Trump…a victory for 99%

Trump...a victory for 99%

And beginning of a new era in world politics

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist front Women’s Power

Vienna 12.11. 2016

It is not only the red stars who are fighting against imperialism. If we look carefully, we will find in many parts of the world, the chest to chest fighters against imperialism are other parts of the 99% than the scattered reds. Therefore it becomes necessary to know and recognize the different parts of the layers, classes and strata of the 99%.

The basic layer of the 99% is always the working class, with the most human outlook for the society, against racism and equal social rights for everyone, men and women, children and all races, for peace and the environment. Their Ideology, Marxism Leninism, is known throughout the world and is growing.

But today, in the struggle of the 99%against imperialism, in the highest layer stands the bourgeois class, consisting of liberals and all kinds of nationalists, which is the class nearest to Imperialists, with more similar characteristics to the imperialists. Some strata are racist, like Imperialists. A majority of them look at the women as a tool for enjoyment. What else can be expected, they believe in capitalism. And main axis of capitalism is discrimination of all kinds.

But nevertheless they are parts of the 99%, although some with links and attachments to imperialism. The characteristics of socialism and communism cannot be expected from capitalism.

Following principles of bourgeois democracy, Carl Popper, accepts election

instead of revolution. There are chances of success for the parts that are

most organized.

Miracles cannot be expected. As long as the leftists are scattered, they have no chance. ( And unity is only obtainable by purifying the rows of the leftists from attachments to Zionism and Imperialism).

Well, the higher part of the 99% has been able to collect over 60 million votes from the people in the US election. Although not ideal, it is a victory for the 99% against Imperialism. It is the beginning of an end, the end of Neoliberalism, with its globalisation, with its theory of green belt round the earth and all kinds of Islamist movements and governments , with a reduction of the domination of banks and Zionists.

In the clamour of the US presidential election the main media kept quiet about the number of the people who boycotted the election.

The USA with its 325 million populations held its election on 8th Nov 2016.

219 million people were recognized eligible to vote. But only 119 million voted. Of 100 million people boycotted the election.

Hillary Clinton, as the representative of the 1% in her election speeches announced her aim of making a“No Flight zone in Syria”. This was a indirect declaration to start the 3rd World War, as Russia, on the invitation of Bashar Assad, was bombing the areas under the occupation of all kinds of US created Islamists.

We can hope this great danger has been prevented by the votes of 99% for Trump, and this would be the most important achievement of this election.

Focusing on the sexual life or speeches about it, in this era which everyone is having multiple free relations, is only intended to keep the candidates political views in the dark.

No, Mr Robert Deniro, let us not to emphasize on one point otherwise we

will lose the line.

Here in EU, thousands of bodies have been collected from the Mediterranean every year, after the Arabic spring and US creation of ISIS.

Hillary has openly been supported economically by The Zionists. That means if she was elected, the rest of the Middle-East was going to be ruined.

Hillary Clinton like Margaret Thatcher, is a war making woman, a true servant of Zionists Imperialists. They are a disgrace for women. As women are expected to have love and protection for children, they are expected to be peace supporters. Shame on US war makers, more than 6 million Syrian children have lost their future and Hillary is supposed to be a mother too!

In her memoirs, she admitted that she was the one who suggested to Bill Clinton to bomb ex Yugoslavia. And she is proud of all those innocent people being killed because of her idea. No, she is not a woman, but a criminal who should be taken to the international court and get punished for the most devilish US foreign policy.

Hollywood with its eyes closed as an advertising machine for US imperialism votes for Democrats, and here in Europe, the people have to collect the result of the misery seeds which the US imperialists have planted in the Middle-East and Africa. Collecting bodies instead of fish from the sea, while the USA is far from the disasters it creates and its borders are closed for the refugees.

To be frank you should be disgraced and embarrassed for expressing your Nationality. Since WW 2, the US budget has been obtained through killing the people of the world and plundering their belongings.

And Hollywood, as the brain washing machine of US imperialism, a partner to the crimes, with the aim of justifying US aggression, gives the invincible superman role to US imperialism. Hollywood produces films to cover up the US criminal foreign policy in the world and gives further years of life, to this crafty monster. Without boasting about it the women actresses are constantly sexually misused in most films as in porn films, to make the film more attractive and deceive the masses. And by oversexing the world, it is trying to keep everyone seated in front of TV to be

brainwashed. There is no respect for the women by the US imperialists in Hollywood.

The evidence is the fact that these Hollywood stars are jobless after the age of 40-45. If all this is not misuse, disrespect and sexual discrimination what else is it then? The Hollywood you are proud of, is the stinking swamp of dying out imperialism. Nothing to boast about, no honour, no culture, no humanity. Hollywood supported Hillary to follow the imperialists’ orders and continue Obama’s killing process. A Killer is a killer, regardless of whether a man or a woman. And the women, who voted for Hillary, definitely chose femaleness instead of humanity. The 60 million votes of Trump, plus 100 million boycotts, make 160 million, who are the aware people, against the US Imperialist in the USA. Still, without the 100 million who were not able to vote. These are true undeniable facts.

Have you ever asked yourselves why Obama retires with 188 000 Dollars per month, but the other Africans were shot in the streets without any penalty? Obama is a true servant of racist imperialism.

But what are the positive aims of Trump?

Preferring Bashar Asad to Obama and Clinton, friendship with all the

countries, with emphasis on Russia, not changing the regimes, revealing the truth about Saudis, wiping out Obama - Clinton made Islamists of all kinds. And tens of other positive points like National Insurance for USA.

He should change the situation of the war in Syria, Iraq, Afganistan,

Yemen and Africa, and return all US soldiers back home. That is what the world expects of him.

But for doing all this, there is a great danger of him being assassinated by the CIA, as the key of the entire US armed machines (Pentagon, NATO, CIA, FBI and the Police) is in Zionist Establishment possession. He will have a hard time. On the other side, look at the Hillary’s organized demonstrations in the streets of the USA. Would they have a similar fate to her friend’s (Morsi) supporters in Arbaa Square in Cairo?

Is racism bad? Then get organized in Socialist and Communist parties non-attached to Zionism. (Zionism is also racist).

The 2 bullets which were shot towards Obama after his first election victory, just before he got the Nobel Peace Prize, were heard but the shooter was never found! Just to remind him terror is still the lever of US Zionist establishment in quieting the headstrong US presidents.

On the day Trump was elected, the NATO’s Secretary-General reacted,

Reuter reported: “Yenis Stoltenberg from Brussels: NATO’s Security guarantee of its partners is an Obligation. This is an absolute command with no condition”. That means here Mr. Trump is nobody.

While Yenis should retire together with his NATO, evacuate Ukraine and collect all his planted nuclear weapons surrounding Russia and go. NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) was created and maintained by the US, for its invasion and plundering policy against other countries. Since its establishment in 1949, no country has attacked the EU or the USA. But the NATO has always attacked many countries. Now the end of NATO will come and EU will have its own army.

Trump in his speeches announced he will tear up the Nuclear Agreement with Iran; excellent, he should do so. That agreement is nothing but a disgrace for the Iranian Nation. But instead of a new agreement, the world expects him to stand for the world Nuclear Disarmament.

Freedom for the heroes of 99%

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Bradley-Chelsey Manning.

The World will never forget the Holocaust, nor Palestine.

Viva the struggle of the 99% until the victory of the basic class

Let us all stand for the forgotten ones in the world.

Women’s Power

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