Iran…heaven for plunderers

Iran…heaven for plunderers

Peoples Front for Iran’s salvation – Farah Notash

Statement 91—-13.12.2022

Since the beginning of Iran’s revolution 3 month ago, about 450 of protesters have been killed (29 women, 60 children, the rest men) in the streets of Iran by Mullah’s Militia and Hooligans. Nearly 20, 000 arrested and disappeared. And 12 Militia were killed by protestors defending themselves. The Mullah’s courts judged death sentence for the protestors who have defend themselves. Out of 56, 2 already hanged.

The lobbies of Mullahs in Madia, are throwing soil in readers eyes, by showing Mullah regime as an anti-imperialist regime, which is being oppressed by the US coloured revolutions. They prepare the world’s minds for the Mullahs’ killings! They try to ignore the facts and rewrite or translate the article which has been given to them by the Mullahs.

So, by reading all the articles which are in support of Mullah regime, the lobbies are revealed!

One of the articles is written by Gavin Karl O’Reilly: Persian spring in the German Linkezeitung. „PersischeFrühling“://

In this article, the writer by giving few signs has simply recognized the uprise as a coloured revolution. The signs which are not hidden for Iranians political activist either. Although these signs exist but are, only one side of the coin. The lobby is ignoring the other side, in which exists, 10 million street children, 75% of the nation far under the poverty line and gloomy misery imposed by the Mullahs due to plundering the Persian Budget, and endless US sanctions, a nation in an absolute lack of personal, social and political freedom, a nation overloaded with all kind of insults in all aspects under the name of God and religion, a nation with high number of jobless youth, a nation with vast number of workers unpaid minimum salaries for 6-12 months, a nation with no rights for workers due to privatization, a nation with no future for youth, a nation which in any protest, is killed, arrested , in prisons raped and killed, a nation with absolutely no respect for women as human, a nation which all its budget is stolen to fool other nations, a nation with a great prostitution city (Meshed) organized by Mullahs to collect Dollars from men of Middle- East, instead of giving respectable jobs to women, a nation with schools overtaken by 2 million Mullahs and its teachers are imprisoned and discharged, a nation which its men find out in mosques, how sexually abuse children, a nation which its protestors are killed in their houses, streets, prisons, a nation which is imposed to accept reactionary ideas under the name of God and religion, a nation with no social support while all the budget is stolen and transferred to banks of Canada, or else were, a nation with hungry children while with its budget the most luxury houses are bought in Canada, England, USA by Mullahs, a nation which is drawing in all kinds of misery.

How does your conscious lets you to say this is a coloured revolution? And with this one-sided statement help the killings in prisons by horrible Mullahs? You are responsible for all the killings in Prisons, by standing beside Mullahs.

The leader! Seid Ali Khamenei has not been elected. In a planned coup by Rafsanjani, has easily taken over the country. The people don’t vote in Iran because their votes are never counted and the boxes are replaced with new boxes of false votes, from Hojatieh sect. All the members of the Guard Council, parliament, Recognition Assembly of System’s Expediency, heads of the 3 branch of legislative, executive and judiciary, and every important jobs are assigned by the leader and not elected by people. The Hojatieh religious sect which under the name of Shia has been dominating Iran and has been interfering in all the other Islamic and nun Islamic countries, was stablished by sheikh Mahmood Halabi in Tehran 1955, linked to Great Briton against Baha’i religion made by the USA in previous century. Hojatieh is fallower of absent 12th Imam Zaman, which is a mythos in first place! They believe Imam Zaman will only show himself when the world is overtaken by full corruption. So, to corrupt the world as much, will be the excuse to enable him to show himself!!! This colonial regime is not a system to be tolerated any more by the nation of Iran.

But the lobbies who recognizes this revolution as coloured, don’t want to talk about any of these problems. It is not toward their personal benefit.

The other writer, Dmitry Nefyodov, in his 1st article analysed as above named lobby that this revolution is coloured and in 2nd articles, proves how the USA has starting this rise against Russia- China-Iran’s cooperations. Translation available for Farsi readers!

Of course, the USA is against their co-operation. But that is not all. This one-sided analysis ignores the true struggle of people for their rights and is an insult to the nation which is anti-USA and rises for its rights.

Some known Iranian leftists, prohibits the people of falling in to US coloured revolution trap and have no suggestion to support the people’s revolution!

And as the years gone, depend on the Mullahs struggle against the USA!

The question is, are US imperialists going to change?

Or should this nation tolerate this regime for ever, for not falling into US trap?! Should a nation suffer half century by a reactionary domination linked to old rotten UK imperialist, or should it stand for its right?

The USA try to enter in every single protest, to turn it towards its own

benefits, but your horrible help to keep the system untouched, is not any better either!

The 3rd line, Peoples Front for Iran’s salvation , who fights for no Mullah-no USA, for “Independency, Justice and Freedom” explains religion as private matter.

In last week the USA made 4 conditions for Mullah regime, to stop supporting protestors!

… Stay away from Russia, and China.

… Accept all US wishes on nuclear activities.

… Stop interfering other Middle East countries.

… And stop helping Yemen Hootie’s.

The Iranian poppets were misused by the USA!

The world knows that the human rights is not important for the USA, as the slavery system in US prisons is still going on. So, US aim of debating human rights in Iran, is to dominate Mullahs towards its own benefit!

But the USA must not forget Iranians will never forget the US coup of 1953. And hate USA or any other country interfering in their inner politics. The USA must never forget “the Capitulation law” applied on Iran, was the cause of Iranians supporting Khomeini who protested it 5th June 1963.

So, the USA stop poppet push!

Iranians are determined to pull this horrible pro imperialist regime down!

The people of Iran announce to USA and Mullahs and their lobbies:

Down with the USA-
Down with the Mullahs and their lobbies

Women’s Power

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