Political decisions are not made by the nuclear scientists

Political decisions are not made by the nuclear scientists

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In memorial of Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh, Iranian Nuclear Scientist who was assassinated by Israel last year, the former head of Iran’s Atomic Energy, Fereydoon Abbasi announced in an interview with daily paper “Iran” in Tehran: Seyed Ali Khamenei, Mullah Regime’s Leaders Fatva (religious order), bans making Atom Bomb, but Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh had made a system for it. And he added, Fakhri Zadeh’s aim was not to protect Iran, but to support “the Resistance Front”, defending Palestine.

But Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh was not the only Iranian Nuclear Scientist who was assassinated by Israel, there were numbers of them who were assassinated before him, by Israel.

Mohsen Fakhri Zadeh is not alive to defend himself, even if he was alive, he could not defend himself. As all the men sitting in a raw to be tried by in the Islamic fake court, for shooting at the Ukrainian aeroplane, are not able to say, that they had to obey the leader’s command.

Ferydon Abasi has repeated what has been dictated to him by the leadership. The mischief plan for purifying the murderer Mullah Regime’s leadership, by dirty plan of hiding beside others. 

A funny play is running in Tehran’s Islamic court, in which few of the revolutionary guards are arrested and are tried for firing at Ukrainian aeroplane! As many superficial trials, which ended the criminals in connection with the leadership, to be freed in quiet.

But the commander, Seyed Ali Khamenei and his son Mojtaba are always free!

All the political nuclear decisions are made in the house of leadership. The evidence is increased enrichment of uranium from 20% to 60 % after Fakhri Zadeh’s assassination. That proves Fakhri Zadeh had nothing to do with the system!
Israeli government must stop killing Iranian scientists, they have nothing to do with the political decisions. And by killing them the nuclear activity would not stop in Iran.

All decisions in Iran, are made in the house of leadership. Even all the superficially proved by parliament. In Iran all the 3 powers plus all the armed forces are under the command of the leadership. A true super dictatorship, with highly complex network covering all Iran, through the masques imams attached to the leadership, even from the small remote villages.

A shocking criminal new law in Iran: in this awful Covid 19 area, and the horrible poverty due to the US sanctions in Iran, all the means of preventing pregnancy are removed from the drugstores to increase pregnancy with the excuse of making population young. The women are facing death penalty in the case of any abortion.

Down with charlatan Mullah regime in Iran

Down with all the religious regimes in the world




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