We Are Drowning

We Are Drowning

Farah Notash
Vienna, December 2006
While attending the
International Austro-Marxismus Conference


Wake up
we are drowning
Breathing storm,
showing his white teeth.
Rush of all these fatal strokes
and…weakened trunk of our boat.

Come on – come on
Pull the red flag up
No sword-like splitting words.
block all the cracks
and rejoin divisions at once.

Let us sing left unity
And raw harmonic
to its rhythm
before we are drowned.

Constant echo “globalization”
Reduced borders
to level of zero.
Easy displacement
produced separate pieces
In cheap running global factories
Stamped ... intensive exploitation
children ... men and women
in South

Marrying robots
Glossy metal objects
Funny plastic bits
Hardware, parts of pistols, guns, rockets.
And all the umbrellas, umbrellas, umbrellas
Speedy automatic deliverance
to chained global stores
And the
non stop bombardment
of adverts
with the latest tricks
Women misused as cheapest means of Ads
to anxious, jobless eyes and ears
in North.

Every minute
Day and night
In and out

United capitals
World Bank
So busy
Giving out policies
when it should rain
And who should take an umbrella
Consecutive high shot of sex
From all global media
To hide all the given pains

You make me laugh
Being proud of wall’s height
around your little yard.

Let us sing left unity
And think of the chaotic, disastrous
global life,
this Sodom and Gomorrah
in inflaming globalization
when standing in our little yard.

Spinning in neo circles
Neo colonialism
Neo liberalism
Neo Nazism
Watch it
Red and white ... gives out pink
Loss of red ... lets you sink
Revision is just an illusion
We need red, but no dilution.
Be brave
Looking man in the mirror
Stand up
Take your comrade’s hand
and do something
Before neo chimneys fume
With man’s flesh and bones
Before World Bank neo-slavery
Numbers masses
In highly crashed zones.

When there is no creation,
the future is searched in the past.
In the age of gigahertz
stepping back a century
to copy an old prescription
for curing present deterioration.
But we need
new analytic, full diagnostic originals
And copy has no value
Copy is no creation.

Let us sing left unity
and search for the values
and creation.

Making divisions,
using terms used by well-known traitors
Acting as conspirator
Focusing on sick yellow leaves.
Not seeing any hands,
shading poisons to new running roots.

Point your hatred towards
destructive conditions
and change them.

Let us sing left unity
and overcome divisions.

Flow with love
Deep and sincere
See blossoms of creation
flow in roots
Find a glowing path
towards the rise of tomorrow.

Let us sing left unity.
Let us love each other
and show vitality.
Let us stand glorious
overcome deepening
lost in nowhere.

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