Disgrace and scandal of Mullah regime

Disgrace and scandal of Mullah regime

Dr Aida Rostami!


Peoples Front for Iran’s salvation

3rd line -No Mullah -No USA

Statement 93



On 12th December Dr Aida Rostami disappeared while she was driving in her car in Tehran. On 16th December, her family was informed by police that she has had an accident and they should go to receive her body. When the family saw her body,

the left eye was totally evacuated and stitched,

the nose and the left side of her face totally smashed by a brick or something similar,

her two arms were broken in several places,

the body was tortured and wounded,

 her genital organ was bruised.

 There was no accident. She was kidnaped, tortured, and killed.

As the Mullah regime arrests the wounded protesters from hospitals, the wounded protesters rather not to go to hospital. Dr Aida Rostami was giving treatment to them in their houses.  She was going to Pharmacy to get some dressing and bandages.  There was no accident. She was kidnaped, tortured, and killed by the Mullah regime, not to give treatments to the wounded protestors anymore. 

This deeply agonizing medical disaster

must never be tolerated by the world




Women’s Power





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