loyality for Gaza

loyality for Gaza

Please show your loyalty to the true viewpoints of Marxism:

Unite for justice.

Dear Comrades, look at the map of Palestine below (1946 – 2000). It is absolutely clear, what Israeli government is aiming at.

Please show your loyalty to the true viewpoints of Marxism and unite for justice. Gaza strip with one and a half million inhabitants has been taken as a hostage, since September 2007. Let us all together help stopping the daily massacre in Gaza.

I also hereby sincerely, request the communists to establish a committee to start a serious support of Gaza and Palestine. But to start as a co-action, I am as an artist, initiating the global Left Unity, not attached to any Party or organization suggest, a rush from all over the world to the following organizations, by letters, faxes or e-mails:

The United Nations, UN (New York)

The European Union EU (Brussels)

The Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe OSEC (Vienna)

Symbolically we choose the first day of Spring, 21st of March 2008 for our unity against un-justice in the World.  A text similar to the sentence below:

Stop criminality and genocide in Gaza and Palestine.

Your addresses have been taken from GOOGLE. Please forward this request to other communist parties and organizations you have contact with.

With great respect for your humanitarian action,




Left Unity

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