Objection to the US Court Decision on Julian Assange case

Objection to the US Court Decision on Julian Assange case

Farah Notash Worlds Anti- Imperialist Front Women’s Power


In early 2003, millions of people with anti-war slogans demonstrated against the USA. Because the USA wanted with the excuse of chemical weapons to start a war with Iraq. The USA ignored the world, and attacked and invaded Iraq, killed thousands of people, destroyed the country, and has been plundering Iraq’s oil resources ever since. But there were no chemical weapons there!!

The brave and hero US soldier “Bradly- Chelsi Manning”, sent over four thousand of the US crime documents to WikiLeaks website when he was in Iraq. The Wikileaks’ funder Julian Assange published those military and diplomatic documents of the US criminality, such as 15000 Iraqi inhabitants killed in war.

The criminal US regime, which should be strongly punished for making war, not only arrested Bradly-Chelse Manning and imposed him the most inhuman condition in the US prisons, also made irrelevant scenarios to arrest Julian Assange in Sweden. He was for years as refugee in Ecuador Embassy in London, and since 2019, he is in Belmarsh prison.

Due to the claims on the publication of the US criminal documents in WikiLeaks a court started. The US prosecutors have indicated Assange on 17 espionage charges and of the computer misuse of publication of thousands of military and diplomatic documents of a decade ago, with 175 years of imprisonment. Now the USA is after extraditing Jullian Assange from the UK’s Belmarsh prison to the USA.

The objection to the court’s decision is:

-The court has ignored the nature of these criminal documents.

-The subject written on each of these documents are the proof for criminality of the USA.

– The court has closed its eyes over the large bloody case handling, and has not started from the beginning, just from halfway through.

– In here, not only the world should observe the existence of over 4000 documents, which are proof for the criminality of the USA, but also, the courts in the USA, who should be highly charged for ignoring the real criminal and prosecuting the oppressed instead of oppressors.

– The world should also observe carefully how the US imperialists is misusing courts as tools for coverage of its mass murdering, rubbery and all sort of criminalities.

-In here the world is facing two different huge crime in one package.

-Not only the human rights have been ignored by the US regime in Iraq, but also the USA has arranged a courts, with close eyes over people rights in the world, and is there to give further chances to US criminalities!

-These courts are to punish the people who are revealing

the US crimes, because they are to entitle USA to all sort of crimes!

– So, at this moment we are facing a terribly guilty regime which has established a mafia system for its own benefit.

-When a system of justice in a country is corrupt, then the whole system of that regime is corrupted. As in Mullah regime of Iran, total system is corrupt.

– When the level of conscious in a court towards a document which are giving enough information over the numbers being killed by the oppressor, and …. , then the prosecutor ignores such a great information and does not see it as criminality and charges the person who has revealed it, then here and now, loudly is announced:

Who said you are allowed to invade the countries with the fake excuses and kill the people, destroy the country, and plunder the resources, then judge the published facts as espionage?! In first place you are guilty for attacking and invading other country.

Who recognised you as courts for justice, as you are paid to impose unjust to support the US mafia regime!

Who said your loyalty to the world’s murderer regime, is accepted as the supporters of the justice? You are there, and you are paid, to support unjustice.

If you had not sold yourself, you should have accused the US murderer regime in the first place!

If you are supporting the invaders and killers, by accusing the journalists as espionage, then you are inseparate part of the US monster mafia regime.

World has to stand against such horrible conspiracy against humanity.

Who has given such a dreadful right to the US regime?

Who has given the rights to the USA, to kill and hide its mass murdering? plundering? destroying the land and leaving people in gloomy misery and poverty?

Knowing the truth, is the right of the people. Therefore, supporting the journalists’ freedom of speech, is the human’s essential duty all over the world today.

The bulling by the USA will never be accepted by humans.

And the UK, which is in fact the US servant, shows the level of its inferiority in lack of humanity, lack of guts, and lack of independency.

Julian Assange is the world’s hero. An internationalist human journalist. Freedom is his absolute right. The USA by condemning, extraditing, or killing him would never be able to buy honour for itself.

Today supporting Julian Assange by all the humans, is equal with supporting the truth, supporting humanity, and supporting the essential human rights.



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