The US coup in Iran

The US coup in Iran



The past has never gone

And sure ... will never go

My wounds ... are bleeding

As the day of the event

And my memories sparkling

Clear as a diamond

With thousands cut

Is saving...

The agonies of all your crimes

In time on the earth



For what price

Have they sold themselves?

And for what promise

Chose the side of misery maker

And how soft... is their obedience

When so hard...

Your petty... greedy low essence

Is naked to every one


I am alive...

To be a cry against you

As ... the only voices I hear

Are the reflections

Of the victims’ agony


And in the...

Black scene of life’s prison

Made by the misery maker

The world is witnessing

Your nonstop rapid crimes


I see the waves rising

In a Human Ocean

You will be swept for ever

From the earth

I know


Farah Notash

Vienna 2015-08-10

Book 8          

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