Pro burqa demonstration

Pro burqa demonstration

in Vienna


Farah Notash             Worlds Anti- imperialist front     Women’s power

Vienna 5th Feb 2o17

The 4th of Jan demonstration against the new law in Austria, under which, women wearing the burqa in public, will be fined 150 euros, was arranged by some groups. Highly surprizing was that the Anti-imperialist Koordination aik was also among the names of the organisers of this demonstration. Therefor it is necessary to clarify some points.

- Have you noticed that during the past few years, the number of women wearing some kinds of hijab has raised tremendously? Yet these women are not new Muslim converts, they were Muslims before too.

- Have you asked yourself, if these people are so involved in their religion, as it is a tradition in Islam, why do they not immigrate to the countries which have holy places, such as Saudi Arabia, but have chosen the EU, which is a land of Christians? And yet their Islam is Salafism, a production of Saudi Arabia!

  • Have you asked yourself what all these Chechens are doing here, while there is no war in Chechnya?

Obama’s regime and his team, Turkey, Saudis, Qatar, etc., had decided to recruit their brainwashed soldiers through EU mosques. The most active was Erdogan, and the Imams of these mosques were paid by Erdogan, so the EU mosques were his territory. The attraction was through the mosques, the training in Turkey and Jordan in the US bases by US officers. The rest, we don’t have to explain how they ruined a country, how they killed the people, and how 6 million Syrian children were made miserable. The minds of young Chechens can be particularly easily deceived, and that is why they have been brought here.  

And all that was the US imperialists’ fanatic plan, to change the regimes and to take over their resources. If you were anti-imperialist, you should have never helped these demonstrations.

Besides all these, burqas can be used by men too. Many of the Daesh killers have passed through borders wearing burqas.

On the other hand, if the threatening of the Austrian foreign minister by a Chechens young man leaves you indifferent, does that mean that human rights do not apply to the people who get threatened or killed? Absolutely disgusting. Today you have surely been taking a pro-imperialist step.

Also, to help people to be drawn into stupidity and misuse them for political purposes, is a huge insult to human dignity, which should be added as a new item to human rights laws.

The hijab is a bag, is a prison, meant to paralyse half of the population.

Besides, when someone is a guest, if the situation is not suitable to them, can leave the place, not start going around with a loudspeaker to impose their wishes onto the hosts. Not only was this a pro-imperialist demonstration, but also had a crude, reactionary attitude towards the government’s positive step. Though this step should have been taken many years ago.

In a large survey interviewing different women about their hijabs, it appeared that most of them are dominated by men, and the men are controlled by the mosques. The EU women mostly accept it through making a family with a Muslim men. That is all. The Burqa is an adventure.

Not always standing beside victims is a revolutionary step. Asking for reactionary fanatic ideas to be continued is totally anti-human and a disgrace.

Someone is living in hell because she has been brained washed, you demonstrate to help her to remain in hell!!

Women’s Power

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