8th of March, 2008

8th of March, 2008

The historical struggle of men in the forefront of the political and the revolutionary combats in the social development and evolution is undeniable.

Considering that for the past two centuries, the dominant ideological sources of the struggles and movements (Marxism) has been characterized by eliminating class, race and sex discrimination, therefore it is expected that at least companions / challengers would accept these specialties from the heart and be diligent in their execution.

But the severe sedimentation of  centuries of patriarchal thought and beliefs, is still remaining in the viewpoint of the majority of the male challengers. This solid sediment of the patriarchal thought and beliefs in men is one of the reasons for the fall of the struggles and procrastination of the progress in the evolution of human society. The class struggles carry a negative charge of economic, sexual, racial and thoughts exploitation of all kinds, and are in flow for social evolution of justice and equalities. If these movements are not loyal to their ideals, the masses turn away from them.

Evidence: The vote of the French people for Sarkozi from the extreme right party in the recent elections. These votes reveal the French peoples` distrust in leftist parties.

Patriarchal thoughts have a serious negative effect on women, who are half of the social population, and also on the situation of the leftist parties and organizations.

Patriarchy is a product of the economic relations of the slavery system. It reached its peak in the feudal system. Then it was transferred to the Capitalistic society.

Patriarchy has been firmed on bases of private ownership, on the tools of production and continues living on the same bases. The most distinguished specialty of patriarchy is selfishness, which shows itself clearly with prevailing individualism and self-centered behavior in all areas.

Although the patriarchal egotism has opened its wings with tranquility and continues thriving in persecuting the world, on the other side the names of the famous men who have recognized these specialties and introduced them to human society, have been etched eternally on the historical class struggle plates. Also, the images of the numerous men who have lost their lives on the main flow of class struggle, or who have been imprisoned all or part of their lives, will be the glittering stars of history and remembrances.

Women with direct participation in production, increasing their acknowledgment and tearing some of their chains and bands surmounted to achieve their human rights in some parts of the Earth.  They entered the frontiers of the struggles. In this admission they have passed through deep historical sorrows and are acquainted with the roots. They, recognizing pain, show more deep thinking of themselves in finding new ways of struggles.  They are also diligent in custody of combat’s achievements.

Evidence: Revolutions of October, China, Vietnam and Cuba.

Women cooperate with more flexibility with their companions. Except for the general pressures of the capitalistic societies on supressed classes, they are also under pressures and in conflicts from different sides.

- from the side of executive powers, reactionary laws and reactionary outlooks ruled the societies.

- from the side of the employers, offering much less pay for women than men for equal work,

having sexual hope and consequences of being fired.

- from the side of most of the male companions entrenched patriarchal outlooks and behaviors.

Most of the male companions can accept women in women’s organizations, but the main road of the class struggles are  believed to be the heritage of their fathers’ and they are not eager for women’s presence. In these thoughts and behaviors patriarchal beliefs are obvious.

Evidence: The absence of women in leading positions of the leftist parties of the world.

Due to the outstanding social success of women, in some men the veins of jealousy transform into a direct or indirect humiliation with sarcastic remarks.

Endeavours in the prevention of women’s progress starts with devaluation and pretending to ignore. Men, speaking non-stop with dominant high voice and  leading one sided discussions, do not allow the women to express themselves, and, at the extreme, make her passive.

Their intention is to drive women into the closet of women’s organizations or to obey the men.

In the left parties and organizations like the right parties and organizations, patriarchy is ruling. The men do not judge the women at their own level. Or they are threatened that the positions in the parties may be obtained by women.

The male treachery in the parties and the organizations occur behind closed doors.  Then,  making it look positive, women are used as errand-boys, executing the decisions made. Or in encouraging them to be active in women’s section of organizations, to avoid the women's presence on their own path and be at ease.  They make women understand: “first be on my level and then take a step beside me.”

Most of the men have not the tolerance to bear women being in front or beside themselves.  This especially shows itself more in Eastern men, according to their presence in feudal or semi-feudal societies with stronger patriarchal beliefs. Although the male companions introduce themselves as defenders of equal rights for women, this practically empty slogan is used for the suppression of the opposite front, which is even much more under patriarchal rule.

