The Street executions in the USA

The Street executions in the USA

Farah Notash           Worlds Anti-Imperialist Front     Women’s Power

Vienna 31.05.2020


Not only 5.5 million people are imprisoned in the USA, who are enslaved by different companies, under supervision of the US prison management system , and are made to work as hard as possible for as long as possible, for the smallest amount of wages, in the most inhuman harsh and humiliating conditions, but also, every year there are about 1000 street executions.

These executions are not always by gunshots, but also different methods of killing invented in the killing schools for the internal army (police) against the people of the USA by the imperialists.

An intelligent US pedestrian has filmed, one of this Street Executions, as an

historical document and the world has been watching it since it was

published on the internet on the day of the event. If you have no heart

problems, you can watch it under this address too, to find out the truth

about the democracy running in the USA.


It is important to note that not only the executing white police officer is sitting with his knee on the black man’s neck, but is totally calm and indifferent to his “I can’t breathe”, and with his hand in his pocket continues to put his full weight on George Floyd’s neck, while waiting for his death.

While the executing police carries on with his duty, the other police officer, with an emotionless face, like mashed potato, sees what is going on, but with no human feeling, has no urge to stop him, and watches around to prevent any disturbance while the execution is taking place. And for him this execution is a normal street police duty.

This performance is a solid proof that these police officers are trained for

these Street Executions and their assassinations are permitted and

encouraged by the US regime.

– This document is a proof that the US courts are ignored by the US

Imperialists, and they are only there for a superficial show.

– This document is a solid proof that there is no democracy in the USA,

– This document is a proof that there are no human rights in the USA, and,

a hidden harsh dictatorship is applied. And the big mouth of the US

Presidents criticizing the lack of human rights in any other country is

exactly equivalent to a load of bullshit.

-This is a proof that the US regime is the enemy of the US nation.

-This film is a proof that the US police officers are hunters, they go to the streets of the USA to hunt people down and take them to prisons as slaves, or if they realise they will not be good slaves, they can execute them in the US streets.

-This document shows the Nazi-Zionist US regime, is harsh, racist, and totally inhuman.  

-This is a proof that any kind of lawbreaking can only be used by the imperialists and not the ordinary people.

This is a proof that Kissinger’s slogan, “people are not important, rescue imperialism”, is followed and implemented in the USA.

-This document is a proof that the US police is obeying the US regime’s orders.

All the people rising up in demonstrations since 25th of May 2020 in many states of the USA are proof that the people of the USA are disgusted by the US Nazi-Zionist imperialist regime and are trying to overthrow this regime.

The world is disgusted by the US Imperialists too.


Long live the people rising up in the USA

Long live the worlds solidarity with the people of the USA

Women’s Power

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