Nobel Peace Prize and Petition for Cuban Doctors

Nobel Peace Prize and Petition for Cuban Doctors

Farah Notash     Worlds Anti-imperialist Front     Women’s Power

Vienna 15.06.2020

With great respect to those who appreciate Cuban Doctors’ humanistic help to people of the world, during the Corona epidemic. But it must be seriously announced, that Nobel Peace prize has no humanistic value anymore.

Since the management of this prize was taken over many years ago by the Zionists, and has given prizes to Menachem Begin, the most horrible Murderer of the history of “ the mass murdering of Sabra and Shatila”, and other Zionists murderers of Palestinians, this prize has lost its fundamental humanist values. The winners also are always used to support the US and Israeli foreign policies. Obama also is a Nobel Peace Prize winner! He received it even before he started! The Colonial Plundering and ruining the Arabic countries, started with Arabic spring, are all of his peaceful achievements!!! The training and the raising of the US proxy army of the Daesh also belongs to the values of the Obamas Nobel Peace Prize!!!

This prize is a means of promoting some people, to be used towards the USA and Israeli foreign policy in future.

the Nobel Peace Prize will be promoted, by involving Cuban doctors in it.

Long Live Cuba

Long live Cuban doctors.

Down with the racist USA and Israel, who have ruined everything in the world, and even values and prizes.

Women’s Power

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