Charlie Hebdo…

Charlie Hebdo…

Repeated tragedy by the USA killing machine IS


Farah Notash          World’s anti-imperialist front      women’s power

Vienna 8.01. 2015

The president of France, the USA imperialist’s puppet, tries to act as if he was sad. He has been the active promoter and supporter of IS (Islamic State). The Thugs Army of the USA in Syria.

As part of the USA’s appendages, such as Qatar, Saudi Arabian Kings and Israel loudly confirmed and recognized the Thugs army as the opposition and the future rulers of Syria.

As Sarkosy the previous President of France had supported the Libyans ‘opposition for 36% of their oil (a very profitable bargain!), this blind imitator was also looking for such a huge slice of profit!!!

So he opened French Mosques to USA‘s agents to brain wash young Muslims, then he supported the training and arming of the brainwashed simple people. Then he took part in sending them to Syria. The IS members know this, and they do not dream of harming their supporters. The magazine had a secular outlook with a rather leftist tendency, so there is no need for the police of New York to guard the French embassy!!! It was 2nd of Jan; the USA’s Helicopters unloaded weapons in the parts of Iraq occupied by IS. The two-faced USA’s foreign policy makes its idiotic servant Francois Hollande look totally stupid.




 The Persians say: he has been breeding a snake in his sleeve.

So will bite at last.

A nation has been burnt; a country has been destroyed and 5.5 million

Syrian   children are crying about their dark future. This identifies François Hollande. But this horrible French president who was a supporter of Islamists in Syria, and wants the poison for the others,  filled the wells with the corpse of simple people who believed the  Islamist in Mali, the French colony in Africa in 2013. Of course the Neocolonialist servants never allow any opposition to grow.

Hollande was also not the first funny French president, who got drunk with the peoples votes and shamelessly acted as a playboy when stepping in to Elysee Palace. Irrespectable …irresponsible, .misusing the people‘s property for his own ugly stinking greed. He took the USA and Israel, for a ride on his back until the massacre of journalists on Jan 7th 2015.

Why then was Is not stopped when American journalists were decapitated?!!

That was also part of a plan to hide the IS ARMY’S DEPENDENCE on the USA.

The Imperialists will not change their mind; they want the poison for Asia and Africa. Even if no Journalist is left in the world. The mission of Islamists is killing Muslims. 8th and 9th Jan Buko Haram killed 2000 people in Nigeria, which comes small in the news.

The USA misused Europe to brain- wash the young Muslims and send them to




Syria. Now these trained mass killers are coming back to Europe. 

Europe should expect much greater tragedies than massacres of Journalists.

What is to be done?

No matter how many times humanity creates humanist top quality society, as long as Imperialism is still breathing, with its destructive nature it cannot accept and tolerate such a society and the horrible monster will destroy it again.

So well organized worldwide anti- Imperialist movements should bring them down. The most Active Imperialists misusing religions for their benefits are the USA and UK. So a worldwide struggle must put an end to their existence as soon as possible.

And behind this laud “Je suis Charliethere is this bitter fact 2000 people

are killed in Nigeria by Boko Haram and hardly in any news about it.

The corpses are piled over one another in the streets. The defenseless town of Baga with a population of 10 000 – 2000 killed and the rest ran away –with the surrounding villages after massacre have been taken over by the USA army of thugs.      women’s power    English articles                    English articles

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