Atom bomb-Iran

Atom bomb-Iran

Farah Notash                                           1st sep 2009


The most beautiful Iran's love song of 1953, which still is as fresh as it's birth, starts with,

Kiss me… kiss me for the last time

As I am going towards destiny….

No one ever saw the name of the poet anywhere, but always was whispered to be written by Sarhang Siyamak, an army major, member of Iran's communist Party. He wrote it, the night before his early morning execution by Shooting in shah's Prison's after the CIA's coup d'etat 19th August 1953.

Ever since, many of the most brave, intelligent, educated  and revolutionary men and women, who stand for social justice in Iran, have been sentenced to be executed or long term imprisonment with the most terrible tortures in awful and lowest conditions.

Since 22nd June 2009 the world has been witnessing the great misery in Iran, murderous attacks against the peaceful demonstrators. The news, photos and films of a few corpses, conditions of the prisoners in prisons and camps are all extremely dramatic and inhuman too.

Similar rough rude ravish behavior towards the people arrested, stolen from the peaceful demonstrations in the streets, is just like what had been done against Iraqi prisoners by Americans in Iraq, or to the Palestinians by the Nazi Zionist occupiers.

The same sharp capitalist knife which was used at the highest stage of cruelty and brutality to hold on to power permanently. Usage of lumpens, criminals, well-known hooligans, braking in to the students homes, destroying  their belongings  and throwing  the students out of the windows, from the  fourth floor.

The pain which is constantly renewed by different capitalist thugs in different parts of the world is going on and on. The world is ruled by gold maniacs.

Is colored revolution and Gandhi style, soft power, the first choice of USA in Iran? With mischievous wishes! Keeping the theocratic regime, but changing the pawns?

Not at all removing the anti working class green belt from the earth!

Orange for Ukraine, Rose for Georgia and now, suggested color, green for Iran? If there isn't going to be any changes in the economic situation of the ruling class, Or if only Neo conservatives are  going to be replaced by Neo liberal theocrats from the same family, then soft power can be tried first, Can't it ?!

Few months after Gaza massacre Dec 2008, in harmony with 100th year of festivity for occupation, a well known American Jew was brought to Vienna, to lecture the audience over Anti-Semitism and Holocaust! He explained how the richest people in USA who are Jews, have all voted for Obama. As the answer of a Palestinian woman, who asked him what should they do when the government of occupied Palestine is killing them so much?

He said the best thing they could do is, to use Gandhi's method to protest!

Many of the imperialistic media's in the recent Iran movement were questioning," Is Mousavi  Iran's Gandhi?"!

Although the Green and Gandhi, were likely to be pushed as the key elements, and the excuse for the demonstrators was, "where is my vote?", as it clearly showed itself in later steps too, the protest of the people has been against the social, political and economical situation in Iran for the past 30 years.

A rise against galaxy wide economic distinction, Income gap.

An unorganized social explosion against capitalism, without having a leader ship, due to constant dictatorship. 

The people were far more radical than Mousavi. Their slogans went as far as "down with Islamic republic",while Moussavi was quite happy with the capitalistic Islamic Republic.

A few times he clearly announced, the slogans against the republic do not belong to us, Don't say them!

The strong desire for the great basic changes, come under such slogans as

"Tell my mother…. she has no son any more".

This was the slogan of the young generation who bravely stood, and were severely attacked, killed in streets, in dirty and disgusting holes in remote underground camps, Prisons, and eventually ended in unknown collective graves without any names and stones. As missing.   Was this the Gandhi style of green-colored revolution? Or the green was thrown on to the constant consecutive waves of 30 years of frustration due to the injustice towards the great Iranian nation?

The world witnessed attacks towards her from many sides, dealing and eventually bloody withdrawal? Mousavi and all the reformists are  the unchangeable historical part of 30 years of pressure on the tolerant respectable people of Iran .

1953 and the USA's political interferences in Iran, was followed by continuous capitalistic bourgeois comprador dictatorships, ending with theocratic capitalism till today.

