A mosque in Cuba and the misery messenger

A mosque in Cuba and the misery messenger

Farah Notash        Women’s power (world anti imperialist front)   Vienna 17 Feb 2015

There is a saying in German:  If you give your finger, they want the hand too. This the way of imperialists.

For further islamisation of the world, the USA sends its monster servants to say, what it never dares to say directly, and then reports it in his Media as their idea.

On 14th Feb 2015, Voice Of America (VOA) reports: the Turkish president Erdoghan, on his visit to Cuba has made a request to make a mosque in a Turkish style in Havana. Earlier he made one in Saudi Arabia.

It is clear that; Erdoghan was on a mission Journey for the USA.

The masques in Christian lands are US and UK conspiracy center.                                 

Not only, after Cuba’s revolution did the USA ignore the consecutive requests of Cuba for removing its most terrifying Prison from Guantanamo, but now it is sending its greatest war criminal servant to Cuba to make a new conspiracy center there.

The garage, basement, house and shop mosques! No matter where. Any where they can wash the brains out and flush them away.

 Erdoghan knows of course, that Cuba is not like Saudi Arabia, and that was included in the news as a means of deception .But he is aware of similarities to Iraq and Syria, where he had great part in destruction.

With no end to its greed, rudeness and crudeness the snake comes up


through the drain of the toilet, looping in the tub and staring at us.

No matter how many times you press the flush it will never move back. This is the true nature of imperialism. Erdoghan does not go to Cuba like a healthy person; behind his head there is a destructive plan.

 In Jan 2015, he announced that he will give 200, 400, 600 Euro to every Turkish women in Austria, for giving birth to the 1st, 2nd, an d 3rd child.

And what is he cooking for Austria!? And why only to Austrian Turks!?   He will say it through the mosques in Austria! The most profitable places for fooling simple and uneducated people. The USA’s  foot soldiers against Syria and Iraq, which are estimated to be 40,000-100 000 are organized through these mosques. These terrorist attracting places are training and breading them. As soon as a brick goes on top of a brick, you cannot remove it. Otherwise you have to fight with Allah. A mosque is the territory of Allah and you have no control over it except the well-trained and centralized CIA Imams.

When one knows the number of US military bases in Turkey, then will know why Erdoghan is totally beside the USA for international crimes.


             It is absolutely disgusting,that in this era we should be witnessing so called leftists with the slogan of ; stop hatred , and a picture of a woman with an islamic hijab on front cover of their magazines! Is your mission to cool down the anti-imperialist fire rising in European societies?

This is an absolute reactionary step which supports the plans of

Imperialism. If you are fighting for humanism, then you have to hear the


cry of more than 5 million children of Syria who have to face a dark life without parents.  These women, who are on the cover of your magazines,

have voted for the USA’s Erdoghan. Their hijabs are the flags for US and UK assault and invasion. They are not acting as human any more. Their blind imitation of the Imam’s order is pure behavior of monkeys. And you… are the servant of monkey maker’s, instead of being humanists.   The time for religious rule is over. But these women with their hijab and their votes are helping the imperialism. This hijab is an imperialist reused cover for the brain washed heads.

 These metamorphosed heads are proud of taking humanity in to the Dark Age. You cannot buy sympathy for them. And much more than hatred is flaming against their creators, the UK and the USA.                      


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