Bravo, well done KPÖ

Bravo, well done KPÖ

Farah Notash                                           7th May 2009


(Communist Party of Austria)

But, where is the sunny head of Lenin?

On the 1st May 2009, among all the exciting and wonderful events going on in Vienna, I was thrilled to see the KPÖ's new badge for 1st May 2009.With a sentence…We are back. Designed beautifully, with the heads of Marx, Engels, Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin in black and white, on a red background

I was presented one. I happily welcomed them and wore it on my heart. But at first look, I thought, sunny the head of Lenin is missing.

The great evolution of the Marxism, Particularly through the findings of Lenin was possible.

Of course all four are great personalities and we had missed them for a long time, but how are we going to find our way if Lenin does not come back?!

Lenin in Zurich library carried out a research through all the important economic and political news papers of the world at1916.

Within six months produced the highly documented result of his analysis in,

Imperialism as the highest stage of Capitalism.

This great political, economic research with the applied philosophy of Marxism, although written 93 years ago, but gives us a complete

Guide, for finding the way today.

This book is not a book to be read once, but to be studied and  learned, by all those who have the will to move, to do something for the changing of the world.

The very important two findings of this most sincere research are….

Oh no, I should simplify it.

I only emphasize,

If you have read it before, read it again and again, till it becomes a part of you.

If you have never read it before, then be prepared to find a book, which not only gives you the most important facts about our age, but also shows us how disciplined ,correct , dedicated and giving one can be to help the working class.

His sincerity and complete truthfulness ,intelligence, dedication and knowledge which is quite significant throughout his research, not only arms one with most important cognition about imperialism, but  also ,sets out an admirable personality, which we need to have in mind. The same can be said of Karl Marx

Without considering his findings we will get nowhere, because we are at the highest stage of capitalism " imperialism ".And even further in the crashing economical crisis of the leading imperialist

Countries, the USA and them all.

What is imperialism?

What is its characteristics?

What are the conformities with the present situation?

93 years ago, he finds the elements which are the absolute cause of misery in human society to day.

So all I can say, it is high time to learn Leninism which is the complimentary section of Marxism. Otherwise we will not be able to understand the situation and will be totally ignored by the working class

Left Unity


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