No… Mr Netanyahu

No... Mr Netanyahu

Answer to the message of 21st Jan to Iranians on You tube

and a message to Palestinian Jews

Farah Notash World Anti-imperialist front Women’s Power

Vienna 25th Jan 2017


The children of Adam are limbs of each other,

Having been created of one essence

When the calamity of time affects one limb

The other limbs cannot remain at rest

If you have no sympathy for troubles of others

You are unworthyto be called human

This poem by Saadi one of the most respected Persian poets of 13thcentury, decorates the gate of the United Nation Building entrance in New York. This poem expresses the Persian outlook towards their fellow humans and has always been part of school curriculum in Iran.

As you see, this poem is totally free of any kind of racism, discrimination and self-centeredness. You also notice that it comes from many centuries before Mullahs directlyenteredpolitics.

The friendship of the nations is an undeniable principle.

Aggression in any kind, by a person, a group or an army, against the rights of a person, group or a nation is rejected and condemned.

Mass murdering a nation remains as an unforgettable agonizing pain and unforgivable for ever. These are the mere principles of civilization and

humanity. Without observance of these principles, one can never call

oneself civilized and human. Iran’s previous regime, which was first a UK servant and after the US coup in Iran, was a US servant, naturally had friendly relation with your regime. And the Mullah regime which is a component of Zionism, although has many hidden deals with your regime, is supposed to be your enemy.

But the flames of Iranians’ anger against Palestine’s occupiers and the mass murderers of the Palestinians after the second WW, has no connection to any of the two regimes. As for the US attack on Vietnam, Iranian nation was always for the Vietnamese. The Iranians’ anger against US Imperialism is not only because of US interference in Iran’s internal matters, coup, blocking and destroying Iran’s natural social progress, but also due to the Zionist -US’s constant attack and aggression towards other countries and nations. The USA after the deceitful use of the atom bomb in 2nd WW has never been governed by any government committed to humanity. Therefore, Iranians who have always been against all kinds of aggression, attack and massacre, has been against the Zionist USA. This has nothing to do with the governments, this is Iranians culture. The presence of the Zionists in Palestine is part of the attempt to possess the worlds resources and the establishment of new colonialism. Based on the same logic as your sovereignty 3 thousand years ago, Iranians should claim half the glob to day!!

Any claim based on ancient sovereignty, implies the denial ofhumanity’s effort for evolution, perfection and becoming more human.The most recent example is the US imperialist and Co creation, Daesh(ISIS).

Making wars and killing is the highest point of uncultuerdness, and the rejection evolution and humanity. This is the imperialists’ parasitical way of living.

There is no end to your regimes crimes, just two days ago, you started again building houses in eastern Jerusalem. That means many have lost their houses and farms and became homeless and jobless to be drowned in depth of poverty.

The Iranian nation has no compatibility or harmony with your Zionist regime and its racist outlook, which is devoid of any humanity whatsoever.

After the December 2008 massacre of Gaza, and many consecutive years of ranting about attacking Iran with nuclear bombs, and at the height of it, in 2015, your rush for transferring your money out of Israeli banks, made people laugh at you in political circles! So, you were preventing any damage to your property in the war you were planning! But the condition of your fellow citizens was not important for you!

Don’t you tell anything to Persians about the Mullahs wasting their budgets, as they know better than anyone. In Dec 2016 and Jan 2017 many times your picture was printed in different EU newspapers for corruption

and the police of Israel questioning you about it! Not only you, but many of your top politicians just like the Mullahs in pillaging the country’s budget,have been recognized as criminals and even haven been taken to the jail for corruption.

Your regime,just like the Mullah regime, is usurper and coward.Not only your regimehas no mercy to Palestinians, but also you have no mercy or fairness towards the Jews whom you have been deceiving, transferring them from their home countries, misusing them as soldiers and filling your empty houses. You keep them under the poverty line and humiliate their race. The evidence is the demonstration of Ethiopian Jews in Telaviv against racism in summer 2015, also the departure of the Jews who can afford it, as soon as they know you have cheated them.

Your speech against terrorism is funny. Your regime, the USA(Obama), Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Co are creators of a hell whose commander is Daesh and all sort of Islamists. Your attack on Lebanon and Syria, your

greed and overambition, just like sick Erdogan, is the cause of tension in the Middle-East and Africa. The matter of who should govern, in Syria or anywhere else is the concern of the people of that country. 6 years of mischief and sending terrorists by your gang to ruin Syria and massacre the people is enough. Your regime like the Mullah regime is cowardly and corrupt. But the roots of Iranians hostility to your regime is not anything which can be dried up with your foxy words.

Zionist-imperialists do not respect other people property, but they have all the armies to protect their property.

Zionist-imperialists feel free to cheat the people and take all they can.

Zionist -imperialists feel free to kill people but they force the others to respect human rights.

For Zionist-imperialists there is no end to their sick eagerness. Most similar to them are the Mullahs.

Zionist are from barbarian clans wearing human clothes.

Man’s body is honourable for its human soul

Not this beautiful dress is the sign of humanity


Do not tell us about Neda Agha Sultan (The girl who was shot with special accurate gun and bullet which does not exist in Iran, from the roof of a house in a demo and the moment of her strange quick death was shown in You tube), that also was your own scenario. The Mullah regime, without any fear kills with cutter and rope,anywhere, home,street allays, prisons and sooles, (iron cells as telephone cells used for prisoning in hot Sommer days) and then puts the pictures in You tube. Doesn’t have time to climb on rooves. It was jolly well your work, with the huge organized publicity all over the world.

The responsibility for killing Iran’s Nuclear physicists also was yours.

Although the first “must” in the world of today, is the World Nuclear Disarmament, but why do you think your regime is privileged to have all kinds of Nuclear weapons while it prohibits it for the other countries. From which aspect does your regime sees itself in a superior position? Or is it the grace and popularity of your funny 1%, which is cause of this privilege!!

Enthusiasm for this attack has taken sleep from your eyes. Behind the message of 21st Jan, is the dream of attacking Iran. And your message

is to encourage people to stand aside and not fight against you.

The Persian opposition does not need foreign help for the Mullahs to collapse, becauseit hates to be a servant.

Also, you are pointing to Iran’s help to Bashar Assad.

The height of felicity.

Doctor Bashar Assad, is definitely thousands of times better than your fanatic Salafist. He is highly educated, he is secular and has a great personality. He did not run away. He stood by his people and fought against

Your horribly imposed Daesh.

Dr Bashar AL Assad is a hero.

Long live Doctor Bashar Assad

Alas, for the Iranian nation which has compassionate murderer in the form of your regime, and

Alas, for some pettyelements,who hope to rescue the nation by leaning on you.

Iranians and their outlook has no harmony and compatibility with your regimes. Therefore, in emphasizing;

As a Persian saying:

We have no hope for your goodnessplease don’t bring us evil.

A message to the Jews in Palestine

Shimon Peres, who always prevented the adventures of Netanyahu, has died. And a hollow-brain such as AvigdorLieberman is the defence minister of Netanyahu. Shimon Peres and Obama were also counting on the loss, but these two have no idea of the soil of the plundered ground turned upside down under the feet of its inhabitants.

Iranians will never attack any other country, but the resistance of Iranians

against any foreign attack is undeniable. Our inner matters are our own problems. You people, who have a chance of leaving Palestine do not wait, leave this hell as soon as possible. With hope for a splendid and human future for all.

Women’s Power

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