Determination of who overtakes whom and refusal of passivity

Determination of who overtakes whom and refusal of passivity

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist front Women’s Power

12 March 2017

Shamloo, the Persian well known contemporary poet, who was a member of the Tudeh Party of Iran until US Coup 1953, but believed in socialism till his death, criticised Hafez, one of Iran’s most famous poets (1325-1390), for his praise of King Shoja.

But the problem is, King Mohtaseb, the father of King Shoja, beheaded a few people every day between the daily prayers. And more than half of Hafez’ poems were burnt or removed during police raids on his house, as a means of social asphyxia. And King Shoja rose against his father, imprisoning and blinding him. Although he was a king too, his defence of the people is admirable. Shamloo did not see this, and made his judgement on the basis of his own era, rather than the conditions of the time when the poems were written.

But of course, after nearly 8 centuries, Iran is still not socialist.

A girl who was looking for her ideal man, recently died a virgin at the age of 85! While the fathers of all children are hardly 51% of the ideal.

The value of every phenomenon is estimated according to the need and available possibilities in the conditions of the time, and not according to one’s dreams.

One should be able to imagine the wounded, bleeding feet of a traveller on the road, to understand the philosophical value of this Persian saying:

“A single old show in the desert is a booty”

Undoubtedly the way towards socialism is not decorated with bright, happy lights. Searching for a small path in the gloom, is the art of a wise, true revolutionary.

When the cheat of the colonialist Zionist imperialists has reached the limit of imposing their dirtiest kind of servants, Daesh, to the people of Middle-East; and their Boko Haram in Africa, without facing any consequence or punishment, runs blood in the streams of the streets and takes girls of one school as hostage and no one is able to defend them, then …

when someone comes, and says he is for peace and will not attack and intervene in any country and will fight religious terrorists; it means that he is rejecting the Zionist imperialist foreign policy since WW2, and does not accept colonialism.

When, by lowering taxes, he invites the owners to bring back their factories from the south, the meaning is a revival of capitalism instead of rabid and rapacious neoliberalism, which, due to the imposition of taxes, crushes the governments of the south, making the world borderless for the 1%. This means the time is over for taking control of the governments in the south, as the guards and police for the benefit of the 1%, and to crush the workers back in the south, who work for a price near zero.

If he does not believe in illegal immigration to his country, then this rule should be applied to all the southern countries too, whose borders are ignored by the imperialists, and the struggle of the political activists in the South to guard their borders should be respected.

When he says, he is a defender of the rights of the forgotten ones, that means he wants to support the homeless, jobless and the masses under the poverty line. He is not a representative of working class, and is not promising socialism. He has been introduced through the US Congress, which is the centre of the US’s mischiefs. And he had to take some of his ministers from Congress and has to compromise with them. Trump’s slogan was stopping the budget for the foreign armies, that means the new Ukraine budget, which is half of the previous budget, is a compromise between Trump and coup maker Zionist imperialists in the US Congress, to save their servant in Ukraine.

But the real servant of Zionist imperialism, Hillary Clinton, is deeply wounded by her three-time loss. Loss to Obama, Loss to Trump, even with all those cheats, and loss as the delegate of the Zionist imperialists. Her wound will be kept open by the Zionist imperialist for further misuses.

No political activity on the territory of Zionist imperialist is spontaneous; everything is under control and programmed.

If women were the organizers of the demonstrations, they should have organized demonstrations much earlier against Hollywood, which is the absolute misuser of women actresses for its own benefit, with so many films showing several erotic scenes. If the organizers were women, at least once they should have made a demonstration against Boko Haram, the Zionist imperialist servants in Africa, who took as hostages all the girls of a school.

In some analyses, it has been mentioned that they brought Trump in to rescue their broken economy. If they had brought him in, then they should have let him do his work without all these clashes.

We will not give in to black mail

The designer of all the coups in the world from after WW2 until now is Zionist Imperialism, which is responsible for all the mass murdering and plundering under the name of neoliberalism.

The election of Trump, has ripped the curtain, covering the mix of secrets, of different US strata of the Bourgeoisie.

The main enemy of the nations, the 1% Zionist imperialists, have lost. Therefore, they are crying and wailing in their Media.

Sanders is also one of those Zionist leftists who after WW2 have captured leftists’ parties and organizations, one of those who call Palestine Israel. That is why he stepped back for the benefit of Hillary Clinton. exactly as Hillary, an obedient servant of Zionism, but with a mission among the leftists.

At the peak of the enemies of the working class are the Zionist imperialists. That is why supporting US nationalists, who themselves are for capitalism, is a face to face fight against Zionist imperialists.

