Beirut on fire

Beirut on fire

Israel… “the big bully bomber and terrorist” of the Middle East

Farah Notash               Worlds Anti-imperialist Front       Women’s Power

Vienna 06.08.2020

In the years of the Syrian war, especially in the years 2019-2020, the Zionist Government of Israel several times has announced with great content that it has attacked over hundreds of times the Mullah regimes’ warehouses in Syria, and has killed many of the Mullahs’ armed forces. Israel has never been stopped, nor questioned by any of the world’s authorities for all the crimes it has committed in Syria!

During the past years, many time Israel has attacked Iran’s nuclear bases, and has even assassinated a few of Iran’s nuclear scientists, without any condemnation by any of the world’s responsible authorities! The attacks have been more frequent during the years 2019-2020. Iran’s Mullahs have kept quiet and have given excuses about the cause of the attacks! But the world has observed carefully and has never ignored these uncivilized impudent crimes.

Here it is essential to state this openly: the freedom for Israel to attack and kill people is accepted by the world’s authorities as part of Israel’s existence. That is absolutely horrible and unacceptable. No condemnation, no punishment by the UN or 5+1 for all these criminalities. This is pure racism. In what kind shameful world and era are we living? This must change.

So, what happened in Beirut on 4th August 2020 is the massive explosions in Hizbullah’s warehouse, which has ruined half of Beirut’s harbour. Who made this explosion? The savage bully Zionist monster in the Middle East. The one and only bomber and terrorist, the shame of humanity, Israel. With the aims of destroying Hizbullah’s warehouse and the economy of Lebanon. Now frightened of the world’s hatred, it denies its responsibility for this huge attack, offers medical help and tells incredible stories, such as that Haifa harbour in occupied Palestine is also prone to such a disaster and something needs to be done about it!

This attitude is the normal stinking behaviour of the savage illegal occupier of Palestine, depending on full support of the USA with its retarded Presidents.

No matter how world authorities will react against this major crime by Israel, with more than 100 deaths, over 100 missing, 5000 injured and 250,000 homeless, nothing can prevent the world from adding this mass murdering Israeli attack to all the other savage occupying crimes from the 1940s until now. And no cheap-decisive Nobel- Peace Prizes will help to reduce the world’s hatred. And nothing can wipe Palestine from the world’s conscience as long as humans live. Palestine was never a free land for free men, but an ancient land for its own people, suffered centuries under the domination of hateful colonialists one after the other.

All the dirty jobs of Trump for buttering up the US Zionist government in shadow, for getting a second mandate as US president, has made Israel more impudent, criminal, greedy, uncivilised, and savage. Saying yes to all the dirty wishes of the illegal occupier of Palestine, has risen eagerness for annexing all the lands, which never belonged to the occupiers in the first place.

All the Jews who vote for this horrible ugly murderer Netanyahu and his Nazi-Zionist Likud Party, are responsible for his mass murdering in Palestine and other Middle Eastern lands. Then they should not hide themselves behind the holocaust when the world in return gives no love. And should not wail and cry, oh, Anti-Semitism! They… They are responsible for giving misery and a dark life to other people in the Middle East by electing and empowering this horrible

Nazi-Zionist murderer, Netanyahu.

If the authorities of the world go on ignoring humanity, justice, and keeping silent against the misery maker, illegitimate occupiers of Palestine, they will only let impudence and greed grow in the Zionist monster.

Israel is an illegal occupier, should evacuate Palestine thoroughly and all the deceived and brought Jews from all over the world to Palestine, should be helped to go back to their own countries or wherever they wish, but stop staying in Palestine. The Jews in occupied Palestine should know, the world will never accept Israel as a legal state and the occupiers will never be welcomed anywhere as Israelis. And they will always be miserable and ashamed of being Israeli. So, they should leave Palestine now. Netanyahu and his Likud party, like the Mullahs of Iran, are a shame on humanity and unwelcomed all over the world.


Immediate accusation of Netanyahu by the UN for the huge crime in Beirut

Immediate compensation for the people of Beirut.

Ignoring historical crimes is the cause for endless present and future disasters.

Women’s Power

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