A cry for help

A cry for help

To the attention of:

United nation, the Presidents of the USA and Russia,

Eu president, EU Parliament, world environment activists and

The people of the world


Silent death with a deadly weapon

Farah Notash         World Anti-imperialist front     Women’s Power

Vienna 2nd March 2017

Although there is no higher delight and appreciation than hearing President Trump’s announcement that he is only the representative of the USA and not of the world, the painful problems which are mentioned in the fallowing lines makes it inevitable to call him as well as the world’s other personalities for urgent help for the oppressed people.

The calamity which has been caused by the pre-Trump US governments’ foreign policy, goes back to the WW2.


Before any civilisation appeared, in one of the world’s oldest civilisation centres “Mesopotamia “, much earlier than 4000 BC, The two rivers of Tigress and Euphrates, rising from Taurus and Anatoli mountains in Turkey, after watering the expansive green basin of Mesopotamia “Iraq and Syria, “opened their way to the Persian Gulf.

And essentially, the existence of these two rivers, were the base for life blossoming and the first seeds of civilisations’ birth in Mesopotamia. Since,

then no governments or groups have ever decided to divert or block the two

rivers, until now, when these lines for their liberation are written.

The Justice and Development party, since its dominance in Turkey, with emphasis on Erdogan’s leadership, has established huge dams on these two rivers. With a capacity of 43 and 48 Billion cubic meter, they are lakes on the shoulders of these dams. Austrian engineers believed that these

dams would not be able to resist the weight of all these waters and soon will break down and the flood will be a danger to the life of people who live beside the rivers. Part of the Kurds’ struggle, against Erdogan is to stop the building of the dams.  

According to international law, the Turkey’s rights of the water of these two rivers are 25%, but it has been taking nearly all. As the countries involved, have been severely engaged in wars, this theft has been going on continuously. Therefore, after thousands of years of green Mesopotamia, it has become dry and a desert. The wind is blowing in to the air the soil contaminated by remains of uranium, from US Army weapons during the 2003 attack on Iraq. These deadly dust particles, have reached Iran’s central north south axis. The picture of Tehran’s daily dusty weather shown on the internet, is documental evidence available to the whole world. The silent death of the victims of this deadly weapon in Iran and the Middle East is rising. The area involved ranges, from Turkey to Saudi Arabia. The people in the west of Iran, are leaving towns and villages to save their lives. An agonising fall into poverty, homelessness and joblessness is increasing.

Iran’s regime, which itself is a pain in the heart, does not see the struggle against this monster as a duty for itself.

Whereas the evacuation and seizure of the areas with oil resources has a been a strategic plan of Zionist Imperialists, with the establishment of the Ominous Triangle after WW2. (The Zionist Israel, Salafi -Wahhabi Saudis

and Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government with its roots laid down by

UK Imperialism in Cairo   in 1928).

This Ominous Triangle, in co-operation with Obama, H. Clinton and J. Kerry, produced Salafi Daesh and other terrorist Islamists, which were thrown on to the people of the Middle-East and Africa.  

Besides killing people and ruining towns, Daesh had the duty of destroying Mesopotamian civilisations monuments. The world cried witnessing the ancient treasures when destroyed by Daesh, in the city of Nimrod in Iraq and Palmira in Syria. Another Part of these organized crimes, was establishing dams in Turkey, to erase life, and turn the Middle- East (the oil resource areas) into a desert, which had already started before the Arabic Spring.

The Ominous Triangle, after attracting the young Muslims in EU Mosques and training them in the USA Bases in Turkey, opened the borders to Iraq and Syria for all kinds of US and UK terrorists.

The people of the Middle-East are harmless and oppressed people with different religions, mostly Muslims, who have been living peacefully together for thousands of years. Today, due to totalitarian sickness rising in Zionist Imperialism, they are caught in all sorts of conspiracies.

Their one and only fault is being born and living on a ground which contains resources.

Today the urgent need of these extremely oppressed people of the

Middle East is:

         Freeing the Tigress and Euphrates rivers and stopping dam building in Turkey; – immediately!

         As Erdogan is going to collect votes from EU Turks to kill thousands of poor people he has jailed in Turkish prisons, his speeches need to be

prohibited; – Immediately!

