Solution to the problem in Palestine

Solution to the problem in Palestine

Farah Notash     Worlds Anti-imperialist front   Women’s Power

Vienna 6th APRIL 2017  


These days with the constant efforts of President Trump for solving the problem in Palestine, by inviting the Arab country leaders to

find a solution, it is necessary to give the peace lovers of the world ideas and help for a definitive solution.

The solution presented in the meeting with Trump by the Arab leaders, the members of the Arab League, was a disgusting solution that can ensure only permanent war.

As VOA reports:

The King of Jordan said in a press conference that the efforts of the US president for bringing the Israelis and Palestinians together is a heart-warming sign for everyone.

The Second Abdullah added that the innovative solution by the Arab League members for peace in the Middle East is a historical compromise between Israelis and Palestinians.

Last week Jordan was the host of the meeting for the leaders of the Arab League member countries. The meeting in which, recognition of Israel in return for establishing an independent Palestinian country was presented.


             An independent Palestinian country can only be established when all the illegal immigrants leave Palestine. Surely not by recognition of the absolute mass murderer regime, establishing a country and using it as a base for further attacks and occupations.

The past is a light for the path of the future.

If Trump did not know the meaning of illegal immigrants, and was not using such a term, and didn’t have a program of making a wall against them between Mexico and the USA, then perhaps this half-baked policy, compromising between wolf and lamb, could be imagined as a mid-way step in solving Palestine’s problem. But, with the presence of Trump and acknowledgments of his beliefs, if hundreds of Arab Kings whose masters are no secret to anyone, gather and find a watered-down peace solution with the notorious Zionist occupier regime, it is only to find a way of scaring Palestinians to show their loyalty to their Lord. It is only blackmail to rescue their own position. This can never be a solution for peace. The view point of the worlds’ freedom lovers, who have respect for the rights of nations is:

Absolute and unconditional departure of all the illegal immigrants and evacuating Palestine for its owners, the Palestinians.

The borders of Palestine are clear on the map of 1940, and it should never be divided up for the illegal immigrants. The leaders of the Arab countries, to save their own position, also the Palestinian leader who are under pressure and distress, may be compelled to accept two states. But this, as all the other solutions until now, will be temporary and will soon be abolished.

Our suggested solution for the Palestine problem

Together with the European countries’ preparations for WW2, the tricky, deceitful Hayas organization started its activity in deceiving the Jews of different countries, and transferring them to Palestine. The untrue slogan of “A land with no people for a people with no land” and “Immigration to the USA“ was used to deceive the oppressed Jews and drag them out of their houses and homelands to transfer them to Palestine. In the countries, the Jews refused to be transferred, but they were cheated, as in Iraq, where bombs were set off in Jewish districts in the names of Moslems. Jews, like all the other people with different religions, have the absolute right to live wherever they like. There is no conflict between religion and nationality. For example, in Iran, there are many Jews who are Iranians and live in Iran and have never wished to leave their home for Palestine or the USA. And they have no problem in Iran.

At this stage, Jews in Palestine have two choices in front of them. They either go back to their homelands, and the governments help them start a new life, or the promise of immigration to the USA can be given.

What is wrong with making a new State in the USA with the name of Israel?

There are so many deserts and wastelands in the USA with no inhabitants, what will happen if a new state with the name of Israel gets established there? And all those promises to these oppressed Jews who have suffered so much in Palestine would be fulfilled? It would be a step forward for the USA too. Then the war will be finished for ever.

Is it an incorrect request from the 8,000,000 tremendously rich US Jews to help their own fellow Jews, to get what they have been promised?

to be transferred to the USA?

With the hope of support for this humanist idea by the freedom lovers of the world.

Victory is for the peace lovers.

Let us all respect the rights of nations.


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