Efforts of the 1% before their collapse

Efforts of the 1% before their collapse

and freedom of Aleppo

to the joy of the world

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-Imperialist front Women’s Power

Vienna 15.12.2016

The true servants of the 1%, Obama-Clinton, are in their last bitter struggle to rescue the throne of their Zionist Imperialist masters.

These proxy war makers, these mass murderers, these thieves of nations’ resources, are not able to tolerate their defeat. Therefore they are playing all kinds of tricks they have in their bag to show their loyalty to their masters. To keep the instruments of power in their hands, they insist on staying. Their consecutive defeats outside and inside the USA, has made them crazy. On the one hand the liberation of Aleppo and the routed US Islamist army, the Obama- Clinton creation in Syria, on the other hand, the loss of presidential election, is driving them totally insane.

Now they are blaming Putin and Wikileaks, as the cause of their defeat in the US presidential election. All the media in close connection to imperialists are publishing the same subject, Putin and Wikleaks’ interferences in the US election; given as the cause of their defeat. They have gone as far as trying to control the Electra Collage Votes. Obama- Clinton have taken the CIA confirmation as the evidence.

The Persians have a saying: “They asked the fox,” who is your witness?

It said my tail!”

Nothing has changed yet. The CIA is the absolute tail of Imperialists’

Obama- Clinton!

Regardless of who is giving the facts, it is the people’s right to know who they are voting for.

Wikileaks has not invented any crimes for Hillary! It has just published the facts of crimes. The pure documents are brought to the public; therefore Hillary’s mask has been totally ripped up.

Did the US nation consider it negative? Then Hillary’s duty is humble apologize and quietly step back.

But no… these snack eaters who have become vipers (Persians saying) will not leave the mischievous scene of their politics easily. Instead they blame those who revealed their crimes

The selected candidate of Wall Street was Hillary, but the people elected Trump! The vast revelation of the imperialists’ hidden secrets is the characteristics of the net age revolutionaries.

The proxy war makers have lost, but are not giving up, they want to come back. They want to ruin the rest of the world, as they have ruined Syria.

Trump in electoral speeches had said he wants no war. And he wants friendship with Russia.

Well nothing new has happened. Some of his ministers are friends of Russia. But by choosing Rex Tillerson as Foreign Minister, the anxiety of the media reached to its highest limit. Putin’s friend!

Good ...The height of felicity. Perhaps in this friendly atmosphere, humanity will sees the color of tranquility.

After the October Revolution of 1917, all the imperialists united against the Socialist Russia (later the USSR), and since 1949 in NATO, and looked at the first council (soviet) workers government as a frightful enemy right until today. Now for the first time, someone has the personality not to be scared of the others and say he wants to be friends with Russia.

Of course today Russia is not socialist any more, but is still Russia! That

means, it must be seen as an enemy!

This is a call on you honest people of the world!

I take you as witnesses.

See how NATO has encircled the first soviet workers country with its planted Ballistic missiles at the borders of all the neighboring countries.

Since WW 2 there has been no peace in the world, NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) has always been attacking other lands and stealing their resources. In Trump’s period, this barbarian attacks are hopefully going to be stopped and NATO be liquidated.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s National security adviser has said: changing the Iran’s Regime would take a long time. We have to help the opposition, as the CIA helped the opposition in the USSR, and it worked.

Iran’s opposition does not need foreign help. As it doesn’t want to be the servant of anybody.

A Persian saying: We have no hope for your goodness, please don’t bring us evil.

Just Michael Flynn’s confession that CIA caused the collapse of the USSR, the country which sacrificed 20 to 30 million of its people to defeat fascism, is enough for the world’s revolutionaries.

Obama’s effort in the second week of December for rescuing Islamist terrorists by collecting 122 signatures in common assembly of the UN was stopped by a Russian Veto. When the Syrian army is winning John Kerry is in a hurry to make peace .And when Daesh was making a row with the cut heads of the Syrian Army men, the sleepy UN assembly was unable to sign a resolution against the US proxy war.

A ceasefire! Letting the terrorist killers to empty the place together with the people. The Syrian government wants them to hand over their weapons. The US does not wish its Islamist army to be caught by the Syrian government.

Obama’s name will be engraved in the history as the most mischief US president.

Look at the attitude of his supporters. Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam,

due to an agreement received a large collection of precious jewels and artworks of certain periods from for 4 museums in Crimea and one in Kiev. But now, it wants to give them back to the NATO supported government of Ukraine, and is asking for 100,000 Euro for keeping them for two years.

Thanks to the pirates. This is a day light robbery. The art works should have been returned as soon as the exhibition was finished, and not kept them for two years.

It is absolutely not under any museums’ responsibility to take any political side whatsoever. The museums are obliged to be honest with interchange of art treasures they borrow. They have taken it from museums; they should give it back to the museums, without any condition and charges of whatsoever. And they have given 3 months to the Russian government, during which, it can challenge the decision in court. Most likely, to ask for more money to deliver it to Russia!

This enormous scandal is intolerable in the world of art.

It is as horrible as men being beheaded by Daesh.

It is as terrible as the ruins of ancient Neolithic period (which started 10,000 BC) and Semitic city of Palmyra (documented early 2nd millennium BC) in Syria, destroyed by the US Islamist proxy army.

Breaking the belief in museums honesty, will do great damage to cultural relations between nations. No one will ever have enough trust again to lend out any art work, as it can be stolen.

Or does this museum think, as its country is a member of NATO, it is allowed to abuse power? This should be stopped at once. The Allard Pierson Museum needs to show it is not a pirate.

Trump is surrounded by Zionists. A well known Zionist is his new ambassador in Occupied Palestine the so called Israel.


The litmus test is Palestine

Down with the Zionists in Trump’s team



Women’s Power

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