Preparation for an atomic war

Preparation for an atomic war

Radioactive Barrels, the US Present to Ukraine!


Translated by Farah Notash 20.02.2023

The Barrels of Radioactive Material with labels of “Made in USA”, have been unloaded in Ukraine, in Port of Chornomorsk on Black Sea. Then they have been transferred from Port Chornomorsk to Odessa Harbour, 12 miles away from Chornomorsk.

Is not yet clear where is the next destination.

 The internet Users have reported high radioactive waves from these barrels has caused unknown diseases on the people in contact with them.

The Ukraine Government has admitted the Barrels unloaded but is not admitting them as radioactive materials, and mentions they are radioactive waste!

The question is, why the USA should transfer its radioactive waste to

Ukraine in this war!?                     

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