         Arresting Erdogan and the members of his government, the enemy of the people of the Middle East. And confiscating his and his family’s properties for the rebuilding of Syria; – immediately!

         Freedom of all the political prisoners in Turkey and Iran; -immediatly.

         Putting an end to the rule of this dirty Saudi Salafi monster, the servant and partner of Zionist Imperialist; – immediately!

         Putting an end to all movements and governments operating under religious masks of any kind in the world; - immediately!

                                  Mr Jens Stoltenberg

The time for the 11 September Scenarios is over. The world knows the facts. The co-production of US Zionist Imperialist, Salafi Saudis was to steal the Poor Afghans’ resources, Uranium, the plundering of which has been going on since 2001. While most of the population is dawning in poverty and hasn’t had the chance of even going to school. Everyone knows that NATO is a thief - murderer organization. Your insistence on its further existence, will only bring more disgrace and dishonour for you.

The designed coup by Zionist Imperialists and NATO’s quick intervention in Ukraine, was only to encircle Russia and seize the Russian resources, just like what is going on in Afghanistan. What you did, only brought misery for Ukraine. Your invasion in all the eastern EU lands to capture Russian resources will bring nothing but misery for all the EU.

Europe is a human heritage of art and culture, So wake up and stop playing with it. Your era is over, don’t cause more tension in the world. Your NATO has always been the cause of misery for the people of the world. Your NATO is messenger of calamity. Collect all your tanks and all the other missiles that you have spread around Russia and go. The people of the

world do not want you.

Russia has never been an attacker, but a perfect defender.


Respecting borders, is necessary for the order of the worlds.

And this order can only blossom, when, the rule to respect boarders, is observed on all the borders of the world and not only in the EU and USA.

In Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria and in Palestine, needs to be observed as well.

         NATO should get out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

By the way, Al-Qaida in Afghanistan (1976), and Taliban in Pakistan (1992), were US Zionist imperialist and Saudis creation.

         The Turkish army in Syria is without permission, together with all its terrorist Islamist creations, they should get out.

           All the illegal immigrants in Palestine should leave Palestine for their homeland or anywhere else they wish.

Referring to the borders of 1967 means accepting illegal immigration from the end of the 1930s till 1967. Whereas illegal immigration is illegal.

This law is not to be respected pre-or post any specific date. This kind of attitude is totally refused and rejected all over the world.

Let us all see the true values of the new era and cooperate with it.

The borders of Palestine are clear on the 1940 map and there is no need for any changes.

Only evacuation and departure of the illegal immigrants is necessary.

Changing the name of Palestine,

Dividing the land of Palestine,

Occupying any place in Palestine,

Arranging illegal government of illegal immigrants in Palestine,

The admission and recognition by the UN and all the other lands due to the Zionist Imperialist domination, are all illegal and will never be accepted and must be corrected. The world resists against it.

High compensation should be paid for all the damages, to all these nations.


The people of Crimea in a referendum voted for their future. The encircling of Russia by NATO is only an excuse for the old dreams of the seizure of the resources in Russia by Zionist Imperialists. It is the people’s rights to choose their future and it is not the duty of NATO!

An 11 states referendum by United nation, to give a rebirth and new life to the old Yugoslavia is a true human answer to the deep sorrow and regret of homeless Yugoslavs.  

Today the humanity is standing at the beginning of a new bright era.

President Trump is using a genuine consulting method on the steps he is taking for his country. He is trying to be the people’s government. He has promised PEACE.

And Russia has never been a warmonger.

The only problem is NATO, which under the command of Zionist Imperialists, is in a hurry to start the war, and the Zionist Imperialist Media, which are blowing the war horn. Therefore, it is an urgent necessity to ABOLISH NATO as soon as possible; - Immediately!

And the Media, will correct themselves as soon as they realize that their master is old and paralyzed in its death throes, with no hope for recovery.

Mexico is under the domination of the Cocaine mafia, that is why the people are running away from there. The people need security and job.



Zapata’s Mexico, you are not alone.

                               You will stand taller than ever.

                                                     The white horse is waiting.



Let us all stand for the world’s nuclear disarmament.



Women’s Power

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