Behind the talk on

Behind the talk on Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

 Farah Notash                                       22 nd May 2009


When the people of the world, after a long hard year, were getting ready to celebrate the coming New Year 2009, Zionists without any respect for the people's belief and feeling, started the Gaza massacre and made the world cry instead of celebrate. This will never be forgotten.

Zionists after seeing the reaction of the world working class masses, to over come hate and aggression, started (as, after all their massacres) wailing and crying against the Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

Their old and known innocent play.

Spreading a magenta carpet under the footsteps of high priest of Christianity and for consecutive times in a short period showing anile, brainless behavior and short memory.

While having no respect for the Christ's birth celebration, they invite Christian personalities for the celebration of 100thyear of freedom.

Freedom of what?

Yes…complete freedom for, not to be human. Freedom to commit crimes .

100 years of killing, plundering, torturing and occupying.

Organized vast activities began in helping the Zionists to get out of isolation and overcome hate and anger waves, for their 100 years of Mopping Up action.

As this was precisely the name of the massacre carried out by Menachem Begin in Deir Yasin at 1948.  

Arrangements of talks and speeches even against Zionist.

Of course negative publicity is always better than silence.

Well we all know, anti- Semitism and any racism are totally banned, and the Holocaust and all the mass murdering or individual murdering, are considered as the most inhuman behavior.

But why are these inhuman actions are still carried out in Palestine by the Zionists? and supported by their allies, Imperialists?

Mentioning, emphasizing and putting on carpet  anti Semitism and the Holocaust today, when humanity has been under total pressure of the 100 years of constant chewing the flesh of the body of a nation…Palestinians… by the Zionists, is  only a call for support and the search  help  for an excuse, for this century long bloody occupation.

The will, decision and the attempt, by Zionists to have a state has been recorded in history much earlier than Second World War, actually in1896.

As a mater of fact, the cooperation of the Nazis and the Zionist to Push the Jews masses of the world to occupy Palestine should also never be forgotten either!

International Zionist is the most active part of the great world bourgeoisie.

While the Holocaust is the absolute mass murdering of the working class Jews, and has nothing to do with bourgeoisie.

Always the mischief has been carried out by the Zionists, and working class Jews had to pay for it.

The Speeches on anti- Semitism and Holocaust, are a part of Zionists plan after

the massacre and is an attempt to draw sympathy and put an innocent face on the criminal Zionists. It comes as a help for their further selfish occupying and killing in the future.

If there is any commemoration and reminiscence of any massacres, torturing and any injustice perpetrated on the masses (working class),

There is no need for wailing and crying by the capitalist bourgeoisie for them, as they were the predominant cause in the lightening of the fire. Then they had the money to leave and comeback when the fire was out.

The working class is quite capable of fighting for the moral benefits of all its masses,

in all the world, equal for all the races, beliefs and nationalities. The working class

Does not need any mafia imperialist bourgeois guardians.

Having same direction, explains having the same goal.

Zionistic Social asphyxia due to the constant biting and hiding behind false oppressed

Mask, biting and hiding tactics, and complete domination, is absolutely obvious. Any criticism accused as Nazi ideology, playing a great role in developing social asphyxia, which as in the past is a base and ground for the rise of Nazi ideas.

And the tragedy which we are nearly drowning in it, is not only due to the straight

Pressure of the Zionists, but also the two- faced position of opportunists, who stand

Halfway in the middle class. They must be recognized as the path smoother of the next massacres. They reduce themselves to be the tools of Zionists.

What is the goal of Zionists of constant repeating of Anti Semitism and Holocaust?

While the danger is Zionism…

Absolute domination for carrying out their capitalistic, imperialistic wishes.

This Imperialist branch is after, monopolizing the economical sources in the land of other nations. They are not religious, but they make use of religion. When it comes to their benefit they make use of all the races. They are the endless greed for gold.

The cheapest soldiers to carry out their wishes in Palestine are the poor deceived southern young Jews regardless of their race and color.

Left Unity


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