NATO members

NATO members

Farah Notash
Vienna Jul 2010

The walls are high
The borders long
Let us all sing
The farewell song

Wir sind alle
Trauer  Abschied
Weinend Donau

So long my friend
Leaving is sad
The imperialists
Selfish and mad

Gates are well watched
Visa needed…from south to north
But north to south
NATO fighters
Make it…quick and so short

Opens…big mouth
No refugees…no foreigners
Watch the borders
Secret threats…
Dominating…gives out orders

No question …no flash back
Why had she come?
Deporting her…after eight years
Who pays the sum?

No one had asked
Why Yugoslavs
Left their own land
Why were they killed and
Why were they crushed…who profit?
Imperialists' dirty plan
For easy contacts… and control
Seven different…ruling states
One broken land…for them all

No need for interrogations
Post bloody wars'
The first homeless generation
Imperialist's greed's victim
Yugoslavia …and the nation

Commands gun-man…the USA
Bombarding lives…Bombarding lands
NATO's members now fifty eight
Hegemony … global mines
Careless of raised…refugees' rates
Lives and Victims…
Gallops ahead…son of a gun
I hope his death…stops him run

My little girls
Where were your homes?
Iraq…Yemen   Afghanistan

What is their game?
Where is the next?

The civil war started 1991-1992 in Yugoslavia. In 1999 NETO bombarded many places, and Yugoslavia was broken to the seven following small countries

Slovenia….Croatia    Bosnia and Herzegovina     Montenegro....Macedonia    Serbia    and Kosovo


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