International comedy:

International comedy:

Good Atom Bombs, evil Atom Bombs

                                     And the USA’s appendage: Israel

Farah Notash                                Vienna … August 2013


Today the funniest policy ever, is taking place in the world. Although the tragic foundation is the invention of the Imperialists, but the outcome of this funny situation is the subject of this comedy!

So often, in the past few years, the headline of the news has been: Iran should not have Nuclear Weapons, and to prevent this very dangerous thing from happening, the Holy (HOLEY) USA imperialism planned various sanctions, all fully accepted and implemented by the 5+1. The aim was to put pressure on the Iranian government to prevent further steps towards production of an Atomic Bomb. Of course not considering the fact that the real victims of the sanctions are always the working class and not the governments.

The Atomic Bombs produced by Iran will be of a bad and evil type!
Funnily enough all these governments who are putting the Iranian Nation under pressure, all have endless various models of Nuclear Weapons! Of course of the good heavenly types, like the ones which exploded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

A silly man like Netanyahu, who thinks he has the responsibility of acting as the gendarme of the Middle East, is restless and has now become really antsy!

 He keeps threatening Iran of attacking its Nuclear Bases!

Funnily enough no government asks him:

1-Who gave Israel the permission to make and produce Nuclear Weapons?

Or being god’s dearest creature Israel can do whatever it likes!

2-And why in its Nuclear warehouses, is there such a great number, over 250, different varieties and models of Atomic Bombs? (of course  of the good and heavenly ones!)

3- Who gives it the permission to question other countries about what they do and what they have? While the UN is alive and active!

4- Israel very well knows, attacking Nuclear Bases means spreading tremendous radioactive substance in a large environment. And very well knows, masses of lives will be highly affected.  And even talking about doing so is a crime.

 But as Netanyahu and his Zionist government and party are Nazi Zionists and totally racist, for them this does not mean anything. Killing people is their job.

5- Why have the 5+1 and the UN been closing their eyes on the above mentioned subjects for such a long time?

Is the holocaust the reason for disregarding this?  The different numbers given so far is between 1.5-6Millions victims.

Or does the fact of being the USA’s appendage make all these differences!?

Here it is necessary to mention the 10 million victims of the Iranian nation during the First World War.1917-1919 the English occupation.  A year of famine, imposed on the Persian nation by “holey” English Imperialism in the First World War. By possessing the granaries and all the food resources, preventing trade of grain and food resources from other countries. Like the sanctions today.

Although Iran had declared its neutrality, it had the highest number of victims. 10 million victims out of an 18 million population.

The desperate yearning for food in the looks of starving eyes while having some grass or tree roots in the hands or chewing them in their mouths with highly wrinkled skin due to starvation, crawling on the pavement and dying there with just bone under the skin. It will never be forgotten. The Iranians were the most oppressed nation of the first World War. The holey English imperialism got away by a policy of silence, and never paid any compensation for such an enormous  massacre and genocide crime. No one talks about it. But the  policy of silence can never change history. The present sanctions are the reminder of that year of famine.

Surely later, the statistics of the victims of the criminal sanctions will shock the world.

(The English and USA government are (holy) holey! As they both are very keen to keep the nations in south on the level of 1400 years ago, and are the funders of consecutive obedient religious branches in the east for their own mischievous use. Democracy in east means the dictatorship of these holey imperialists. Through these religious branches, they keep their Iron fist over the nations’ heads, preventing them from growing. True human rights!

Also the existence of a stamp should not be neglected: an anti Semitist stamp. Perhaps all these governments do not criticize Israel, as they are scared of being stamped as anti Semitist!?

But Iran was never racist and has no debt.

Few times a year the holey cowboy starts yelling: “North Korea shouldn’t have Nuclear Bombs!” Disregarding his own appendage; Israel! 

It will only be fair when 5+1 and UN start checking on Israel’s warehouses!

This comedy should be stopped.

Nations need world Nuclear disarmament.

Left Unity


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