Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn

Farah Notash                 World Anti-imperialist front         Women’s Power

15th Feb 2017

Trump’s most important electoral slogan was friendship with Russia.

This slogan was a clear spotlight on world peace and expressed the main line of Trump’s foreign policy. In the past few days, the changes are strong evidence for Trump being extremely under pressure by the US Zionist Imperialist warmongers.

That is clear in both the internal and foreign policies.

On 14th Feb 2017, the world witnessed the forced resignation of Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s national security adviser, for having a talk with the Russian Ambassador on removing the sanctions on Russia. And behind this row, a quiet moving of NATO panzers into Romania took place, to encircle Russia even tighter. Attacking Russia is the end of the world.

What Michael Flynn did is an absolute part of the policy, Trump is elected for. The world is waiting for that friendship between the USA and Russia. And the reason for making this human relationship between the governments and nations taboo, is the absolute eagerness of Zionist Imperialists to plunder the world resources. The warmonger Zionist Imperialists are using the methods of dictators to IMPOSE their ideas. That means Trump is forced to carry out their sick policies and not the ideas he has been elected for. A pseudo democracy!!Now it is clear why so much publicity have been going into depicting Trump as a fascist. Their aim is to start WW3 under the fascists’ name, and as Persians say: shoot two targets with one arrow (Russia and fascists).Then they can start their system of pure slavery, with their terrorist Daesh ruling in the south.

Humanity needs to stand up against their planned war. The US nation should not leave Trump alone with these monsters. To implement his policy, he needs the support of the people. For any changes in society there is always the need for the people to be on the political stage. THEY should show their active and organised presence in the political sense. The forced Michael Flynn resignation goes against what the US nation voted for.

The world must never forget the year 2003.When tremendous numbers came out to demonstrate in MILLIONS, they were totally ignored and G.W. Bush attacked and invaded Iraq. Regardless of the people’s wishes, the monster did what it wanted. The world is suffering the consequences since 2003, and has not been able to recover.WW3can break out any minute, with a huge numbers of atom bombs. There will be no safe place, nothing will remain.


Do not put up with this any longer, stand up for what you have voted for, bring Michael Flynn back to work.

Get organized against Zionist Imperialism.




Women’s Power

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