The green belt theory, anti working-class rule and power, by the Tri-lateral commission and G 7 meeting in Guadeloupe in 1978, could never imagine anything worse. 

After 6th and 8th of August 1945, USA bombarding Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons, 19th August 1953 is not a simple day in world's history.

The specific importance of this date, is not only the coup d'etat in Iran, (the changes, bringing back the Shah, steps against the election and people's votes, imprisonment of Mosadegh people's elected Prime Minister in his house for the rest of his life, killing and long term prisons for the members of the communist party!) but the start of USA's continuous attacks, occupation and interference in different countries of the world right till to day.

Replacements and bloody changes of the governments one after the other, planned Imperialistic strategy, in order to misuse and plunder different nations' wealth. To prolong the parasitic existence of USA imperialism, which is a block for human progression and development on the earth.

The most inhuman policy with all kinds of chaotic and destructive forms, with non-preventable economical crisis has dragged itself till today. Prevention of its collapse, in the recent crisis, with 500 billion Euro help  by Germany, 350 B E  by France ,and so much Saudi Arabia, not written in the papers. And many of the other Imperialistic supporters.

Looking back, the invention of ship and gun, was followed by attacking red Indians and occupying their lands, calling it discovery of the continent of America.

The industrial revolution in England, gave rise to colonialism, with  no sun set in the British Empire.

Second World War, and the explosion of the Atom Bomb by the USA, gave the six-branch star badge to the chest of Uncle Sam as the world's Sheriff.

When returning home, the pilot who dropped the Atom bomb over Hiroshima on the 6th August 1945, was received warmly as a hero by president's delegates at the airport. The poor idiot didn't know, how great the dimensions of the misery and disaster were, of what he had planted on the earth.

Ever since, the USA with having the Atom Bomb, has been playing the dominant devil role on the earth. The most active imperialist as the anti world's working class, in the hardest and sharpest manner ever known.

The truth is, the people in the USA are living on an income or a budget, plundered and stolen from different nation's working values and wealth. Also from what their government receives as blackmail.

In the past few months, the world has witnessed the great misery in Iran, caused by tragic result of interferences and the changes in the direction of a nation's progress.

The Atomic energy power station in Iran was planned and started with the help of USA in the Shah's time in the 1950s. After India and Pakistan. The site of Bushehr harbor at the Persian Golf was the worst choice for Iran, as being near to the oil mines.

But, as the USA's aim was a cover for all the Middle East areas under its command, the harbor of Bushehr was chosen.

The goal behind, giving the Atomic technology to Iran, was not sympathy with the people of Iran, but preparing a base for its own dominating benefits. Using Iran's budget against Soviet Union. For Prevention of any hands reaching the warm water of the Persian Golf.

When the base was pointing to the former USSR, was no problem and danger, Iran having atomic energy!

The time has changed. The Shah has gone, the USSR has collapsed, and the USA is worried about its new state in occupied Palestine. Now the Atomic technology in Iran is dangerous for the world!

A good excuse for blackmailing Iran, in consecutive intervals too.

After the October revolution 1917, the USSR was willing to help to industrialize Iran. Every time the equipments for the heavy Industry (which has been established in Esfahan ), was transported from USSR, they faced sever attacks of the imperialists servants and were destroyed in the process.

Eventually the transport was guarded. It is obvious why the Imperialists did not want Iran to become industrialized, and why today they do not want Iran or North Korea have Atomic technology!

It must not be forgotten, without nuclear weapons, in the "Mopping up Action" 1948, Menahem Begin mopped up DeirYasin in one night from the world's map. It was after that night, the most horrified people of 750 villages, one after the other left their homes and became homeless. Those people had the right to live too. What causes fear now? To be mopped up from the map in return?

Wasn't occupied Palestine equipped with the Nuclear weapon many years ago?  Then what is the reason for the fear? Isn't it the defense and the resistance they want to overcome? Or dreams of the Great Middle East plan, with the Atom Bomb excuse?  

Look at the statistics of abnormalities among the newly born babies in Iraq, genocide due to usage of enriched Uranium by USA since 2003.

What gives confidence to the USA to believe, it has the rights to do whatever it wants on the earth?

