The Squashed, deformed Hollywood and Trump

The Squashed, deformed Hollywood and Trump

Farah Notash       Worlds Anti-imperialist front        Women’s power

Vienna 8th Feb 2017

The world war second, which had finished in May 1945 in EU, was followed not only by the deceitful use of the atom bomb in August 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USA, but was also the start of a new era,“the Zionist Empire” in the USA.The Zionist members of this Empire, were not beginners, but had full experience in glorifying and exaltingBritish Imperialism for thepast several centuries.

Although the first worker’s government in the world,Socialist Russia, later the USSR, had given 20-30 millionvictims to defeat Fascism, but

US Zionism leaned on thefindings of Einstein, a German Jewish immigrant, who supported US efforts to develop the atom bombas he feared that Nazi Germans might develop it first, but he later was in tears and regretted it. US Zionism, after the usage of atom bomb, reached the leading position among imperialists. The well-organized international Zionism,planned to rule the world and take possession of all the resources. It started with two separate, internal and foreign policy.

The foreign policy consisted in organising” The Bilderberg”, the

the Zionists kingdom, on top of the world Imperialism’s pyramid.

In the yearly underground meetings, the guidelines were given out to the other imperialists and their servants. The new servants were chosenfor the coming year. In 1949 NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation) was established by US Zionists against the workers state the Soviet Union, with the consecutive spying and interfering in USSR internal policy.This era was the start of the organisation of consecutive Coups in different countries of the world and plundering and stealing other nations resources,

employingagents to infiltrate all the parties, especially all the leftist parties, making coups in communist parties and capturing all the central comities, making all different Trotskyist organisations with the centre in London, Promoting Trotsky instead of anti-imperialist Lenin, splitting and breaking the leftist parties and organisations, continuing to support the colonisation of Palestine which was started by the British Zionist imperialist Balford,supporting the massacres of Palestinians,deceivingthe Jews of other landsfor them to be transferred to Palestine, training dictators such as Pinochet, Suharto, arranging coups and massacres in Iran, Kongo, Chile, many African countries, intervening in Vietnam,Iraq, Afghanistan, playing mischief on nationssuch as bringing down the twin towers in Manhattan in 2001 to steal Afghans uranium all free over the fallowing 17 years with 84000 soldiers in Afghanistan in 2017, brain washing the Muslim youth in EU Mosques by its servants and training and sending them to kill the people in Syria, theMiddle east and Africa, to change the worlds map and create new fanatic servant state under Al Baghdadi, the leader of Daesh (ISIS). This is a very concise summery of policies of US Zionist monster hidden on top of the US and other imperialists’Pyramid.

The internal policy of the US Zionist Banking Empire, has been leaning on the state’s armed machine, Pentagon, police, CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA and 13 other Secret Service agencies, 17 altogether.

The CIA and FBI are true killer organizations which through Hollywood

are portrayed as heroes to the world. The NSA is the top spying organization on the people of the world.

In 1941 the US Communist party had 75000 members. Many of the people

in film making industry in Hollywood were humane and progressive.

Following the use of the Atom Bombs in WW 2,Social asphyxia and dictatorship under the name of democracy started, which includes the Killing, imprisoning and dismissal from work ofall the leftists started. Many people involved in film making were leftists. They were though innocently, under all kinds of pressure.Later many of them, to be able to work,had to have a substitute.

Since 1947 Hollywood had to produce Anti-communist films.

Marylin Monroe, who was a communist, was killed by Norman Hachureamember of CIA, on 5th Aug 1962. He admitted his crime on the death bed.

She hated the FBI who was always following her. The dark era of Josef

Mc Carthy which goes on till today, squashed and deformed Hollywood.

Today Hollywood’s activity is based on the creation of scenarios for the political needs of thehidden Zionist imperialists. To make the Ugly face of this monster look beautiful, to make its lies look like real and truth. Their duty is to brainwash the masses of the USA and the world.

For example, in2001 the US Twin tower’sscenario, was carried out by

(Al Qaeda , which was the US -Saudis production , in Afghanistan 1976) to plunder the Afghans Uranium. 20 0ut 0f 22 attackers were saudies.

