This peace cry of Antonio Guterres is so loud and so late!

This peace cry of Antonio Guterres is so loud and so late!

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 23.02.2023

Today UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, condemned the Ukraine -Russian war and asked Russia to leave Ukraine at once, with no claims.

Also a statement has been written and signed between Ukraine’s leading countries, the NATO Members, and on top of all, the world’s well-known misery maker, the USA. This statement is going to be presented to all the UN member countries for agreement.

In this era, Mr Guterres has to answer the coming question!

Is this problem to be solved, or does he just want to carry out the US bullying order, which is to be delivered to Russia?

This kind of behaviour is more like carrying out an order!

But if he really wants to solve the problem, then he has to unscrew the nuts gently one by one to achieve peace.

The war did not begin on 24th of February 2022.

Before that date already 15000 Russian people from Donetsk and Luhansk had been killed. And those killings were the true cause of Russia’s invasion.

So, for a true judgment we have to step back to the beginning of the troubles and observe the steps taken to solve the problems.

There were two attempts to resolve the conflict – the Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015. So the actual tensions had started much earlier than 2014 in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, leading to the necessity of the 2014 and then 2015 agreements.

In the last interview with Germany’s ex-Chancellor Mrs Angela Merkel in

2023, she openly announced that they had signed the Minsk agreements to give time to Ukraine to get ready! To get ready for what?

And the aim of this time given to Ukraine, according to Angela Merkel secret activities, were to help the Bandera Fascist groups to get training to attack Russia!

To help establish US Bio weapon in Ukraine, so as to produce the most horrible viruses against humanity with the help of Germanys’ bio labs.

And those Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015 were aimed to buy time for these most wicked programs. Meanwhile, the Bandera Fascist Ukrainian soldiers were continuously killing the people of Donetsk and Luhansk through constant shelling of the civilian population. And no UN Cry for peace.

So, we have to judge this era. Who is guilty? Who disrespected the international agreements?

Here, Angela Merkel should be arrested and taken to court for the disgraceful and deceitful attitude towards the nation of Germany and the rest of the world.

Please do that – take her to jail.

The people in the world are not blind and are intelligent, why didn’t you cry then for peace, Mr Guterres? Were those people not human beings!?

These are the horrible reason and foundation for today’s world’s catastrophe!

The USA is the greatest misery maker in history. And it wants to continue bullying the world. The rope has reached the end. That era is over.

The USA has to accept this fact.

The people of the world absolutely do not want this horrible bullying any more.

They want a respectable organisation established by all nations, called United Nation, to organise and work towards a civilized life on earth. Is that inhuman?

The USA wants to bully the world and take the goods without paying for them.

This is going to be stopped. Even at the risk of “the world to be ended”.

We humans want respect in our countries and in the world. This horrible bullying system of domination all over the world has to be stopped. That is all.

The people of the world are awake, intelligent and responsible for what they do and what they want. This horrible selfishness must stop here and now.

The USA navy blow up the gas pipeline under the sea, Blinken grins the next day with joy, and Joe Biden in a sickly rush tries to sell expensive US gas and oil to Europe instead.

This historical beautiful Europe, although on this side of the planet, is to be ruled from the other side, by the USA.

All these are going to be stopped. The people are not unconscious, emotionless dead bodies, to be handled as objects.

When all the food prices have risen and been doubled, the politicians are

balancing their wages with the expenses. But the middle class and working class are squashed under these horrible, tragic US policies.

The people are watching you. You cannot hide away from them.

Why do Russians in East Ukraine have to be killed?

So, Mr Guterres when you say Russia must go out of Ukraine without any claims, what is your plan for the security of the Russians in East Ukraine?

Or do their lives not matter?!!

Please do not be emotional. If life is sweet, then we need to have security for all.

The Washington Times revealed the barrels of Radioactive materials with made-in-USA labels to be transferred to the Odessa harbour in the Black Sea. And the Ukrainian government has admitted the arrival of the us Radioactive waste!! But the Ukrainians in contact with this horrible barrel, already have unexplained illnesses.

If death is only good for some people by activating HAAARP, why are you scared? Let us all die and finish this horrible world of bullying misery everywhere.

Or let us correct it thoroughly and have a humane life for all.

Why didn’t you cry, Mr Guterres, when the US transferred Radioactive materials to Ukraine? That was long before Russia cancelled the Nuclear agreement of 2010 with the USA!

Do not wait. Call for the arrest of Angela Merkel if you are for true peace.

Women’s Power

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