Atomic Energy is the right of every nation, like any other invention and discovery.

Nuclear weapons should be abolished on all the earth, not just in Iran or North Korea. If nuclear weapons are condemned, it seems that, non nuclear weapons are approved and admitted?

Producing, selling all kind of weapons, and establishing conditions in which war becomes an essential factor is merely inhuman barbarism and should be condemned. Selfish reactionary imperialists, with dominant vision, of course produce, sell and make wars to exist.

If Iran was equipped with nuclear weapons in 1953, would the USA have dared to interfere in Iran's civilian problems? Or Iran would have survived by the defending herself, and would have achieved more of social benefits for her people? 

After more than half a century, what has gone to Iranians?

Isn't this clear enough, that the anti masses and nations, the imperialists, want to prevent progress and development in the world?

With the continuous imperialistic attacks and interferences, isn't it necessary for every country to be self protected?

Beliefs in rights for the countries to be equipped with nuclear weapons, so called powerful countries, to play the role of Master, is totally out of discussion and approved of.

This outlook gives rights to imperialism as dominant Power.

This is Imperialistic racism. The very cause for disgusting and inhuman discrimination. 

Openly speaking, the USA with only 500 years of cow breading history, is not in a level, cultivated enough to dictate and dominate other countries with high ancient culture and civilization like Iran.

Not only Iran and North Korea, but also all the countries, even Zimbabwe and Burkina-fasso should be equipped with Nuclear technology and weapons. To be able to defend themselves against the eager and greedy imperialists, attackers, armed with all kind of weapons to the teeth .Please have a look at the Nato's many sided madly increased over loaded  arms statistics and  growth. 

Surely when the oil mines of the Middle East get emptied, then the imperialists will be after the flesh, skin and blood of the east to make various things to sell!

Yes the well fed imperialists of the North are against the southern resistance. Therefore they come with Stop the Bomb in Iran by their servants.

If they really are against earth's contamination and danger, why in the 5+1 powers meeting in Frankfurt Sep 2009 do they not discuss about world nuclear disarmament? And their subject is only Iran?  

When the USA starts self nuclear disarmament, it can be sure all the world will start disarming themselves, including Iran.

Otherwise as the USA historically has shown, it is not wise enough to have Nuclear weapons or any other weapons at all. The nature of his regime needs war to exist.

Atomic Energy and technology which should present world Peace and Progress, in the hands of USA Imperialist has become a misery making tool against the people of the earth.

Before any attacks as routine procedure, their servants in different parties and organizations, start making the societies mentally ready for accepting their attacks as attempt for humanitarian support.

Mental preparation activity!

The hysteria of Stop the Bomb is a clear example of it.

How funny it looks, when some so called leftists (European leftists) start defending the imperialistic racism of having nuclear weapons, as the powerful countries are allowed to have them, but not the others!

With the logic of, it may fall in to the hand of a mad person. The most comic way of putting out imperialistic racism.

Is the USA wise?!

Today with hegemony of imperialists, most of the world is ruled by gold maniacs!

Since 2003 the USA has been threatening Iran, in intervals of every two or three months, to prevent nuclear weapon production.

But in mind,  it has  the dreams of  the Great Middle East  plan!

Many times they have announced, within one or two months the Iran's Atom will be ready!

What happens in the process of the recent people's movement?

Apart from the constant talks of the immediate production and danger of Iran's Atom Bomb, Obama announces he is going to help the people of Iran!

Stop the bomb activities are started by the Mental Preparation teams.

Kissinger: "if soft Power not effective, hard Power should be used."

Netanyahu restless  to attack Iran.  

18.5 billion dollars plus many gold bullion' which are placed in a truck

coming from Iran, are discovered in Turkey.

Then comes Bill Clinton: "Iran's Atom Bomb will not be ready till 3 to 4 years".

Hillary Clinton:" There was no problem with number of the votes."

Obama : "We have no more economical crisis."!

And then silence.

New arrangements of 130 000 USA's soldiers in Irak.

5+1 Powers are meeting in Frankfurt

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