The cry of Greece…

The cry of Greece…
the leftist Government and the nature of debts

Farah Notash         Women’s Power         World’s Anti imperialist front              3rd Feb 2015


In fact the problem of Greece is not an internal problem, but an open wound and a concern for the entire world.

The World Bank ,IMF and allies whose job is to practise usury, with the world multi billionaires’ money, making them richer and establishing gigantic class distances, are applying a policy of driving the world towards an age of slavery.

Therefore the confrontation of the World Bank and the imperialists with Greece, is the confrontation of the world’s 1% with the world’s 99%.  So at the current stage 99% of the world is Greek.

 Saadi the Persian poet said in 1258:


                   Human beings are members of a whole

                                                     In creation of one essence and soul

                   If one member is afflicted with pain

                                                     Other members uneasy will remain

                   If you have no sympathy for human pain

                                                    The name of human you cannot retain


 Mikis Theodorakis, the Greek well known composer in a letter written to the people of the world in 2012, gave a comprehensive explanation of the Greek debt.


He wrote his life may not be long enough to see the freedom of his nation, (he was 87) but “I will continue to do my duty towards the ideals of freedom and justice”. Below you will find some of his ideas.

Today we are clearly experiencing with this example what Lenin gave us in his research book of   (Imperialism, the highest stage of Capitalism) . Today it is everyone’s first line duty to confront imperialism and it’s breeding of all colors and kinds of Islamists. They are bred to fool and enslave the masses.


Marx was great not only for the discovery of the secrets of exploitation of man by man, and showing how to get free from it, in the eternal work of Capital, also for his understanding and his  gracious and honorable tribute to the Paris communards, after they were massacred by the army of thugs , which were bought off, collected and organised by the Monarchists and the church.

Although before the power was taken over by the communards, Marx estimated it too early for an unprepared organisation to carry out such a revolution , but when the communards took on power he did not discourage  them . And after their lose he never claimed, nor wrote or said that;

Didn’t I say it was too early to start?

But humble with heavy sadness and great respect he admired their bravery, devotion and sacrifice. He valued their short- lived rule and achievements, and honored them as a alit torch on path of his struggles for the rest of his life. One of those was the separation of religion from politics.

Dear friends;  greatness is not in reading and memorising the classic writings by heart and conform to them step by step, but understanding the painful situation of cheated and exploited nation .The nation which with disgraceful cruelties has been driven under the poverty line and is still forced to reduce its expenses, to tighten its belt to size zero.

The nation is burning, sick with this imposture.

The debt of Greece was imposed by imperialism of France.

The Greek Prime Minister Papandreou was bribed by French president in1986 to by weapons from France .Greeks had no debts at the time. Also had no money to buy the French weapons.

Greece is not tyrant and nor invader. Selling French weapons to Greece, which never needed them and has no budget for buying it and bribing the president and encouraging him to barrow money from the World Bank and IMF. Threw a Chain of Captivity of debt round the neck of the nation.

The lack of ability in debt payment of 1 billion Euros with the yearly escalating interest by the World Bank meant that a loan taken by Greece in 1986 had now escalated to 54 billion Euros.

Look at the yearly increase of interest snowballing like a avalanche, rolling down to crash a nation.

Production and sale of weapons, the stage programming of mischief and stage and management of wars are the most active parts of the imperialists’ foreign policy.

These French weapons after so many years of storage in the Greek warehouses, are rusting and getting old, But Greek Nation is forced to pay the capital plus an enormous compound interest, for something it has never used. All the imperialists supporting World Bank and allies are determined to get this escalating interest from Greece!!!

And are ignoring the human inability to save when you have nothing left!!!

In the recent years the EU has helped Greece a lot, but the money has gone straight to the account of the Banks.

The Greek Depression.


In this horrendous situation the mythical cry of Prometheus*manifest itself

in Alexis Tsipras and Syriza party.

He is young and powerful with grace reflected from his honesty. He is an

offspring of Ernesto Che Gevara. With the Idea of sharing the wealth instead of collecting it for the 1%.

He is the Phidias* who comes with his party to rescue the Greek Nation from this pain and chains.

Together with the sun of hope he raises mythically and bravely, stepping into the battlefield. Let us all support him.

Honorable communist party of Greece KKE, although the EU was a one way street, the great Nation of Greece made it two-way by voting for Syriza. Let us all rush to help them. Let us never see their defeat.

Let us stand and never let the Gods of Gold and power chain our   Prometheus.

Today the monster of Imperialism is attacking the people of the south more wildly than ever. Let us choose a new way to rescue humans on the earth. Unity and the change in the way we struggle will be equivalent with changes in the world. The Victory of Greece means the rise of human freedom.

Where ever we are in the world let us support the young government of Greece, and be faithful friends of the oppressed Greek nation.

Greece is the most beautiful Pearl of Mediterranean Sea. The Cultural Human Heritage .Let us prevent it from being ruined, and its people from suffering so much.

Long live the young Government of Greece … long live hope

*Commune of Paris: The rise and ruling of the French working class 18.3. --25.5. 1871. The book written by Marx about it is called: Civil war in France.


*Prometheus in Chains* is the name of the book written by Greek Ancient writer Homer in Ancient Greece.

Prometheus is a mythological figure, half human, half God. He brings the fire from gods for all the humans on earth. Due to the anger of Zeus and the other Gods he is chained to the Olympus Mountain and every day an eagle chews his liver.


* Phidias is a young man who runs a long distance in the marathon area to rescue the Greek nation, to give the message to the Greek army, of the enemy’s immediate arrival, and the message of victory on his return run .The Marathon running challenge  is named after him.                women’s power

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