excess usage of cartridge.


Those children had the right to live too.

Women’s Power

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