New slavery period is on its way

New slavery period is on its way

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 06.12.2021

Some newspapers are frequently using “anti-vaccines” to point out to the people who are “against mandatory vaccination”. This misusage deliberately or by mistake, does not give a true explanation of the people who are struggle in Europe for democracy.

These people are against mandatory Vaccination.

There is a great difference between these two concepts.

One can refuse to get vaccinated for many reasons, on the other side one can fights for freedom of the choice. The second one is supporting democracy. And most of the people attending demos are fighting for democracy. The democracy in Europe, is the true heritage of forgone European generations who struggled and died for it. Democracy has not been obtained easily. So, when some politicians try to ignore it, in the name of public health, they expose their thoughts to two different discussion and accusation.

1st” the true value of the vaccine.

2nd” the limit of the governments rights in the countries with democratic constitution, in imposing the ideas to support the social health.

1st, the true estimation of any value, depends on the efficiency of the object of attention.

In regard with the proposed vaccines in Europe, imported from the USA and UK, only 6 months validity was announced today. The people who are vaccinated or already recovered, should be vaccinated again after 6 months. Although effective duration is so short, but extremely beneficial for the vaccine sellers, who cash thousands of dollars every minute!

Besides, there are known immediate side effects, and unknown long-term side-effects. So, these very weak points, make the supporting side very weak too. Unless someone is obligated to sell these vaccines or is dedicated applying these vaccinations for some other means such as, pleasing the superiors, and keeping positions. And new mutations and decrease of effects too.

When people are not willing to get vaccinated for the short- or long-term, then forcing them, is equal with shoving someone from the window with a fire in the room. The fire which can be extinguished with other means too.

Such as using media and television for teaching the new way of life in small, pleasant plays.

2nd” the limit of the governments rights in the countries with democratic constitution, in imposing vaccination to support the social health.

Trump said: we will vaccinate the world.

Also, Joe Biden: we will vaccinate all the world.

Well, who are these bullies who want to vaccinate the world?

Who has elected them? Why the people who don’t leave in the USA, should be vaccinated by these bullies?

Here comes the rights of the people, who stands against any

Bulling .They make the virus, and then they want to vaccinate the world! They think of people as simpletons!

The people in EU do not expect their governments to take order from the USA. They have the rights to wish to be independent.

The most valuable heritage of the previous European generations is democracy. The value, which is admired by the other nations, with the evidence of all these refugees coming to Europe.

Stepping the red line and ignoring democracy, is the start of a new slavery period. Which is dictated by the US neoliberalists. With the excuse of mandatory repeated injection of unqualified vaccines and issuing invaluable passport every 6 month! If this isn’t the beginning of a slavery period, then what is it?

And the politicians dedicated to push the US dreams into the people, would be registered historically as the US puppets. They are pushing all the European countries towards a civil war. That will never be forgotten.

If the USA is honest, why doesn’t it open the gates of Detroit Base to the international scientists, and let them to find out the cause of thousands of people’s death in 2019? The people who were buried in quiet, and their relative were not allowed to make post-mortem? Now, who has allowed them to play the role of guardian for the world?

The EU governments should respect the struggle of the European people for freedom, peace, and democracy. These people who are from no parties and accept the invitation of one party, are standing for a respectable independent Europe. Their struggle for democracy is respecting the historical Europe’s struggle for humanity and human rights.

Many of the polices are also against mandatory vaccinations.

So, any entanglement with them is not fair.

The nations cannot be split in to vaccinated and not vaccinated

But the governments are divided into the US puppets and independent

Women’s Power

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