The rights of Azerbaijan and a possible way to achieve them

The rights of Azerbaijan and a possible way to achieve them

Farah Notash       Worlds Anti-imperialist Front   Women’s Power

Vienna 15.10.2020


In the last few weeks, the world’s media have reported about the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. As the result of negotiations between Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, a ceasefire was agreed, but it lasted only a few hours and the fire is continuing.

Azerbaijan is demanding the areas seized by Armenia in the last war between them in 1992, AS WELL AS control of Nagorno-Karabakh. Although Geographically, Nagorno-Karabakh is a part of Azerbaijan, since 1924 and a decision made by the USSR, it has been a self-governed state. Now it has a population of 75 % Armenians.

It is necessary in here to recall some facts.

The greatest tragedy of not only the 21st century, but ALL history is the co-operation of a great number of countries since 2011, to massacre a nation and to ruin its territory. The enslaving of some of the rest continues until today, horrible poverty and misery that never has happened before, remains as an absolute shame stamped on the forehead of the so-called civilized human of today.

This disaster is still running in Syria, the USA is there and is still stealing daily more than 50 million US$ of Syrian Oil. The charlatan parasite Erdogan is still there, where he has been conspiring since 2011.

Although the mask of Daesh was Islam (of the Salafi kind), his main attraction for the young Muslims to join Daesh definitely were high salaries and sex. These attractions drew many non-Muslim men too, who joined Daesh, pretending to believe in Islam. They were trained by US Officers in the US military bases in Tukey and Jordan. Then they were transferred to Syria and killed the innocent Syrian people, under the effect of psychotropic tablets delivered in millions for daily use, by other members of the Gang.

Azerbaijan’s duty in this monsters’ gang was to provide the sex attraction for the Daesh fighters. Many girls were brainwashed and sent to Syria by the Aliyev government via Turkey. As a consequence, more than one thousand Daesh children are delivered back to Azerbaijan in groups via Turkey.

The betrayal of Azerbaijan to the people of Middle East is also shown in the assassination of Iran’s Nuclear scientists by Israel Via Azerbaijan.

After the fall of the USSR, some of the newly founded governments, to show their loyalty to the USA-Israel, showed the dirtiest face of a servant. Azerbaijan is one of them.

And today Azerbaijan, with its close relations to Erdogan and Israel, is leaning on them and giving a passage for new aggression against Iran, demanding Armenia’s departure from the lands occupied during the war of 1992, and domination over Nagorno-Karabakh.

The achievement of these rights will only be possible when its allies, Turkey leaves Syria and Libya, and Israel leaves the Syrian Golan Heights and all the occupied lands in Palestine.

For control of Karabakh, Israel must totally evacuate Palestine.

And finally, the USA must leave Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

And Azerbaijan must stop being an infiltration bridge for Israel and Tukey into Iran and stop betraying the people of Iran.

These are the fair conditions. One rule for all the world and not two. No bullying and no mischief.

Now Turkey is transferring Syrian fighters to Azerbaijan with a promise of 1500 US$ per month to protect the oil wells! It has started shooting the first Israeli Rockets into Iran’s Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is the ally and channel of the attackers, so under what logic does it want to liberate its own occupied lands?!

Azerbaijan’s Aliyev government cannot play double standards. To continue cooperating with invaders and making claims against invaders! Azerbaijan is an ally of the great misery maker US gang, in destroying the world. The people of the Middle-East will resist against it and it will be isolated.

The Daesh fighters shooting rockets into Iran in the past weeks, did not happen by accident. The compensation for the damage should be paid by Azerbaijan to the people of Iran. And Azerbaijan should stop being a puppet of the US-Israeli-Turkish plans.

No USA-Israeli Great Azerbaijan plans!

No Grey Wolf, fascist pan-Turkism and other Osmani – Turkish diseases in Iran.

No to pan-Islamism in all the world!

Women’s Power

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