Manipulated elections in the US Aunder the law of Gerrymandering

Manipulated elections in the USA
under the law of Gerrymandering

Farah Notash             World Anti-imperialist Front              Women’s Power

Vienna 07.11.2020   

Although it seems that the people of the USA are voting their own candidates, but in fact this nation of 331,002,647 million population in 2020, has nothing to do with the election. As the rights to choose its own candidate has not been respected in law. The US Nation has been cheated for as long as Gerrymandering has been approved in the US electoral law.

This law, as the funniest law in the world’s history, under the mask of democracy, is giving a passage to hypocrisy against the people’s wishes. And it is only to fulfil the wishes of the small group of minorities who are forming the government in shadow.

This law was written and approved to cheat the people and support the most mischievous wishes of the minority till today. This horrible electoral law, under the mask of democracy, has applied the harshest dictatorship against the people of the USA and the world. The world witnessed an open example, “the knee-choking of George Floyd by the US Police”!

The two parties, under the control of the government in shadow, select two people who have been under long term control and give them the chance to enter the election’s show business.

Whereas much earlier than the show, the government in shadow has made the deal with the suitable candidate to fulfil its political wishes in the whole world. Therefore, by the most convenient law of Gerrymandering, the government in shadow, elects its own favourite candidates over and over again! As with Hillary Clinton, who had many more votes in the 2 past elections and was not elected!

Obama was more suitable for collecting money “as the beggar president” for the US broken banks, stablishing Daesh and starting Arabic spring!

The US debts on 31 of August 2020 was “26.70 trillion $”. The USA has the largest external debt in the world. 

Therefore, no matter to whom out of these two candidates, the nation of the

USA votes, with the cheating method of Gerrymandering, the better servant for the government in shadow will be president of the USA.  

The US electoral law totally disrespects the people of the USA. And it is the most similar law, to the electoral law of “Mullah Regime of Iran”, In which people have no rights and all the rights are for Mullahs.

All the dirty Jobs Trump did in the past 4 years, in Palestine and Syria and the rest of the world, were the deals he had made with the Government in shadow, before he was elected under Gerrymandering. That is why he feels cheated if not elected again.

All the contradictions in his foreign policy were dictated orders brought to him, through his son in law “Jared Kushner” straight from the Zionists US ruling centre! And he obeyed all. That is why he feels cheated if not elected.

But he has been misused enough, and all the dirty works are registered under Fascists qualifications, and there is no need for him anymore!

And the most surprising was that Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolutionary communist party of the USA, in an anti-fascist action endorsed Joe Biden for president and made publicity for him! As if the people of the USA are the electors of the US president?!  He shuts his eyes on the huge disaster in the US constitutional law.

And his position was the same with the Anti-fascist movement “Black lives

matter”. As if the police had been trained under authority of the new

fascist government!

 Whereas the same method of knee-choking, before George Floyd’s case in the USA, had been used by the Israeli armed forces against Palestinians and the photos of the crime have been going all over in internet.

Hiding Zionists crimes behind holocaust is a double crime against the Jews. Because the Jews have nothing to do with the crimes of Zionists. As the Muslims have nothing to do with the crimes of Daesh or Mullahs.

If the communists stop talking openly about the basic problem in the USA and everywhere else and shut their eyes over the horrible facts, then they have chosen to stand beside the criminals and help them by fooling the world masses.

All the armed forces in the USA for centuries, and precisely since WW2, have been trained under the supervision of the US Zionists, and only for their own benefits.  As in Iran, revolutionary guards and militia are defenders of the Mullahs benefits. Blaming The newly arrived fascists for this old wounds, is a diversion and surely a basic help for the US Zionists, who have been and are in the power.

Every year run more than 1000 street executions without courts and judgments by the US Police, which are not filmed. These are the absolute facts in the USA, running before the 4 years of fascists obedient ruling.

Long live the struggle of the US People for their most essential rights.

Women’s Power

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