Black Revolutions

Black Revolutions

Darkness is deepening

Sun eclipse prolonged

Every flower has withered

By now...

All the green leaves turned to gray


Young naked virgins

With a price... hanging from their neck

Much cheaper than any cats or dogs


Zilli zog...zilli zog...zilli zog

Slaved chained women

Are coming

Their faces is covered in burka...

In a long row

They are for collective misuse only


Men... just bodies

Scattered here and there

But the heads...

Dark hair soaked in blood

Drops of blood still running

Six of them on a wall

Eyes half shut...

A question ...set in them without a word

Is this my share of life...

Tears running on the cheeks


The loudest cantata of ever

Is the cry of endless orphans

Turning round and round the earth

Rise of hatred is in direct ratio

To the rise of greed


Crafty old monsters of capital

 Hand in hand

Their long red velvet cloke

Sweeping the floor

But cannot wipe the blood clots

Black Revolutions

Their racist foreign policy

Planted evil in Kabul

And then Blossomed in Iran


When the day comes... and the People‘s hand

Reaches out to monsters throats

No... will not choke them

But will shatter them like egg shells


The train is wildly whistling

With wide open chest

Rebels are arriving

Each as a hurricane



Farah Notash

Vienna May 2015

Book 8

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