Nowruz massage for Joe Baiden

Nowruz massage for Joe Baiden

and total evils in the US Government


Farah Notash Peoples Front for Iran’s Salvation- 3rd line Statement 102


Mr Joe Biden and CO! Your massages for different reasons, such as Nowruz congratulation, defend, support, sympathy, through your media, for the nation of Iran, every other day, keeps the nation aware of an evil force beside it. Therefore, it is necessary to show gratitude and many thanks and announce as a saying in Farsi:

We have no hope on your goodness.
Be kind and don’t cause any evil

Iranian nation remembers very well that, every calamity which must suffer, is due to your evil existence in this world. If you hadn’t interfered with Iran’s internal policy, and the healthy struggle of the people of Iran for their rights, today the nation was not captured by these corrupt and cruel Mullahs. And by now, necessary steps for progress and development were taken in Iran. But you made the coupe in 1953 and brought back Shah who had run away to Rome, and imposed your puppet government and made the nation to suffer for the past 70 years, till today.

Iranian Nation remembers well that, after Sep 1979, US President said to Mohamad Reza shah, its own puppet, that will not support him anymore. And opened the path for the take-over by Khomeini. The armies’ commanders were ordered to co-operate with Khomeini. Shahs last photos in Iran’s airport, shows his deep sadness of the USA turning him down.

The USA did the same thing with shah, as you Mr Biden, did with Asraf Ghani in Afghanistan. And Iranian Nation well remembers how you, Mr Biden, in August 2022 delivered the Afghan government to US Taliban and left the oppressed nation with the cruel and the most reactionary Islamists. And left all the US heavy artilleries for them!

And interesting enough, in all these eras democrat Party was responsible for all these horrible attempts. Although US foreign policy has been aggressive the same , by both parties.

Iranian Nation knows well that the USA, is the stained essence of wickedness, in the world. If the lams don’t recognise the wolf’s voice, then the mother of lams will tell them the wolf’s history.

Your invasion to any country to help, has been the cause of pain, misfortune, and misery for those nations. And your over borders support, as your support of Khomeini’s entrance to Iran, with agreement of the USA, UK, France, and Germany, in Gouadelop-1979, was witnessed by everyone that, it was falling out of frying pan into fire.

Yesterday, parallel to your Nowruz massage to Iranians, your Taliban was sending its Anti-Nowruz massage to the people of Afghanistan!

We are clearly witnessing newly, every anti human step taken in Afghanistan successfully, then is carried out by Mullahs in Iran. In here the two nations of Afghanistan and Iran, together are being tortured by your

most backwords and criminal puppets!

Furthermore, you are a true evil, as you are torturing Europeans by

Inflation, exploding the Stream 2 pipelines and endless distractions too.

You exploded the Stream 2 Gass pipelines to prevent Europe buying the

Russian cheap Gas and fuel, as you wanted to sell your own expensive gas and oil!

You are evil, as you are the main cause of the war between Ukraine and Russia. Your voracious greed is the cause for constant sorrow for the people of the world since WW2.

You are a true evil, because you suggested to sell your very expensive fuel to Europe the next day after pipelines’ explosion. Blinken’s grin after the explosion was recorded for history.

You are a true evil, because the pipeline which was exploded because of your benefit, later you claimed, it was Ukraine who did it.

The people of the world know Selinsky is not a politician. He is playing the role of politician. And that role, has been given to him by you, after the 2014 Coupe you made in Ukraine. You think the people of the world are stupid, and you can trick them as you wish! That is not so Mr Biden.

You are the cause of war between Russia and Ukraine. It is your voracious greed since WW2, which is the cause of misery in the world.

How dare you to interfere in Iran’s matters again?

What is your work? Who elected you as head man of this village?

For the past 70 years Iranian nation has been suffering because of your last interference in Iran. Get out of Iranian people’s way for ever.

The world knows that the people of Iran hate Mullahs.

But here they better know that Iranians hate US Politicians even more. Because the Islamism is applied to southern countries, according to the US strategic plan of green belt theory, to keep them behind.

The USA has established Al-Qaida in Afghanistan, 1976, with the help of Pakistan and Afghanistan. And everybody also knows Taliban, was established by the USA in Pakistan in 1992.And, Iran’s Mullah regime, due to US suggestion in Guadalupe meeting 1979.

Mr Biden! here is Iran. Here is not Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. The People of Iran hate the USA because of the US coupe of 1953 in Iran. And cannot tolerate presence of the USA in Iran again. Stop spending your money for domesticating Mullahs. You do not want to release Iran. You want to throw the people of Iran down again. The people of Iran do not want you beside themselves. Leave this nation and go. In our struggle against Mullahs, we do not want your help! Stop interfering.

You are misusing Reza Pahlavi clearly for two reasons. To stop Mullahs, help to Russia against Ukraine, and to make Mullahs to agree with Israel wishes on nuclear agreement. That is all. Otherwise, you defenatly prefer dreadful reactionary Mullahs to Reza Pahlavi. They fit much better to your horrible plans against Iranians. The evidence is Afghanistan. You brought Taliban instead of Ashraf Ghani. You are a true evil, and Mullahs are even more evil than you. You have made Afghanistan the centre of ISIS. You have transferred them from all over the world to Afghanistan. You are after cheap proxy army from southern countries to fight for your sick greedy plans. And you deceive them with US made Islamism.

Down with all the Mullahs
Down with the USA

Women’s Power

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