Chinese delegate in UN Security Council must apologize Iranian people

Chinese delegate in UN Security Council must apologize Iranian people

Farah Notash-Peoples Front for Iran’s salvation

 84th statement


It is obvious that USA taking Iran’s case to the UN Security Council, is not to support Iran’s uprising people, but misusing it as a cover, for putting Mullah regime under pressure. The aim is to settle the Iran’s Nuclear agreement to the US benefit.

But what the Chinese Delegate declared to veto the USA request on condemning Mullah regime for killing people in demonstrations in UN Security Council on second of November, was a real pain in heart.

Over massive killings of the peaceful demonstrators by Mullah Regime, he declared, that is a civil problem, how to make the demonstrators quiet!

That is a true anti-communist view over this case in Iran. When the people are drowned in all sorts of miseries -poverties, and are sick and tired from a totally corrupt regime, which does all the criminality and corruption under the name of religion, and arrest and kills protesting people freely under the name of God, then what can the reached to the end of the rope people do? This is not a simple problem of one country, therefore ignoring is pure inhuman and condemned.

This religious expansion in the world by Iranian budget and letting 10 million children suffer in streets of Iran, instead of going to the schools, and 75% of people being totally squashed between US sanctions and Mullahs corruptions, is not a civil problem any more, is a true problem for all humanity and should be stopped at once by all.

The so-called leader, Seid- Ali Khamenei, has been impowered not by election, but in a planned conspiracy. He and all the members of this corrupt system are criminals and thieves. Then the left over from the national budget is presented to the extremely hidden British colonial expansion under the name of Shiea religion. This is a colonial misery growing in the Islamic lands. All the stollen Iran billions by Mullahs are taken to Canada. From there transferred to UK banks. Then Justin Trudeau, Canadian PM, supporting the Mullah thieves in Canada, is adding some names to the sanction list to support the demonstrators!

The Mullah regime is not supported by the Iranian Nation, but by the totally corrupt and well fed Revolutionary Gard, armed Militia, armed Hooligans army (private dressed), armed Iraqi Hashdolshabi militia and armed Lebanese Hezbollah.

Recently Iran’s Drones are helping Russia in Ukraine. That is another reason of US going to UN Security council. But Russia has been willing to stop the war since July, before using Iran’s Drones. Why the USA who is the real cause for all miseries in Ukraine since 1947, and is establisher of 43

Bio-Weapon labs in Ukraine, does not let the people of the world to live  in peace? Why is the USA pushing Europe into real Poverty? Why is it exploding the Nord-Stream 2 gas pipes?

The uprising people of Iran are determined to stop all the unjust policies in Iran.

Long live worlds solidarity with uprising in Iran for freedom and justice

Women’s Power

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