Demo in Vienna against the speech of Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Demo in Vienna against the speech of Volodymyr Zelenskyy

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Vienna 30.03.2023


A demonstration against Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukrainian president’s speech in Austrian parliament started before the speech, in front of the Parliament at 8 am today. This demo was arranged under participation of several parties, organisation, and groups.

Selbstbestimmtes Österreich, Freie Linke, Antiimperialistische Koordination (AIK), MFG, Freiland Magazin,
Zeitschrift Rote Fahne, Steirische Friedensplattform, DIEM25-Wien-1,

Die Basis Österreich.

The speakers from all the parties and organisations were clearly against this kind of speeches Zelenskyy is running in the parliaments of different countries. All the speakers were pointing out that before this speech they know what Zelenskyy is after. The reason for these speeches is asking for further money and weapons to make the war go on.  They all were seriously expressing that the war should be stopped. 

No NATO’s support.

No Military support of Ukraine, not even indirect.

Stop economic war. End the sanctions.

Austrian neutrality to be respected and carried on.

Social unity for peace and neutrality

The speakers were,
* Thomas Oysmüller, Journalist
* Johanna Tschautscher, Dokumentarfilmerin und Schriftstellerin
* Stefan Krizmanich, Aufbruch Österreich
* Christine Lukaschek, MFG
* Martin Weinberger, Selbstbestimmtes Österreich
* Peter Weish, Friedens- und Umweltaktivist
* Claudia Behrens, Sozialberaterin und Coach
Moderator: Leo Xavier Gabriel, Politologe


When Zelensky generously expresses we will fight till the last person,

why does not he take a weapon and join the men in front!?

Why doesn’t he ask the men who are fighting, if they all want to die till the last person?

Why is the USA misusing Ukrainian men as its own proxy army?

Why doesn’t the USA stop its greed and therefore is making misery?

Why doesn’t the world stand against US mischievous?



Down with the USA

Peace for Ukraine-Russia

Women’s Power

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