Hollywood and most of the music, art fields, and awards are the exclusive Zionist territory.Obama thanked Hollywood several times for co-operation. The funny two party USelectoral system, like Iran’s Mullah dictators system , is fully under the control and domination of the Zionist Imperialists of the USA.

Any president who tries to apply his own ideas is assassinated, like

Kennedy. Most of the Media, inside and outside of the USA are underthe absolute control and service of Zionism. That is why, one can see similar analyses in nearly all, repeating the same things in all the media.

It is understandable when majority of Hollywood stars and singers try to show their loyalty to their Zionist masters, and some are on the first row of demonstrations,repeating what Zionist imperialists want them to say.

when Angelina Julie says, she is honoured, that in her country human rights is considered above all, does she know the history of her country, the dark era of Mc Cartism? The number of tortured and killed people, oppressed writers in her land? Does she consider this absolute dominating fanatic reactionary way of holding election respecting humans in her country?

This human rights which she is proud of,doesit also apply to the huge number of hungry, homeless Americans who are crushed by an unjust system, sleeping under the bridges and have to collect their food from rubbishbins? or they are not humansat all to be worried about?

This lady Gaga, who is doing free publicity for crafty“murdererof centuries “,UK imperialism,does she have any love towards her hungry fellow human beings who are dying every day, due to US intervention in other innocent people’s land, to steal their resources? Should this be changed? Or we are all happy to give a blind vote to the Zionist Imperialist puppet, Hillary?

Did you ask yourself why 160 million people in the USA did not vote?

This is your country, noting to be proud off, the budget of your country is dirty money achieved by killing and stealing other nations property.You cannot be the speaker of the 99%, because the toys of the killers cannot

see the facts. If Hillary had been elected would you have participated in any

demonstration against her “the Yugoslav mass murderer”?

-When Trump says he wants to Care forthe “forgotten ones”, that means he wants to work for poor people.

-When he closes the borders,although it causes trouble for some people, it has one direct message: Do not play with religion.

Since 1976 US Zionist Imperialists haveestablished Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, 1992 Taliban in Pakistan, and the Job of Obama-Clinton was to produce Daesh and supporting 68 different islamist groups to ruin Syria, the Middle-east and Africa.And then they take the refugees!!

To play with religion is a very dangerous inhuman policy. That should be stopped in the whole world.

-When Trumpsays, he does not want to make war and he wants to stops interventions in other countries, that means he does not want to kill other nations and plunder theirproperty. He wants to give honour to his nation. You must know the USA is not Popular in the world because of its aggressive foreign policy. The people of the world dislike Americans. Yet only 25% of Americans have voted to Hillary, the representative of the US imperialists. That means 75 % of Americans are against this monster Zionist Imperialism. But look at the Hollywood, with its pure glorious back ground,and see to what extent it has declined!

- When Trump says he wants to abolish NATO,you must be happy that a US killer machine of the innocent people of the world is going to be stopped.

- When he says, he wants to be friend with Russia, you should celebrate the peace.

- It is not the duty of 99% to worry for the 1% ‘s profit. Hillary Clinton has destroyed enough to be the taken to an International court and punishedher what she has done. The US people who vote for such person, should worry about theirresponsibility in supporting killing policiesand crimes.

- Followingthe US policy,one can easily see how from all sides Trump is under pressure, just because he is not obedient servant of US Zionist imperialism or anyone else, just because he wants to change the world.

- That is why he is beginning of an era.

- But he is not alone.

- He is not a fascist, he is not anti-Semitic,

- Is he rich? Aright, then he won’t need to get involved in corruption, because he does not need it.

- he is a nationalist and according to US Constitution law , he is the legal president of the USA.

- He is aman for peace, the most important thing humanity needs.

- Please stopall this organized conspiracy in the media.

- Please stop all the insane anti-fascistdeceitful pro Zionists clamour

organised all over the world, against Trump and his family.

The people of the world are sick and tired of US Zionist imperialists lies, wars, and interventions.

Support Trump and he will bring respect for America.


Let Us all open our ears to the cries of 6 million Syrian children

Let us all stand for peace and love on the earth

Women’s Power

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