On the statement of Greek Communist Party on

On the statement of Greek Communist Party on



Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Women’s Power 30.04 2023


We are not talking about the history which we have read from this or that book and discussing whether certain events were true facts or not!

We are talking about concrete new facts, contemporary events of our time, which cannot be denied. The facts that the world has been witnessing, and in this borderless world due to the worldwide net, have been within everyone’s reach.

100,000 Russian infantry-soldiers in the very cold weather of February 10-24, 2022, behind the borders of Ukraine, surely weren’t there to date the Ukraine girls!

The author of these lines wrote a letter to Volodymyr Zelensky, which was sent to 14 Ukraine embassies on 14th of February 2022.

And I am sure that Zelensky received one or more of these.

But he, relying on US support, could not imagine the huge disaster Ukraine would sink in.

Why was Russia waiting behind the borders?

Because Russia not only was aware of the huge destruction in Ukraine, but also the proceeding danger of nuclear conflict with NATO ending human life on earth. Russia behind the boarders was waiting for a positive reaction of Ukraine and its supporters.

What was the positive reaction?

The peace agreements of Minsk- 1- 2014 had been ignored by Ukraine. And fallowing a new agreement again by the same 4 countries and the UN at Misk- 2-2015, which again was ignored. And Russia’s endless notification and warnings on UN and Ukraine, to respect the peace agreements, had also been ignored. Russia was hoping by taking the 100,000, solders to the borders of Ukraine, then its determination for implementing the agreements by Ukraine would be taken seriously. But we all saw how the war planned by the US was not to be cancelled!

What was the purpose of signing the two peace agreements of Misk-1- 2014.and Minsk -2-2015? The constant missiles attacks of Ukrainian Bandera fascists on the people of Donbas.

Among the people of Donbas – Lugansk and Donetsk – who are Russian, 15000 had been killed before Russian soldiers entered Ukraine.

On 24th Feb 2022, the Russian army had to enter Ukraine to save the lives of the people who found no mercy in their own homes and their own country.

All these bitter facts, which, combined with the increasingly aggressive and uncompromising attitude of NATO towards Russia, are the true causes of Russian aggression to Ukraine, are deliberately ignored and are absent in the article of the Greek communist party. And even more disgusting, calling themselves communist, and ignoring the 42 workers being locked up in the building of their Union, in Odessa, and burned to death by the Ukrainian Bandera, which humanity will never forget. And surprisingly, the workers party of Greece has ignored it, and the flesh and blood of those innocent workers did not mean anything to it.

There are serious reasons for criticising the Russian and Chinese friendship with the Mullah Regime, and the way they ignore the indescribable suffering and misery of Iran’s people caused by the horrible Mullah Regime. But that should never justify ignoring the horrible lives of the people of Donbas.

Until it is not fully understood that there is one human family living on the earth, and we should all be obliged to work for the happiness of all, nothing will change.

The Chinese representative in UN security council has not apologised to the Iranian people yet for insulting them – for saying the Mullah Regime knows how to quieten the opposition in Iran. All these blinded, killed, torched women and men in Iran’s demonstrations could be seen as happening with the agreement of Chinese communist-capitalist Government. The Shanghai Organisation has no ban for entrance of the criminal Mullah mafias.

The promises of a future on credit, would not be accepted if there was no cash support today. While the people of Iran live in hunger and the Mullahs deliver Iran’s money to the Canadian Banks for their future, China and Russia are their friends, instead of supporting the people of Iran.

In the interviews of Mrs Angela Merkel, the ex-German chancellor, in January 2023, she openly admitted that the peace agreements of 2014 and 2015 were only signed to give time to the Ukrainian army to get ready. The true warmongers! The one who is not honest and misuses international agreements to cheat the nations and the world. This war was planned by the USA, and Mrs Merkel just followed the US orders.

The problem of this great mess in the world is that there is so much infiltration of fakes among leftists. Why should leftists shut their eyes over the pure concrete facts and give all sort of untrue reasons to make Russia and China equivalent to the horrible warmonger, incurable, greedy USA? They are not communists, they are equalizers.



Women’s Power

To President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Farah Notah    Worlds Anti-imperialist Front      Women’s Power   

Vienna 14.02.2022


Not always the powerful countries make the vital decisions. Sometimes, in critical moments as now, the decision of the less powerful countries can be decisive.

You be the hero, of this defining moment of the world.

You, and your government, step forward with love for everlasting peace with the great nation of Russia.

The nation which is undividable part of the great Ukrainian nations flesh and blood.

The great nation, which shares historical sorrows, struggle, and challenges for hopes and making tomorrow.

It is impossible, the world cannot tolerate bloodshed in between this one nation – in two. And the world is desperately waiting for your brave rise for everlasting unity.

You and your government be the eternal world heroes, for this divine support of peace. And call Russia now for unity.

Everyone knows that the USA is expert in altering people and nations to its own cheap proxy army.

The nationalist socialists in Ukraine, must never forget the great mistake of Hitler. And they should not make the same mistake again. They should not expose themselves to be misused by the USA. They should know with repeating the same tragic mistake, they will be registered as jokers of the history and not, the heroes.

It is not courageous or bravery, it is pure simplicity, not to learn from history and make the same mistake again!

The world knows the USA and NATO are misusing ex-USSR smaller countries to break Russia in pieces. You and your government do not be the one who gives piggyback to the USA.

You do not need any US support and weapon. Please just remember the history.


World needs young brave powerful heroes.

The USA on the other side of the glob, must stop conspiracy in Europe.

Long live independent Europe




Women’s Power

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