Most of the men imagine women at a much lower level than themselves, no matter at which level of education and knowledge women are. They do not deem it necessary for themselves to defend the rights of a human being called woman.

Most of the men are in the belief that they, themselves are the leaders, cavaliers of the struggles flow and that women basically have no capabilities for combat.

Although from different groups they walk square shouldered (char kati a persian expression for walking ignorantly and showing the strength of the body) in front of each other and do not consider the slightest respect for each other, as the tribal societies before and after the slavery period. But all of them together do not want women to be more than an errand-boy and a disciple.

This self-centered belief and egoism are the most important factors of backward states in  societies and breakout of the left groups and parties, also the most basic factor in not accumulating and uniting the left forces.

Therefore, to neutralize the weight of all of this selfishness and repelling of the patriarchal oppression on society and certainty of Socialism, the necessity for an active presence of women is strongly shown. The presence of the women not bound to women’s organizations but in the world’s open space of the class struggles is necessary.

Men want, with the specialties of the slavery and feudal system, thoughts of egoism, self-centered attitude and individualism base the construction of socialism: this can never be possible, because searching essence of socialist thoughts, is based on collectivism and culminating under the people’s rule.

Letting go of all the selfish desires in both, men and women, if socialism is built one thousand times it will collapse again one thousand times.

It shows the necessity in every step of companions subduing the giant of “I” and halt that in oneself. And to pick up the anchors from decayed harbors of slavery system and feudalism in order to reach the free ocean of Communism through the dynamic way of Socialism.

In supra structure and cultural beliefs men are mostly without an antagonistic contrast to Capitalism. This is one of the obstructing factors of human beings in reaching Socialism. The antagonistic contrast establishes revolution, explosion and turns upside down.

Although this turns of upside down occurred in the October Revolution, but as “that” very internal transformation had not happened in the individuals, again some of the men with feudal beliefs proceeded to alter the rules of Marxism with corruption, arising from their selfishness and crooked thinking and caused diversions and then the collapse of the system. (The system, which had been irrigated by the blood of millions of human beings.)

They constructed a new capitalistic system from underneath, in a perverted way which was an astronomical distance from the path once imagined before the revolution.

The young billionaires which are rising like mushrooms from the grave lands of the previous socialist encampment, are the sons of the same feudals’ children, the ones which accumulated a great sum by plundering the wealth of the working class. By corruption and in receiving bribes and then transferring these to their children.

Equality, deliverance and respect in human dignity of both man and woman, is only possible through Socialism.

Collectivism is much stronger in women than in men.

Evidence: mothers in all the world, who apart from all their existence give everything for their children. This quality is much stronger in working class women than bourgeois women.

In objection of left women to patriarchy in left parties, to prevent friction and weakening of the left parties they were always encouraged to the silent and extremely tolerant. Now disunion without women`s interference has occurred to the extreme limit and women of the world have maintained enough respectable appearance. Now is the time to separate searching socialistic and communist qualities from the capitalistic virtues and inhuman characteristics.

Now is the time for separation for the pure socialist and communist thoughts and qualities from those of the petty bourgeois.

Oh, men companions open the way for women, and do not fear their active presence in the class struggle, admission in central committees or even as leading president of the communist parties.

Victory of Socialism and deliverance from this disgraceful life in the capitalistic system (refer to the statistic of wars, joblessness, etc.) only is possible with the active presence of women in all  arenas of the struggles and their exact supervision for executing the dignity of Marxist philosophy.

Do not weaken the labourer`s army by driving women to a passive state.

And do not exhibit and do not make show of struggling as a play in small tribes, opposing one another. These are not any kind of help to working classes.

Deliverance of human beings from the dreadful abyss prepared by imperialism is only in socialism.

Beware and leave off the selfishness (egoism) before we are all drowned.

Oh, labourer women wishing for equality with men of oppressed class, is worthless will, because they also are from the slaves.

Come, let us powerfully rise for the rights of men and women, honored and respectable. A society free and delivered from selfishness, snobbishness and pride, in a society without economic, racial, sexual and thought discrimination.

With love and respect to the memory of the first “Communards” welted in blood in
Pere-Lachaise-Cemetry of Paris.




Left Unity

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