Incrimination to prevent world peace

Incrimination to prevent world peace

Farah Notash           World Anti-imperialist front         Women’s Power

Vienna 22nd March 2017

Since WW2, under the soft domination programme of US Zionist imperialism, the deformation of US presidents has been routine. No matter what their slogans were as candidates, as a president they have to go through a channel dug for them before!This deformation does not always have the same form. It changes with every new president.

Obama never fought for his freedom. By accepting their Nobel peace prize, he remained a total slave for his entire presidential period.

But the deformation on Trump is applied totally differently. ForTrump’s slogan towards “World Peace „was friendship with Russia. As Persians say, “they are killing the cat in front of the bridal chamber“: they frighten strongly at the beginning of the way, then dominate until the end.

They are trying to make punishment possible for a non-existing crime. Therefore they are trying to create a huge illusionary unfounded fault, promoting the idea that relation with Russia is an unforgivable sin. The propagation of this absolutely nonsense, Russia interfering in the US election, is not at all about what has really been going on, but is only to prevent Trump’s electoral promise “friendship with Russia”!

That means,they need to make Russia an enemy for ever, to save their foreign policy which dominates the world and consists in plundering other lands and committing mass murder all over the world.

Since WW2, every US presidential candidate has been working under conditions. Either he has obeyed the Zionist imperialists or he has been removed. With Trump, they are trying both at the same time. Not only are they threatening him, but they are also taking his position as a hostage. This is a conspiracy against US voters, to keep him away from his promise of “peace, and friendship with Russia”.

This is the reason for all the open games played by the US Senate, Congress, FBI and CIA.

On 16th of March, the US Foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson announced that they are friends with Israel and they are going to help it, and UN support is needed.

On 17th the illegal immigrants’ government in Palestine, so called Israel,

bombed four places in Syria. So the US support had its direct and quick answer. The Syrian government reported that four places had been attacked byIsrael, and one of the Israeli air fighters had been shot down.

On 18thMarch, Trump supported the NATO and a 50 billion Dollars rise in its military budget in February.

On 19thMarch, Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli defence minister, threatened Syria that if in future, Israeli planes, while bombing some places in Syria, areattacked by Syria, then Israel will destroy all the Syrian air force system.

Have you ever in your life heard of such impudence before?

He is for the freedom to bomb!

On the night of the 19th, the US army bombed a mosque in Aleppo, instead of Daesh. So many people were killed and injured. A mistake! And US Arab manoeuvre took place in the Persian Gulf.

On 20th March, over 1100 US soldiers will be deployed in Poland in the beginning of April to deter what is said to be possible Russian


These chain attacks show the same US foreign policy as before. The US Zionist imperialist warmongers are imposing their ideas instead of peace and friendship.

We harvest what we sow.

World peace needs active friendly relationships between governments.

To change the world, we need:

No war but peace,

Abolition of NATO,

World Nuclear Disarmament,

Departure of all the illegal immigrants from Palestine,

Removal of all the religious governments and political religious movements,

The world’s collective leadership

Let us all stand for World Peace and against conspiracy.


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