A true revolutionary working-class supporter never sits at home waiting for the conditions to allow him to come out with his red flag. And he does not spread confusion with his illegible analysis, and does not plant seeds of despair. At every step, he recognises the different strata of the class and determines who overtakes whom, and choses his own specific way with fervency and continues on his path towards his ideal goal.

Passivity only benefits the reactionary, savage forces.

Most of the media are obliged to take their orders from one known centre,

with a precise program aimed at playing with people’s minds.

To get influenced by them, and work in harmony with them, repeating their nonsenses and throwing sand in people’s eyes, and making people passive; not enough, giving unattainable hopes with no bases, is a real service to reactionary forces.

Neoliberalism, which has pulled the working class into poverty and has caused the breadwinning women of the working class to be driven towards prostitution, must be brought down in Iran and the world. The Mullahs’ regime, which has been whipping the naked backs of protesting workers in

public, should shiver with fear as its life is ending.

Isn’t this a great success? Happiness does not come only through reaching goals; to be on the way, seeing the realities, and enjoying successes is itself a blessing too.

If Trump is not accepting Moslems from some countries to the USA, the first of which could have been the terrorist makers Turkey and Saudi Arabia, from the Ominous Triangle, his aim is to finish with Islamic governments and not a confrontation with the people.

With the votes, he has, Trump can only move in a very limited way, but the mobilisation of the forgotten ones in the world, the working class and the part of the middle class under the poverty line, can help him for further steps.

Now he is working for the elimination of Daesh in Middle-East with some opposition groups. For international legality, all the activities need to be harmonized with Syrian legal government. It is the right of the Syrian people to decide for their country with their votes, not the opposition coordinated with foreign governments fighting against Daesh.

But Trumps’ next steps depends on the world’s support. If he is not supported, he will be more under pressure by Zionist imperialists, as when he did not add Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the Daesh makers, to the Muslim ban. But if he gets support, and wishes clearly expressed , he will try to make the people’s wishes come true.

All the Zionist Imperialists’ claws, from all sides, are to put more pressure on him. Every activist who wants to change the world, can imagine himself in his place, and will then realize his very difficult position. The human calamity in the world today is real huge. In most newspapers, there are some pages for advertising women and sometimes men, for selling themselves. And unfortunately, even some parties are calling them sex workers and trying to get some social opportunities for them. In Iran, even in the two religious cities of Ghom and Mashhad, with schools for Mullahs, the market of prostitution, called Sigheh, the Islamic official so-called short-term marriage, is highly active. The bread-winning working class women, when there is no work for them, have to be drowned in this mess. Many men from other countries, for their enjoyment and in the name of pilgrimage, support this shameful sale of the Iran’s working class women by Mullahs.

Iran’s honourless neoliberal Mullahs should shiver, the era of them whipping protesting worker’s naked backs in public is ended. The BBC should stop the conspiracy of introducing another Mullah. No one in Iran is waiting for another Mullah, from Hasan Khomeini to the successorsof Khamenei and other murderers in between.

All the parasite Mullahs should get ready for handing over their cloaks and turbans and go to compulsory work camps. The era of hateful Islamist governments from Iran to Saudi Arabia is over. We will soon arrive, and close Feyzieh, the school of Mullahs, and finish with the sale of the working-class women. Sex is not work. Earning money by making sex , is just a lever of destruction and degeneration of a society.

The pain is endemic; plundering, corruption and theft by governments on the one side, joblessness, homelessness misery and,as the only way of earning a living, body-selling on the other side, are the result of Zionist Imperialist neoliberalism. And showing all these things as normal, is the duty of the Zionist imperialist media.

Reading and hearing all these disgusting happenings in the media and from the political activists, is painful and tiring. One stratum of the US bourgeoisie has taken over the government from the other

ruling part. It is not a revolution. But it is an important positive change to the benefit of the world’s 99%. And the left and right groups attached to the Zionist imperialists are in great struggle against it.

To the CIA and all the US Security and armed forces.

Looking for a job, you found one, as a supporter of Zionist imperialist interests.

The secrets revelated by Wikileaks, the people of the south have experienced with their skin and flesh. And the effect of your crimes has made them suffer a whole lifetime. If you continue to crush the people’s throats for the interests of your masters, soon you will face the rise of the armed army of those living under the poverty line, in the USA and the world.

Everyone knows that you do not work for the security of the USA. You are only the supporter of the interests of your Zionist imperialist masters.

But Trump is not alone.

Either you let Trump act as he promised, or the answer to your 1% masters for plundering the world, will soon be

given by the hungry army of the world.




Deep, heartfelt thanks

to the Russian Jews who have left Palestine for their homeland. And deep, heartfelt appreciation for the full help given to them by the Russian government.

The world is waiting to see other Jews leave Palestine for their homes too.

Women’s Power

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