On 25th of Nov 2013

On 25th of Nov 2013

International Day against violence towards women

To all the women of the world  

Farah Notash                                      Vienna Oct 2013 


According to the latest Fatwa (religious judgment) of the Iranian Guard Council in October this year, adoptive fathers can marry adoptive children.

According to this Fatwa human limits are totally ignored; honor and human dignity are highly damaged, totally smashed.

This means when a family receives an orphan as their adopted child the man of the family looks at that baby as his own sex tool. Also the other members of the family are not trustable any more.

This Fatwa cannot be tolerated.  As it is going to be a model for pedophilia in all the Islamic lands and in the world.

Already there are more than one million Syrian orphans in the world.

This Fatwa cannot be tolerated. 

The” Holey”! USA and British Imperialists are designers and appliers of

The darkest and most terrifying dictatorship of religious Neo colonialism .The Sunni dictators ,Erdoghan, Morsi, Saudi Arabia ,Ghatar  and…. are the USA servants and the Shia Mullah dictators of Iran are the very old British Imperialist’s servants.

Misusing the religious beliefs of the simple masses for enslaving them, and taking the whole nations as Hostages is the most inhuman foreign policy of these two crafty holey! Imperialists.

Of course it does not mean the other imperialists are innocent.

The funny French Hollande, traitor to socialism, is killing the people of Mali in his African colony and filling the wells with their corpses, as he cannot accept the Islamic movement there, but he is the first supporter of the Islamists in Syria! He is trying to imitate French imperialist’s servant Sarkozy, who helped the opposition in Libya and had 36% of Libyan oil.

The International Al-Qaida, Taliban, Moslem brothers and Salafis are sent from Democratic European countries’ Mosques (where the USA servants are most active) to Turkey for arm training, and then are dispatched to Syria.

The imperialists’ Medias call it civil war. But in fact, the USA is trying to establish a new religious colony in Syria for itself. And when these forces misuse chemical weapons, the imperialists dismantle the Syrian army’s chemical Weapons’.

 If the Iranian regime is helping the Syrian army, it is not because he is keen on the socialist Baas of the Syrian Regime. It is trying to keep the USA far away from its territory and to promote the Shia influence in Syria, as they did it in Iraq.

The German Sugar Candy Angela Merkel is not directly participating in the war, but she is a strong economic supporter of the USA’s goals in Syria.

The wars are all accepted and Supported by the EU, but they would not like to have any war refugees. And these Syrian orphans are not among the  

Problems of these war mongerers

And now we have this Fatwa. The working class children are a ransom given to Iran’s bourgeois to stay longer in power.

The members of this corrupted regime are helping themselves joyfully to billions of the country’s budget without any serious trial, but if a hungry worker whose small wages are kept  for months or even years steals a loaf of bread, then his hand is amputated above the wrist. 

Let us     all stand up against the USA and the British „Holey”! Imperialists

Who are destroying the world and we must stop them.

Let us     start a true international struggle against all religious

Neo colonialism in the world.

Let us       denounce these Imperialists’ dispatch of brain-washed slaves to                Syria. And cry for the dismantle of all chemical and Nuclear weapons in the world and the stopping of their production.

Let us    all help Iranian women in their fight against Iranian Neo colonialist

Corrupted Regime, as the Iranian women would absolutely not need any help from any foreign government.  

Let us      cry against all kinds of oppression to human being in the world.

Step back of Mullahs would not change our struggle.





Left Unity

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